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ENDER LILIES - Chapter Nine - The Abyss - Walkthrough

There's something missing from your guide in J2. I picked up both notes, the relic and the amu Read More

ENDER LILIES - Chapter Six - Ruined Castle - Walkthrough

I'm pretty sure you can still access A12 from A6 by climbing up the left. But you're right Read More

Fantasian - The Six Elements - Growth Codex Part 22 - Walkthrough

Giga Minotaurus is IMPOSSIBLE. It’s Hail Mary attack does something like 16000 per person. What’ Read More

Fantasian - Kina and Owen - Echoes In The Sandsea - Part 19 - Walkthrough

Also in the upper right corner on the ‘battle again’ screen is a ‘Load’ button. This got me Read More