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MapleStory Demon Avenger Skill Build Guide

August 5, 2021

Demon Avenger is a Warrior job type in MapleStory that utilizes the HP stat as its main stat when it comes to increasing damage of the class. Demon Avenger was betrayed by the Black Mage and decided to join the Resistance in order to exact revenge on him. Players who want to try out a new class with little funding will enjoy the Demon Avenger as it has a lot of high damage for very little stat required. This skill build guide will show you exactly what skills to upgrade for Demon Avenger.

Demon Avenger Overview

Demon Avenger was released for GMS V.138 in the Unleashed: Demon Avenger update on July 2013. Demon Avenger is part of the Resistance class of characters, which includes Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic, Xenon, Blaster, Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger characters. As a Warrior Class, Demon Avenger does not use the STR stat for dealing damage; instead Demon Avenger relies on HP stat for both survivability and damage. HP Stat is one of the most abundance stats in the game, and new players won't have much trouble obtaining gear with HP as there are very few classes that use the HP stat lines, making them more cheap on the Auction House.

In terms of training, Demon Avenger is a decent class with a simple rotation of skills to use. They rely heavily on one-shotting with Nether Shield skill, which will kill mobs around you as you train. There are a few cooldown skills you'll have to keep an eye on and Demon Avenger's flash jump skill allows it to get around most popular maps for training with ease. As mentioned, the class requires little funding, so they are great early-game farmers for helping get mesos, nodestones and other essentials for building up a character post 5th job.

Bossing with Demon Avenger can feel a little clunky. Unfortunately, their 5th job skills are more of a hindrance than useful as they drain Demon Avenger's HP dramatically, making them more vulnerable when fighting. Timed right; they're great as they offer burst damage but they are one of the few jobs in MapleStory that put a risk-reward type skill for 5th job. This might change in later updates, as many players have been voicing their opinion on the class. They do have a really long lasting IFrame skill called Revenant that allows it to dodge 1-hit KO attacks.

  • Weapon: Desperado
  • Job: Warrior
  • Class: Resistance
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory: Wild Hunter, Battle Mage, Mechanic, Xenon, Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger, Blaster.
  • Legion Block: +Boss Damage (1/2/3/5/6)%
  • Link Skill: Wild Rage (+15% Damage Level 3)
  • Primary Stat: HP
  • Inner Ability: 20% Boss Damage

Demon Avenger First Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in first job. Follow this build:

  • Exceed: Double Slash (MAX)
  • Overload Release (MAX)
  • Demonic Veracity (MAX)
  • Life Sap (MAX)

Your main attacking skill is Exceed. Each time you use it, you'll get a debuff that stacks (increases attack speed but consumes HP faster). As such, you should use the Overload Release when available to restore HP and increase final damage. Life Sap will gain you 5% Hp each time you get hit and Demonic Veracity increases Critical Rate.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Exceed: Double Slash Exceed: Double Slash Slashes enemies in front of you twice. Exceed: Gradually increases attack speed and decreases HP. Range increased during final stage. Main Attack Skill
Overload Release Overload Release Recovers HP and increases final damage by dispelling the Overload debuff stacked up from using Exceed. If used when Overload is not maxed out, the ratio between the current Overload value and the max Overload value will change the HP recovery amount and final damage increase rate. Buff Skill
Life Sap Life Sap Drains your enemy's life to restore your own. Passive Buff
Demonic Veracity Demonic Veracity Permanently increases Speed, Max Speed, Jump, and Critical Rate. Passive Buff

Demon Avenger Second Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in second job. Follow this build:

  • Exceed: Demon Strike (MAX)
  • Battle Pact (MAX)
  • Desperado Mastery (MAX)
  • Bat Swarm (MAX)
  • Abyssal Connection
  • Rage Within (MAX)
  • Unbreakable Steel (MAX)

You gain a new main attacking skill called Demon Strike. This skill can be a bit annoying to use, so you might prefer to use the First Job skill in it's place. Bat Swarm is a summon that will move around the map and kill mobs for a short period of time.

Level up Battle Pact for that attack speed boost and the rest are passive buffs for damage and defense.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Exceed: Demon Strike Exceed: Demon Strike Charges forward and slices through enemies. Exceed: Gradually increases attack speed and decreases HP. Range increased during final stage. Main Attack Skill
Unbreakable Steel Unbreakable Steel Greatly increases Defense through indomitable will. Passive Buff
Rage Within Rage Within Permanently increases Max HP and DEF. Passive Buff
Desperado Mastery Desperado Mastery Permanently increases Desperado Mastery Passive Buff
Battle Pact Battle Pact Temporarily increases attack speed. Buff Skill
Bat Swarm Bat Swarm Summons a cloud of infernal bats that follow you and attack enemies. You can change the bats' flight direction by pressing the skill key again. Summon Skill
Abyssal Connection Abyssal Connection Increases your Attack Power. Passive Buff

Demon Avenger Third Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in third job. Follow this build:

  • Exceed: Lunar Slash (MAX)
  • Diabolic Recovery (MAX)
  • Advanced Life Sap (MAX)
  • Pain Dampener (MAX)
  • Vitality Veil (MAX)
  • Ward Evil (MAX)
  • Shield Charge (MAX)

Your new main attacking skill Lunar Slash is a lot better than second job and is a lot easier to use. In fact, you'll be using Lunar Slash as your main mobbing skill due to the hitbox range is much better than any other fourth job skill you get.

