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MapleStory Training Guide - (Reboot and Regular Servers) - 2024 UPDATE!

July 4, 2024

This MapleStory Training Guide will show you the fastest way to level your character in MapleStory, all the way to max level 300. Leveling up in MapleStory is a key aspect of the game and so we will also give you tips and tricks to help skip the levels, gain EXP faster and other methods that will help make training your character a breeze.

If you haven't decided on what MapleStory Classes you want to play, not to worry! This guide is perfect for new MapleStory players learning the ropes and veteran players looking for those high-level grinding spots.

MapleStory has a lot of different mechanics, but the core of the game comes down to fighting monsters and leveling up your character on maps around Maple World. Hence, this MapleStory Training Guide was born to show you the best maps to grind on and general tips for gaining EXP faster.

Take a look at our MapleStory Progression Guide on what the best equipment to get is.

There are types of world to play on in MapleStory: Regular (Interactive) and Reboot (Heroic).

There is a slightly difference between both worlds, as monsters in Reboot world have 5x the amount of HP as Regular servers, requiring you to grind on different monsters in the beginning stages.

As you move into 5th job (level 200+), the difference between monsters starts to "level out" and you'll be grinding on the same monsters.

MapleStory Training Guide Level 1-200

Early game for MapleStory is now considered between Level 1-200 and you should be able to reach Level 200 with around 10-12 hours of regular gameplay. This process is sped up considerably if you have EXP Boosters and other bonuses to aid you in training (see tips below).

For brand new players, this is where your MapleStory adventure begins.

Level 1-10 - Tutorial

The beginning of every MapleStory adventure is a short tutorial for your class. Usually, it introduces the story of that character, so early quests to complete and getting you used to how MapleStory controls work.

Most classes in MapleStory start at Level 1-10 apart from Zero, who starts at Level 100 (but in order to create one, you already need a Level 100 character).

Soak it all in, as the grind is about to begin!

Levels 10-30 - Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 3

Flaming Mixed Golem

Location: Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 3

Mob: Flaming Mixed Golem

How To Get There: Head right from Henesys, 3 maps in you'll find a hidden portal to Golem's Temple Entrance.

The early levels generally consist of doing your classes job quests, which will introduce you to the mechanics of MapleStory and/or a small story regarding your class. Generally, you'll be doing this up until Level 30- but some classes have more freedom.

If you can travel around Maple World, between Level 10-30, head to Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 3 located at Victoria Island. Here you can grind on Mixed Golem mobs.

If you're strong enough or in Regular Servers, you can also fight Evil Eyes at North Forest: Giant Tree located near Ellinia on Victoria Island. The spawn here is slightly better than Mixed Golems.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!

Evil Eye

Evil Eye

North Forest: Giant Tree


Curse Eye

Curse Eye

North Forest: Green Tree Trunk


Evil Eye

Ooze Waste

Garbage Dump: Waste Treatment Plant 1


Level 30 - 40 - Garbage Dump: Shaded Dump Site

Location: Garbage Dump: Shaded Dump Site

Mob: Dumpy Hoodlum

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel to Caravan Refuge.

Dumpy Hoodlum

At level 30, head to Savage Terminal (accessible via your Maple Guide) and head to the map Garbage Dump: Shaded Dump Site to fight Dumpy Hoodlum up until Level 40.

If you're in Regular Servers, you might be better off fighting at Abandoned Offices: Mr. Hazard's Lair 2 (in Savage Terminal) for better EXP or Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land (see below).

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!


Hazard's Rotten Crony

Abandoned Offices: Mr. Hazard's Lair 2


Level 40-50 - Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land

Wild BoarWild boar

Location: Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land

Mob: Wild Boar

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel to directly to the map

Head to Perion and find Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land; this map is quite big but has plenty of spawn of Wild Boar and Terrified Wild Boar.

The spawn of Wild Boars is amazing in this map and there are several hidden teleports in this map to help you navigate it. By now you should be getting into the grove of your second job and hopefully have better mobbing skills to deal with the great spawn here.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!



Excavation Site: Excavation Intermission Area


Alternative Route: Level 30-60 - Theme Dungeons

Theme Dungeons

There are several theme dungeons in MapleStory that you can begin at Level 30. Each one scales with your level, up to Level 60, allowing you to progress naturally and earn really good EXP.

