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MapleStory Vac Pets - How Do They Work - Petite Luna Pets

May 5, 2022

Vac Pets are a special type of Cash Item in MapleStory that players can purchase with NX in order to improve their looting capabilities. Otherwise known as Petite Luna Pets, Vac Pets have been in MapleStory since 2020, but they have recently been added to Reboot servers for the first time and so a lot of players are now wondering if they are worth the NX.

In MapleStory GMS, Vac Pets are also known as Petite Luna Pets.

Let's take a look at how Vac Pets work in MapleStory.

Vac Pets in MapleStory

Vac Pets are just like any other pet in MapleStory but they have a couple of differences compared to regular pets. The most crucial difference is that Vac Pets can loot items all around them and suck them towards it, hence the name "Vac Pets".

Vac Pet Looting

This incredibly useful looting feature is a lot better than the standard looting that comes from regular pets.

Vac Pet Looting allows MapleStory players to train on larger maps without negatively affecting their wealth rates (obtaining mesos and items). Since the Vac Pets pull items towards them, players spend less time having to navigate maps and more time grinding monsters, thus allowing them to earn more over time.

So if the looting feature of Vac Pets is so good, why doesn't everyone get one?

That is where Nexon comes in.

The Cost Of Vac Pets

Vac Pets cost a lot more than regular pets and their availability is often limited in both Regular and Reboot servers. Vac Pets are sold differently in regular worlds compared to Reboot, so let's break down the costs.

Regular World - Cost Of Vac Pets


Vac Pets in regular worlds are usually available through the Wisp's Wondrous Wonderberry item in the CashShop.

This item costs around 4,000 NX for one try and around 36,000 NX for ten tries. Each time you open a Wonderberry, you get a random pet. These pets can be labeled "Wonder Black" pets and are usually 90 day duration.

Luna Crystal

Another Cash Item called the Luna Crystal, costing around 3,9000 NX, can fuse two Wonder Black pets together for a chance to obtain the Petite Luna Pet (Vac Pet).

You can see the rates for these items here (produced by Nexon themselves): Wonderberry Rates, Luna Crystal Rates.

That means, players have to gamble first buying Wisp Wondrous Wonderberry to obtain Wonder Black pets. Then they have to buy the Luna Crystal and gamble that it produces a Petite Luna Pet.

This system is based on RNG; some players have reported spending thousands of dollars in order to obtain three Petite Pets. Others have spent only a couple of hundred.

Reboot World - Cost Of Vac Pets

Maplestory Vac Pets

In Reboot World, players can obtain Petite Luna pets differently.

Players can purchase Vac Pets for a fixed price of 99,000 NX per pet (That's almost $100). These pets will last for 90 days and once they expire you can revive them with the item Luna Petite Waters of Life, for will restore the pet for another 30 days.

Petite Water Of Life

The Luna Petite Water of Life costs 13,900 NX ($14). So essentially, you will have to pay $14 per pet per month to keep your Vac Pets active.

Vac Pets are currently only on sale during specific times, so you'll have to keep an eye out for Nexon announcements.

Vac Pets versus Regular Pets

With the introduction of Vac Pets to Reboot World, many players will be asking whether spending so much money on a pet is worth it? Considering Regular Pets in MapleStory can loot quite far and jump up and down platforms, how do Vac Pets compare?

Well, Vac Pets are considerably better. Their radius for looting is very large, allowing you to loot platforms that you would otherwise need to jump to in order to get the loot. In small maps they are very good, allowing you to barely move when training because you can just suck all the loot up to you.

But the cost is going to be the turning point. A regular pet with full looting equipment will cost you around $15. A Vac Pet in Reboot World will cost you $100 for 90 days and then $14 each month after, essentially creating a subscription to play MapleStory.

Are Vac Pets Pay To Win

Reboot World was essentially created to remove all of the quick cash grabs and pay to win features that Nexon implemented. Before Reboot World, there was a huge power creep between players who paid and those who didn't. Reboot World was meant as the answer to this, making those Pay To Win items available for Mesos instead of NX. This meant you had to play to get powerful, rather than swipe your credit card.

Vac Pets improve looting by a considerable margin, allowing players to essentially earn more mesos and items than players who just use Regular Pets. Many players will argue this is a Pay For Convenience option and that you don't need the Vac Pets to enjoy playing Reboot Worlds.

Let us know your thoughts on whether Vac Pets are Pay To Win in the comments below! Will you be buying one when they become available again?


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