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MapleStory Minar Picnic Event Guide

March 25, 2024

This Minar Picnic Event is a special event introduced in MapleStory V2.49 and this event guide will show you all the rewards, quests to complete and fun tasks you can do during this event.

The Minar Picnic Event lasts until April 30th 2024 and it might not return to the game again, so make the most of it whilst you can!

Like most MapleStory Events, the Minar Picnic Event will see new quests introduced as time goes on, so check back to this page to see the latest updates.

Let's dive into the event guide!

Minar Picnic Forest

A Day For A Picnic

You can begin the Minar Picnic event by selecting the quest "A Day For a Picnic" from either the lightbulb on your character's head or from the quest icon on the side of the screen.

You'll be teleported to the Minar Picnic Forest and meet with Tatamo of Leafre.


The main area is called Warm Field and there are several NPCs you can interact with. Before you can start any of the event quests, talk to Chino and accept the quest "A Joyful Picnic".

TIP: You can go back to the Minar Picnic Forest by selecting the A Time To Move quest and it will teleport you directly to event map.

Minar Picnic Attendance Check

Attendance Check

Accepting the quest A Joyful Picnic will start the Minar Picnic Attendance Check quest.

You'll need to defeat 1,000 monsters in MapleStory each day to earn an Attendance Check.

  • Can be completed once per day per Maple ID
  • Weekly attendance resets every Thursday at midnight
  • Attendance Check can be completed up to 5 times per week.

Note: If you miss an attendance check, you can pay 3,000 Maple Points to complete it ($3).

Once you complete an Attendance Check, you can then move onto the bonus Picnic Wrap-up and defeat another 1,000 Monsters for a 3x EXP Coupon (30 mins).

You'll be rewarded Red Maple Leaf items for completing an Attendance Check, which can be spent at the special Minar Picnic Shop by speaking to Mors NPC. (See below for available items).

Attendance Check Rewards

Complete 1 Attendance Check

  • Tera Character Burninator x1
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 2 Attendance Checks

  • Prepared Pendant of the Spirit Coupon (30 days)
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 3 Attendance Checks

  • Extreme Growth Potion x40
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 4 Attendance Checks

  • Karma Solid Cube x30
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 5 Attendance Checks

  • Growth Potion Selector Coupon x1
  • Red Maple Leaf 42000

Complete 6 Attendance Checks

  • Bonus Mystical Cube x100
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 7 Attendance Checks

  • Event Ring Exclusive Solid Cube x200
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 8 Attendance Checks

  • Symbol Selector Coupon x2
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 9 Attendance Checks

  • Karma Black Rebirth Flame x150
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 10 Attendance Checks

  • Magnificent Growth Potion x1
  • Red Maple Leaf x4000

Complete 11 Attendance Checks

  • Nodestone x100
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 12 Attendance Checks

  • Event Ring Selector Coupon (Unique) x1
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 13 Attendance Checks

  • Extreme Growth Potion x40
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 14 Attendance Checks

  • Bright Cube x20 Coupon
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 15 Attendance Checks

  • Karma Unique Potential Scroll 100%
  • Red Maple Leaf x4000

Complete 16 Attendance Checks

  • Experience Nodestone x10
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 17 Attendance Checks

  • Event Ring Selector Coupon (Legendary) x1
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 18 Attendance Checks

  • Symbol Selector Coupon x2
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 19 Attendance Checks

  • Bonus Bright Cube x20 Coupon
  • Red Maple Leaf x2000

Complete 20 Attendance Checks

  • Minar Picnic Box x1
  • Red Maple Leaf x4000

Minar Picnic Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Speak to Kona at the Warm Field in Minar Picnic Forest to start the quest "(Halflinger Treasure Hunt) Exciting Treasure Hunt."

This event requires you to defeat 1,000 monsters near your level (-+20 levels), which will allow you to summon 3 Halflinger friends to go on a Treasure Hunt.

Your Halflinger can then explore different locations and bring you back rewards:

  • Mountain - Extreme Growth Potion
  • River - Karma Black Rebirth Flame
  • Flower Field - Special Medal Of Honor
  • Pond - Symbol Selector Coupon
  • Forest - Nodestone

You can then choose either a Yellow Bento Box or Red Bento Box. The Yellow Bento Box allows you to receive a fixed amount of items; the Red Bento Box is a gamble and you could end up with nothing or you could end up with lots of items!

Once you've sent your Halflinger to hunt treasure, they will return at midnight the next day. You must collect the treasure manually to get the prize (it's not auto-added to your Inventory).

Pinwheel Play

Toy Pinwheel

Speak to Corba and accept the quest [Halflinger Pinwheel Play] Corba's Child Care to receive a special skill: Halflinger Pinwheel Play.