You'll be doing lots of quests in the Theme Dungeons, and they give the bulk of the EXP rather than the mob grinding.

Check out our Riena Strait Theme Dungeon Guide for an idea.

Level 50 - 65 - Swamp: Silent Swamp

Silent Swamp

Location: Swamp: Silent Swamp

Mob: Copper Drake

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel to directly to the map or Head to Sleepywood and take first map on your right.

Reboot players will find this area quite difficult during Level 50, so it is recommended to get to around Level 60 before tackling this area.

Head to Sleepywood and then to Swamp: Silent Swamp to face Copper Drakes. This is a really fun map as you can just jump down from each platform and then use the hidden portal at the bottom of the map to teleport all the way up.

You can stay in this map until Level 70, but it can start to feel a bit slow.

Level 65-75 - Orbis: Stairway To The Sky I


Location: Orbis: Stairway To The Sky I

Mob: Lioner, Grupin or Cellion

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel to directly to the map

Orbis is next up and you can head to Orbis: Stairway To The Sky I to fight the Lioner, Grupin or Cellion mobs. The spawn rate here is amazing, but the map doesn't have any good teleporters so if your class doesn't have an up jump, you might find it hard to clear.

This map becomes available in your Maple Guide around Level 70, but Regular server players can head here earlier or if you have enough damage.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!


White Fang

Ice Valley II



Guard Robot

Verne Mine: Shaft 4



White Desert Rabbit

Outside East Entrance of Ariant


Level 75-90 - Sunset Road: The Desert Of Serenity

Dark Sand DwarfSand Rat

Location: Sunset Road: The Desert Of Serenity

Mob: Sand Rat

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel to directly to Sahel 2 and then use the portal on this map to enter. Alternatively, use the Pantheon Dimensional Mirror to fast-travel to Ariant.

At the late 70s, you'll want to head to Ariant and travel to the map Sunset Road: The Desert Of Serenity. This small horizontal map is easy to attack all the monsters on and by now you should be using your third job skills to help clear quickly.

75 might be too early, but definitely come here around Level 80.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!

Sand Rat

Sand Rats

Sunset Road: Sahel 2


Level 90-100 - Leafre: West Leafre Forest


Location: Leafre: West Leafre Forest

Mob: Rash

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel.

There are two routes you can take at around Level 90.

If you have enough damage or in Regular servers, you'll want to travel to Leafre: West Leafre Forest and fight the Rash mobs. This is probably the first Burning Field map you'll come across too, giving you extra boosted EXP.

If you find these mobs too tricky, you can alternatively go to Magatia Research Institute: Lab - Area C-1 and take on Roid mobs.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!



Magatia Research Institute: Lab - Area C-1




Hidden Street: Authorized Personnel Only


Level 100 - Zakum


Your first boss and the source of a quick free couple of levels!

Zakum can be accessed directly from the Maple guide under the Boss Tab. You can clear him once per day, and if you go in with a Rune or a 2x EXP buff, you're always guaranteed at least 1 free level.

Zakum can also drop some useful equips, so it's well worth doing. At level 100, the boss should be a breeze!

Level 100-110 - Ludibrium: Toy Factory

RoboMaster Robo

Location: Ludibrium: Toy Factory <Apparatus Room>

Mob: Robo, Master Robo

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel.

At Level 100, you can head to Ludibrium: Toy Factory <Apparatus Room> to fight Robo and Master Robo mobs. Some players like to stay here even longer as you start learning your 4th job skills.

Reboot players might want to stay at Leafre: West Leafre Forest until Level 105 before heading to Master Robo mobs.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!


Blood Harp

Leafre: Sky Nest II (Starforce Map)


Level 110-135 - Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance

Moon Bunny

Location: Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance

Mob: Moon Bunny

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel.

Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance is a favorite map and the whole Korean Folk Town area is great for leveling from Level 120-130.

At Level 125, there is a quest to hunt down 120 Moon Bunny mobs that gives you a ton of EXP. You can also find quests in all the other maps around KFT that just require hunting mobs as if you were training, helping gain a few quick levels.

You can eventually end up at Korean Folk Town: Goblin House, which is the best map in KFT. This map is better for Level 130.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!

