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Diablo 4 - Helltides Guide

June 15, 2023

This guide will show you everything you need to know about Diablo 4 Helltides, one of the best ways to farm Legendary items and earn rare materials needed for upgrading equipment.

If you're looking for a great way to farm Legendary Items, earn EXP and get materials needed for upgrading your gear, Helltides are the perfect event for that. Even end-game players actively participate in them since these events are the only known source to drop some of the rarest materials needed to upgrade your gear.

They are well worth participating in, even if you've just completed the campaign and don't have strong gear.

When is the next Helltide Event in Diablo 4?


What are Helltide Events in Diablo 4?

Aberrant Cinders

Helltides are special events that occur every 2 hours in Diablo 4. They are available as soon as you complete the main campaign and unlock Nightmare World Tier 3.

Helltides only appear in World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 currently.

A Helltide event will last for 1 hour and appears in a random region of the Diablo 4 map. Your goal is simple: collect enough Aberrant Cinders and exchange them for rewards from several Tortured Gifts that spawn around the map.

The area in which a Helltide event happens, enemies will become more frequent and more stronger but will also drop better items and more gold. You'll come across lots of Elite Bosses and there are even strong Helltide Bosses that require a group effort to take down.

Helltide Event Map

There are also several Events that spawn within the Helltide area; they are similar to other Events that randomly spawn in Diablo 4 and give you a Treasure Chest for completing them. In a Helltide area, these events will spawn more frequently.

If you die in a Helltide Event, you'll lose 50% of your Aberrant Cinders, so it's best to use them up when you get a chance.

Once the Helltide Event is over, you'll lose any unspent Aberrant Cinders and the area will return to it's normal status.

Helltide Rewards and Tortured Gifts

Tortured Gifts

The main reward for completing Helltide Events are using your Aberrant Cinders to unlock Tortured Gifts.

Tortured Gift Icon

Tortured Gifts are Treasure Chests that spawn in a Helltide Event; you'll be able to locate them on your map by noticing the Tortured Gift Icon.

Each Tortured Gift costs a specific amount of Aberrant Cinders and they give various rewards depending on which ones you unlock:

Tortured Gift Potential Rewards Cost
Tortured Gift of Protection
  • Legendary Chest
  • Legendary Helmet
  • Legendary Gloves
  • Legendary Boots
  • Legendary Pants
  • Fiend Rose
  • Forgotten Soul
  • Weak Iron Barb Elixir
  • Weak Precision Elixir
75 Aberrant Cinders
Tortured Gift of Jewelery
  • Legendary Rings
  • Legendary Amulets
125 Aberrant Cinders
Tortured Gift of Weaponry
  • Legendary Weapons
  • Forgotten Soul
150 Aberrant Cinders
Tortured Gift of Mysteries
  • All Legendary items
  • Elixir of Man-Slaying
  • Weak Elixir of Lightning Resistance
  • Weak Elixir of Poison Resistance
  • Fiend Rose
  • Forgotten Soul
175 Aberrant Cinders

As you can see from above, you can get almost any type of Legendary equipment by farming Aberrant Cinders in Helltide Events.

Tortured Gift of Mysteries

Tortured Gift of Mystery

One of the best rewards comes in the form of the Tortured Gift of Mysteries.

This chest is slightly different to the others; it is not locatable on your World Map- you have to come very close to the chest for it to show up. It costs the most Aberrant Cinders out of all the chests but it's rewards are better.

You can obtain up to 3 Legendaries per chest, with a higher droprate than normal chests.

The only issue is that it requires keeping all your Aberrant Cinders on hand for a longer time; remember, dying in a Helltide Event will cause you to lose half of your Aberrant Cinders!

Diablo 4 Helltide Strategies

Since Helltides only last for 1 hour, you need to make the most of your time during the event to obtain as many Aberrant Cinders as possible.

Mobility is very important in Helltide Events; whilst you will find plenty of Elite Mob packs just by walking around, having a mount + teleport/dash will allow you to get around faster. There are only a limited number of Tortured Gifts that spawn and will require you to travel quite far.

Your inventory is likely to get full before the end of the Helltide event- so make sure you teleport to a nearby town to sell your junk and quickly carry on.

Look out for these special Helltide Tree Roots; interacting with them will give you several Aberrant Cinders.

Finding a party

Playing Helltide Events in a party of other Diablo 4 players is one of the best ways to maximize your Aberrant Cinders acquisition. You'll be able to take out more mobs in a shorter amount of time and they can help with buffs to take down the stronger enemies, making it less likely you die and lose your cinders.

Finding a party is tricky; there are no automatic party finder systems currently in Diablo 4. Instead, you'll need to find players in the Helltide Event and ask them to join your party or hope they invite you.

There are several Discord communities that are available for party finding: Official Diablo 4 Discord.

Event Farming

Event Farming

The next best way to farm Aberrant Cinders is to continually complete Events. During a Helltide Event, events will spawn frequently in the same locations, allowing you to travel between events as they keep spawning, constantly farming the Event Reward Chests.

The Event Reward Chests also give a plethora of Aberrant Cinders and, of course, chance at getting more Legendary loot.

Check out the website Helltides, which show you the latest Helltide event maps and where they spawn.



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