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MapleStory - How To Unlock Pocket Slot Equipment

May 9, 2022

The Pocket Equipment Slot in MapleStory is locked behind a quest that requires players to increase their Charm Trait. This guide will detail how you can unlock the Pocket Slot and also a guide on some decent Pocket Slot Equipment.

A player can start to unlock their Pocket Slot from any level, however, it is best to do it from level 35+ as you get access to the quest The Professional.

How To Unlock The Pocket Slot

Level 30 Charm

Locked Pocket Slot

The Pocket Slot requires you to earn Level 30 in the MapleStory Charm Trait.

Traits are small bonuses applied to your character as you level them up; there are six traits altogether and can be raised in various ways.

The Six Traits:

  • Ambition
  • Empathy
  • Insight
  • Willpower
  • Diligence
  • Charm

In order to raise the level of your Charm Trait, you need to equip specific items to your character. Each time you equip these items, you can earn a small amount of Charm EXP.

You need to reach Level 30 In Charm in order to start the next part of unlocking the Pocket Slot.

Your Traits

You can view the level of your Traits by clicking on your MapleStory Character in game and selecting the My Traits option, which will give you a small overview of your Trait Progress.

Excessively Charming

Once you hit Level 30 Charm, you will then unlock a new quest called Excessively Charming.

MapleStory Big Headward

Find Big Headward in the Henesys Hair Salon map and he will ask you to find him a Rose Clipping item.

This item can only be obtained from Harvesting in the Ardentmill Town (You need to be at least Level 35 to access this town).


The Rose Clipping can be found by Harvesting the herbs that spawn in the special maps. You'll need to learn Herbalism by talking to Saffron.

Ardentmill Herb Patch Maps

Once you complete the tutorial quests, you'll get access to the Herb Patch maps to the right of Ardentmil. You can use any of the maps to find the Rose Clipping, it doesn't matter.

Rose Clipping

Here you can find the herbs and each time you farm one, there is a chance for the Rose Clipping to drop. This can take a while, as it is a rare drop!

Once you have the Rose Clipping, return the Big Headward and he will unlock the Pocket Slot in your Equipment!

Ways To Raise Charm Trait In MapleStory

There are a few other ways in which you can earn Charm EXP to level up the trait.

Trait Potions

Trait Potion

Trait Potions are usually given out in MapleStory Events. They allow you to raise the level of any of your Traits, including Charm. You usually only need one or two of these potions to raise the level of your Charm to 30, but unfortunately their availability is limited.

Fairy Bros Daily Gifts

Check the Fairy Bros Daily Gifts section on MapleStory as they often give you Trait Potions as a reward.



One other way to raise your Charm Level is to use the item Cologne. This item gives only 5 Charm EXP on use, so you're going to need to acquire lots of them.

You can take advantage of the Wondroid Heart Events, as they give lots of Cologne items out when they come around.

Items Which Give Charm

There are various items you can get in MapleStory which give Charm when you equip them. We've made a handy list of items you can find in MapleStory:

  • Zakum Helmet (+50)
  • Horntail Necklace
  • Chaos Zakum Helmet
  • Chaos Horntail Necklace
  • CRA Bosses
  • Any CashShop Item

When you defeat bosses like Zakum and Horntail, they drop their special equipment item, usually in multiple copies. All you need to do is equip those items and you'll gain a bit of Charm. The Charm is only given once per item, so you'll need to equip hundreds of Zakum Helmets to get to Level 30. It all adds up!

Pocket Item Equipment

Pink Bean Holy CupStone Of Eternal Life

Here are some great Pocket Item Equipment that you can equip once you have finally unlocked the Pocket Item Slot:

  • Pink Holy Cup - Dropped by Pink Bean (Normal and Chaos) (Best In Slot)
  • Stone of Eternal Life - Dropped by Easy and Normal Hilla.
  • Cursed Spellbook - Will


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