Yellow Goblin

Yellow King Goblin

Korean Folk Town: Golbin House




Korean Folk Town: Fox Ridge



Dark Yeti and Pepi

El Nath: Sharp Cliff 4


Level 130 - Golden Temple Questline

If you want to take a break from grinding, why not do the Golden Temple quest line.

Most of the quests just require you to hunt mobs and they give a bunch of EXP helping you reach Level 140. Accept the quest [Golden Temple] Noi More Tourists to be auto-teleported to the Golden Temple.

Level 135-155 - Kerning Tower: 2f Cafe <3>

Grape Jelly Juice Enraged Espresso Machine

Location: Kerning Tower: 2f Cafe <3>

Mob: Grape Jelly Juice, Enraged Espresso Machine

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel.

At Level 135, you should be strong enough to take on the Kerning Tower mobs. There are several maps you can train on here.

Kerning Tower: 2f Cafe <3> is great between Level 135-150, however, if you have 80 Starforce points, you can also take on the mobs in Kerning Tower: 2f Cafe <4>

If you're finding it really slow, at Level 140 you can also do the Kerning Tower questline for some extra EXP.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!

Enraged Espresso Machine

Enraged Espresso Machine

Kerning Tower: 2f Cafe <3> (Starforce Map)


Chief Oblivion Guardian

Chief Oblivion Guardian

Time Lane: Road to Oblivion 4


Level 155 - 165 - Stone Colossus Exploration Site: Colossus West Road 2


Location: Stone Colossus Exploration Site: Colossus West Road 2

Mob: Mantis, Blood Mantis

How To Get There: From Leafre, head to Minar Forest: Forest: Crossroad.

Stone Colossus is a relatively ignored area in MapleStory but it has a couple of great training maps. It can be accessed from Minar Forest (Leafre).

This map is very fun to train in compared to Kerning Tower and all its platforms. You have two mobs spawn here: Mantis and Blood Mantis.

Reboot Players can stay here until 170 before heading to Omega Sector.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!

Mutant Snail

Mutant Snail

Henesys Ruins: Henesys Ruins Market


Level 165-180 - Omega Sector

Omega Sector

Location: Omega Sector: Corridor 202

Mob: Gray Luxury Saucer

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel.

Omega Sector was revamped back in 2017 and now contains a new area called the Mothership. Here is one of the best maps to train at until 190 on Reboot Servers (180 on Regular Servers).

Corridor H01 requires starforce of 140. If you can't hit the starforce, then head to Corridor 202 instead.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!

Official Knight

Official Knight C

Knight Stronghold: Armory 1 (Starforce Map)


Level 180 - 200 - Twilight Perion

Sinister Rocky Mask

Location: Twilight Perion: Deserted Southern Ridge / Forsaken Excavation Site 2

Mob: Swollen Stump, Sinister Rocky Mask

How To Get There: Use Maple Guide to fast-travel.

The final area to train is in an area called Twilight Perion. You can find decent training spots from around level 160 here, allowing you to alternatively skip Mantis and Omega Sector mobs and just train here.

At Level 180, you can head to Twilight Perion: Deserted Southern Ridge and fight Swollen Stump. There are lots of mobs on this map, the only downside is it's quite big.

At around 190, you then want to head to Forsaken Excavation Site 2, which is a popular map that many players train on. It can also be a bit of a grind these level 10 levels.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!

Swollen Stump

Swollen Stump

Twilight Perion: Deserted Southern Ridge


Level 199-200 - Free Level Scrayard Quest

Free Level

At level 199, you can obtain a free level by completing the simple Scrapyard Haven prequests. There's about 4 of them, and only require killing around 3 mobs. Take's less than 5 minutes.

The quest you want can be found in your Quest Lightbulb icon called: (Lv.190) [Haven] A New Home. The video below shows you how to complete it:

Level 105 - 200 - Monster Park

Monster Park

You can enter Monster Park up 7 times a day (2 for free, 5 require an entry ticket that costs Mesos in Reboot World and NX in Regular Servers).

You can easily gain a few levels from Monster Park as each area has a different level range all the way up to level 230.

Plus, you can use any of the Monster Park Coins you receive to buy Monster Park Potions for training too!