When you hunt monsters near your level you can complete the Toy Pinwheel and earn bonus EXP.


For every 30 monsters you kill, the Pinwheel will gain a slot. Once maxed out, it will activate a buff: Halflinger Pinwheel Play: Maple Leaf Slide.

This buff is only available 10 times per day, but very useful to stack with the other Maple Monster killing quests.

Acorn Tree

Acorn Tree

Speak to Moose and accept the quest [Drop the Acorn] Finding the Acorn Tree.

You can then speak to Moose to head to the Path to the Acorn Tree Forest (waiting room). Speak to Moose again to participate in the event.

You will need to "shake" the Acorn Tree to make it drop Acorns. You can shake the Acorn Tree by attacking it and then Moose will pick up Acorns as they drop. This is basically one big damage-sponge so just keep attacking for the entire duration to collect as many Acorns as possible (you don't need to pick them up manually).

You'll gain EXP based on the amount of Acorns that drop and it can be completed once per week.

Forest Blast

Forest Blast

Speak to Dolly and complete the quest [Minar Picnic] Somewhere Deep Inside the Forest.

Then speak to Dolly again and start the quest Abyssal Forest.

Forest Blast is a party-play event that you can play with up to 4 players. You can use the Quick Start method to auto-queue.

You can choose between four different characters, all which have their own different skills. When you play Forest Blast, you won't be able to use your normal skills, just the ones of the character you choose.

You'll then participate in up to 5 different levels, each with a boss monster inside that needs defeating.

Dolly EXp

The rewards for completing the Forest Blast are EXP points that can be converted into EXP for your character. For a full clear you get 1,000 EXP points.

This event can be done once per day, 3 times per week.

If you speak to Doddy, you can accept another quest that requires you to clear Forest Blast with a different dragon. You'll get some decoration equips as a reward.

Minar Picnic Forest Shop

Shop Items

There are two shops you can buy items from in Minar Picnic Forest with Red Maple Leafs.

You can use your Red Maple Leaf items (rewarded from doing various event quests) to purchase the items. See the items in the shop below:

Mors Shop

Item Limit Cost
VIP Buff Selector Coupon 10 per day 50
2x EXP Coupon (15 min) 10 per day 30
3x EXP Coupon (15 min) 2 per day 150
Special Medal of Honor 50 100
Epic Potential Scroll 100% 5 300
Special Bonus Potential Scroll 5 300
Gold Potential Stamp 20 20
Special Potential Stamp 20 20
Pure Clean Slate Scroll 100% 10 200
Mysterious Monsterbloom 3 (resets) 200
Power Elixir x100 Coupon No limit 5
Hyper Teleport Rock (1day) 1 per day 15
Trait Boost Potion 10 300
Selective 8-slot Coupon 15 100
AP Reset Scroll 3 50
SP Reset Scroll 3 50
Infinite Revitalizer 5 per day 10
Character Slot Expansion Coupon 5 200
8-Slot Recipe Bag Coupon 3 80
8-Slot Production Bag Coupon 3 80
20-Slot Scroll Bag Coupon 3 200
40-Slot Soul bag Coupon 3 500
Chaos Circulator 15 800
Black Circulator 10 1500
Legendary Circulator 3 2000

Pams Shop

Item Limit Cost
Warm Sentiment Set Coupon 5 1,500
Dollyroid Coupon 5 1,500
Minar Picnic Damage Skin 5 1,000
Picnic with Halflingers Chair 5 2,000
Permanent Sparrow Mount Coupon 5 700
Damage Skin Extraction Coupon 1 1,500
40-Slot Chair Bag Coupon 3 1,500
Damage Skin Slot Expansion Coupon 5 500

Yellow Maple Leaf Store

Yellow Maple Lea

If you like bossing, you can earn Yellow Maple Leaf items by defeating weekly bosses. You'll then be able to exchange these Yellow Maple Leaf items for rewards.

Speak to Max to open his shop:

Item Limit Cost
VIP Buff Selector Coupon 10 (resets) 5
Bonus Glowing Cube Coupon 15 40
Karma Incredible Chaos Scroll Of Goodness 60% 25 20
Ark Innocence Scroll 100% 8 20
Karma Powerful Rebirth Flame 50 5
Karma Eternal Rebirth Flame 100 10
Karma Black Rebirth Flame 175 20
Karma Premium Scroll - Pet Equipment Selection Coupon 20 400
Special Medal of Honour 100 10
Chaos Circulator 15 80
Black Circulator 15 150
Karma Premium Scroll - Accessory Selection Coupon 20 400

Minar Picnic Coming Soon Events

These events will be made available at a later date during the event period:

  • Once More! Halflinger Flower Viewing - April 10th
  • Make Bracelet - April 17th


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