MapleStory Training Guide - Level 200-300

At Level 200, you get to advance to 5th job and learn a bunch of new skills. Check out the V-Matrix guide for more information. From here on out, you'll be training in an area called Arcane River, which is comprised of several different zones.

At level 260, you get to advance to 6th job!

Level 200 - 210 - Cave of Repose: Below the Cave

Below The CaveTranquil Erda

Location: Vanishing Journey

Mob: Tranquil Erda

At Level 200 and advancing to fifth job, you get access to Arcane River. Each area is level restricted, and the first area is called Vanishing Journey. You have to first complete a pre-quest for 5th job, which takes you throughout Vanishing Journey maps.

The best map for training is Cave of Repose: Below The Cave. However, you do need Arcane Force of 60 in order to hit 100% damage, and 90 Arcane Force to hit 150% damage.

You can get some Arcane Force from Hyper Stats that can get you up to the 60 mark. You can also get 20 Symbols by completing the Reverse City questline at Level 205.

Level 205 - 210 - Reverse City - Hidden Research Train

Strong Seeker T-Drone Model BHidden Research TrainStrong Seeker T-Drone Model A

Location: Reverse City

Mob: Strong Seeker T-Drone Model A, Strong Seeker T-Drone Model B

Reverse City is a stop-gap between Vanishing Journey and Chu Chu Island. You can find some really nice maps to train in from levels 205 to 210, especially if you find Vanishing Journey to be crowded.

Reverse City questline takes around 30-60 minutes to complete and rewards you with 20 Arcane Symbols to use, which is pretty good for new players starting out.

Level 210 - 220 - Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths

Ripe WolfruitSlurpy Forest DepthsAngry Flyon

Location: Chu-Chu Island

Mob: Ripe Wolfruit, Angry Flyon

Once you arrive on Chu Chu Island, the best map to train in is Slurpy Forest Depths. This map has great spawn, is super compact and small and offers hidden portals to get you around the map faster.

Some players like this map so much, they even train here until 225!

Level 220 - 225 - Lachelein Ballroom: Revelation Place 3

Insane Masquerade CitizenRevelation Place 3Angry Masquerade Citizen

Location: Lachelein

Mob: Insane Masquerade Citizen, Angry Masquerade Citizen

Revelation Place 3 is one of the best maps in the whole of Lachelein to train on. It does have some awkward platforms, but it has great spawn and by now your character should be getting deep into their 5th job so that they can mob really well.

It does require Arcane Force of 210 to hit 100% damage. If you're maxing out your Arcane Dailies and still find yourself with low AF, you might want to consider staying at Slurpy Forest Depths for a few more levels.

Alternative Mobs

Try these other areas for great EXP!



Lachelein Night Market: Chicken Festival 1




Lachelein Clocktower: Nightmare Clocktower 2F


Level 225 - 240 - Arcana: Cavern Lower Path

Cavern Lower PathBefuddled Spirit

Location: Arcana

Mob: Befuddled Spirit

At Level 225, you gain access to Arcana, which includes some of the best maps to train on up until 250.

However, at level 225 you might have really low Arcane Force and so hitting the mobs might be a little tricky at first. Make sure you do your Arcane Dailies as often as possible and get to the magic number of 360 Arcane Force to hit 100% damage against the mobs.

CLP is one of the easiest maps to train on with high mob density and a nice small compact map to move around.

Level 240 - 250 - Arcana: The Deepest Part of the Cavern - Upper Path

Anguished SpiritThe Deepest Part Of The Cavern - Upper PathMournful Spirit

Location: Arcana

Mob: Anguished Spirit, Mournful Spirit

Staying in Arcana up to 250 can feel boring, especially as by now you have unlocked Morass, Sellas and Esfera. However, Arcana still offers some of the best maps for training as the spawn is ridiculously good and the maps are very small, which is great when you have to grind for five hours to get just one level.

The Deepest Part Of The Cavern - Upper Path is one of the better places to mob in towards the end of 240.

Level 240 - 250 - Sellas: Star-Swallowing Sea 1

Star-Swallowing Sea 1Lilli Borea

Location: Sellas

Mob: Lilli Borea

If you like crazy bright blue colors then Sellas might be the next place you go to train. It has lots of great maps with high amounts of mobs, but with a few more platforms than Arcana. If your class has great mobility and map control, then you might get better rates at Sellas.

Sellas unlocks at Level 240.

Level 250-255 - Moonbridge: Void Current 3

Crushing GlareVoic Current 3Burt Glare

Location: Moonbridge

Mob: Crushing Glare, Burst Glare

Congratulations on reaching level 250. This old level cap is still quite an accomplishment and you should be proud- but the next target of 275 and then 300 are just ahead of you!

Moonbridge unlocks at levels 245 and one of the better maps to train at is Void Current 3. They also drop Familiar Cards, so this is a great chance for Reboot players to finally start farming a decent Familiar.

You'll need 730 Arcane Force to hit 100% of your damage here.

Level 255-275 - Limina: End of the World 1-5

ForberionLimina - End Of The World 1-5Ascendion

Location: Limina

Mob: Forberion, Ascendion

Your journey to 275 is in sight with Limina unlocked at level 255. There are plenty of maps in this area that are good to train on, but this is one of the most popular with its great spawn and small map size.

Level 260-275 - Cernium: Royal Library Section 1

Royal Library Section 1Wandering Scholar Ghost

Location: Cernium

Mob: Wandering Scholar Ghost

Cernium is a new area released in line with the Level Cap raising to level 300.

This new area requires a new power stat called Sacred Power, which is similar to Arcane Force and requires doing dailies to increase it.

Royal Library Section 1 requires 50 Sacred Power

Level 260-275 - Cernium: Cernium Eastern City Ramparts 3

Eastern City Ramparts 3Fire Spirit

Location: Cernium

Mob: Fire Spirit

Requires 50 Sacred Power to hit 100%.

Tips And Tricks For Fast Leveling In MapleStory

The first character you make in MapleStory is probably going to train a lot slower compared to your 5th or 6th. That's because you gain lots of bonuses the more characters you make, get access to stat-boosting potions and more EXP coupons to use. Don't fret if you can't take advantage of the methods below, but if you can, they are likely to boost your training speed significantly.

Monster Park Potions

Monster Park Shop

Monster Park becomes available at Level 105. It's a small area of the game that provides some of the most useful potions that you'll be using all the way until end-game. All the potions can be transferred to other characters via trading or storage, so you can use them on newly created characters too.

You can enter Monster Park 7 times a day (2 free goes and then you have to buy passes for the other 5 entries. In Reboot World, these passes cost Meso and in Regular Servers they cost NX or Maple Reward Points).

Each time you complete a course in Monster Park you get coins to buy these potions. These potions are:

  • Extreme Red Potion - Costs: 5 Coins - +30 Weapon Attack for 30 minutes
  • Extreme Blue Potion - Costs: 5 Coins - +30 Magic Attack for 30 minutes
  • Extreme Green Potion - Costs: 5 Coins - +1 Attack Speed for 30 minutes
  • Extreme Gold Potion - Costs: 10 Coins - +10% EXP for 30 minutes

The Green Potion and Gold Potion are extremely useful for training and you should try to take either a Red or Blue depending on your MapleStory Class.

EXP Coupons

EXP Coupons are rewards you get in MapleStory that increase the amount of EXP you earn when fighting monsters in MapleStory. Needless to say, these are super useful when training your characters. EXP Coupons can be tough to get hold of, but here are some of the methods for obtaining them:

  • Daily Gift
  • Legion Coin Shop
  • Cashshop (Regular Servers only)
  • MVP Weekly Rewards (Rewarded based on your Cashshop MVP status. Available for both Reboot and Regular Servers)
  • Events
  • Monster Park Sunday Box Reward

Hyper Teleport Rock

Hyper Teleport RockHyper Teleport RockHyper Teleport Rock

Training in MapleStory requires you to get around it's expansive world and that can be quite slow without a Hyper Teleport Rock. This item can be purchased in the Cashshop on both Reboot Worlds and Regular Worlds. It allows you directly teleport to any map in MapleStory instantly.

A Hyper Teleport Rock expires after a period of time. In Reboot Worlds, you can purchase Hyper Teleport Rocks with Mesos in the Cashshop with a max duration of 7 days.

In Regular Worlds, you can purchase Hyper Teleport Rocks for NX in the Cashshop. They can have a max duration of up to 30 days.

The Maple Guide also offers quick-travel for free now, allowing you to teleport directly to popular training maps and towns.

You can also teleport to Pantheon (from the Maple Guide) and use the Dimensional Mirror to travel to other towns.

Link Skills

Link Skill Eleven BlessingRune PersistanceCombo Kill BlessingLink Skill

If you're training your first MapleStory character you won't have any Link Skills to use. Link Skills are skills you can give to other characters on the same account, oftentimes these are passive boosts to your damage and stats allowing you to train a lot faster.

You get a link skill from a character once they reach level 70, level 120 and level 210.

You can have up to 12 Link skills on a single character at a time. Check out our Link Skill guide for a detailed look at all the Link Skills in MapleStory. Some of the most useful ones for training are:

  • Elven Blessing (+20% EXP at level 3)
  • Rune Persistence (+70% Rune Duration at Level 3)
  • Combo Kill Blessing (+900% EXP from Combo Orbs at Level 3)

Legion Power


As well as having Link Skills, you also have a shared Legion Grid between all your characters that offer many stat bonuses and damage boosts. Each character you train can be added to your Legion Grid to give you more stats.

Check out our Legion Guide for a detailed look at how MapleStory's Legion system works.

Oh, and don't forget: You can use your Legion Coins to buy EXP coupons and Leveling-UP potions!

Kishin Shoukan / Totems / Spawn Boosters

One way to speed up leveling is to increase the spawn rate of monsters on a map. Each map in MapleStory has a specific amount of mobs that can spawn at a time, as well as a time delay in how often they respawn.

Unfortunately, most Spawn Booster methods have been removed from MapleStory GMS. However, in Regular Servers, you can use the Frenzy Totem item to boost spawn.

However, Frenzy Totem is a super-rare item that only a few people have access to. It might make a comeback, who knows!


Runes appear in Maps at around Level 30 (or where the monster is level 30). These Runes, when activated, give you a temporary EXP Buff for about 2-3 minutes and some kind of damage boost/effect depending on what type of Rune was activated.

Runes can only be used every 15 minutes and can be activated by standing on them and entering a simple arrow key captcha. If you have the Evan Link Skill (Rune Persistence) the Rune will last for a lot longer.

Burning Maps

A feature of MapleStory is Burning Maps, which adds a EXP Buff to monsters on special maps that have the Burning Effect. The EXP on these maps starts at +100% extra, and then decreases by 10% every hour that a player trains on them. These EXP increases back up to 100% when players don't use the maps.

Burning Maps are encouraging players to find maps to train on outside of the popular maps. Usually the maps listed in training guides are always full and so the burning effect are usually always either 0% or low. You can channel surf the maps to try and find a burning map, but this can waste valuable training time.

Less populated servers will have more burning maps than super popular worlds like NA Reboot.


What is Frenzy Service?

Frenzy Service is available in Regular Servers only.

Players who have the item Frenzy Totem offer a "Frenzy Service", where you pay them a specific amount of mesos per hour for them to cast the Frenzy Totem skill. This will increase the amount of mobs on your map and allow you to train faster.

You'll have to keep an eye out for players advertising the service as not many people have the Frenzy Totem anymore.

What is Hyper Burning and Tera Burning?

Hyper Burning and Tera Burning are special events that are held regularly, allowing you to gain 2 extra levels every time you level up, all the way to Level 200.

You can assign a character to have the burning effect. You're also able to take advantage of special burning rewards, such as equipment boxes and free pets!

You can get a Mega Character Burninator item from the Fairy Bros Daily Gifts every month. This allows you to gain 2 extra levels all the way up to Level 150.

What is the max level in MapleStory?

Currently the max level is Level 300.

Only one player has reached it so far, and that is Niru from GMS.

What is the fastest class to level up to 200 in MapleStory?

There are plenty of classes in MapleStory that train incredibly fast these days, especially after all classes have been getting revamps and buffs.

You can try the following: Kanna, Lynn, Adele, Angelic Buster, Bishop, Lara, Pathfinder.

Your Best Training Spots

Got any training spots you think should be added to this guide? Let us know in the comments with the map name and what level you grinded at!


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