Shield Charge and Vitality Veil are not that useful, so max those last. You get some big damage boosts with Diabolic Recovery and Advanced Life Sap.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Exceed: Lunar Slash Exceed: Lunar Slash Attacks enemies to the front and back. Exceed: Gradually increases attack speed and decreases HP. Range increased during final stage. Main Attack Skill
Ward Evil Ward Evil Blocks evil energy. Increases all Elemental Resistance and Status Resistance, and reduces the damage received. Buff Skill
Vitality Veil Vitality Veil Absorbs HP by hitting enemies with the skill key pressed. HP is absorbed regardless of the number of monsters or Undead status. Release the key to dish out an additional explosive attack. Secondary Attack Skill
Shield Charge Shield Charge Charge through enemies and knock them back with your shield. When the charge finishes, you unleash a powerful blast that knocks them back further, along with a chance to stun. Can be resisted by some monsters. Secondary Attack Skill
Pain Dampener Pain Dampener Permanently decreases the Life Sap HP absorption penalty created by Exceed Overload. In addition, increases the Damage of the Exceed skill. Passive Buff
Diabolic Recovery Diabolic Recovery Greatly increases HP for a period of time. Periodically restores HP while active. Buff Skill
Advanced Life Sap Advanced Life Sap Boosts Life Sap's HP absorption abilities and the final damage increase obtained from Overload Release. Passive Buff

Demon Avenger Fourth Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in fourth job. Follow this build:

  • Nether Shield (MAX)
  • Exceed: Execution (MAX)
  • Overwhelming Power (MAX)
  • Advanced Desperado Mastery (MAX)
  • Infernal Exceed (MAX)
  • Nether Slice (MAX)
  • Maple Warrior (MAX)
  • Blood Prison (MAX)
  • Defense Expertise (MAX)

Exceed: Execution will be mostly used for bossing; you'll want to continue using Lunar Slash as your main mobbing skill. You max Nether Shield first because it gives a passive damage boost to your Lunar Slash skill, making it more powerful than before; and Nether Shield is a really good heat-seeking mobbing skill when maxed.

Blood Prison is a bind skill but you'll likely won't need to use it until you take on more powerful bosses later on.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Exceed: Execution Exceed: Execution Uses the true powers of the Demon to deal a powerful slash, ignoring a portion of enemy defense.Exceed: Attack speed gradually increases, along with HP cost. Attacks two more times at the final level. Main Attack Skill
Overwhelming Power Overwhelming Power Greatly increases damage and attack speed. Passive Buff
Nether Slice Nether Slice Attacks enemies and rips through armor. Any enemies hit will receive a debuff which temporarily reduces their armor. Secondary Attack Skill
Nether Shield Nether Shield Enchants your shield with a tracking spirit, which hits an enemy and then bounces to the next target. If there are no other enemies nearby, the shield will attack the first enemy it hit. Unaffected by attack reflection. Secondary Attack Skill
Maple Warrior Maple Warrior Temporarily increases the stats of all party members. Does not stack with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President's Orders, Anima Warrior, or Rhinne's Protection. Buff Skill
Infernal Exceed Infernal Exceed Permanently adds a chance for an additional attack after the Exceed attack. Passive Buff
Defense Expertise Defense Expertise Permanently increases your defensive abilities, allowing you to ignore a portion of the enemy's defense. Increases the ATT of Shield Charge and Nether Shield. Doubles defense penetration for shield skills. Passive Buff
Blood Prison Blood Prison Imprisons enemies around you, stunning them for a short time.Enemies hit by this will resist stuns for 90 seconds and won't be stunned by other skills, like Blood Prison. Bind Skill
Advanced Desperado Mastery Advanced Desperado Mastery Permanently increases the Mastery, Attack Power, and Critical Damage of your Desperado. Passive Buff

Demon Avenger Hyper Skill Build

Hyper skills are available at level 140. You get Hyper Skill Points as you level towards 200, but not enough to max all the skills, so choose wisely. These skills mostly help increase the damage of your current skills.

  • Exceed - Reinforce
  • Exceed - Reduce Overload
  • Exceed - Opportunity
  • Nether Shield - Reinforce
  • Nether Shield - Spread
  • Thousand Swords
  • Demonic Fortitude
  • Forbidden Contract

Demon Avenger Fifth Job Skill Build

Upon reaching level 200, you will now have access to the V Matrix, which acts as your new fifth job skills. Each class gets their own skills to use, along with boosting nodes to increase the damage of existing skills. To obtain new skills, you open up items called Nodestones, which drop from every mob in Arcane River. You have limited number of slots in your V Matrix, so you want to obtain perfect nodes for maximize your character's damage.

Demon Avenger's Nodes should include:

  • Demonic Frenzy
  • Demonic Blast
  • Dimensional Sword
  • Revenant
  • Trio: Exceed: Lunar Slash, Exceed: Execution, Nether Shield
  • Trio: Infernal Exceed, Thousand Swords, Exceed: Demon Strike

All 5th Job classes should try to also obtain these:

  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Erda Nova
  • Rope Lift
  • True Arachnid Reflection
  • Resistance Infantry
  • Weapon Aura

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Demonic Frenzy Demonic Frenzy Sacrifice your body to the flame to fuel your vengeance. Your demonic blood is unaffected by attack ignore and attack reflection. Cooldown Buff
Demonic Blast Demonic Blast Sacrifice your own health to release an explosion of demonic energy. Can be used while Exceed is active. Charge the ability by holding down its key. Damage increases according to charge time. If you defeat an enemy or strike a boss with this ability, you will recover HP, ignoring Demonic Frenzy's recovery reduction. Cooldown attack skill
Dimensional Sword Dimensional Sword Amplify the Desperado's power and call forth a brilliant sword of destruction. When the swords spins, the attack deals damage to enemies even when they are under attack reflection. Burst
Revenant Revenant Your unceasing rage warps you into a specter, wavering between life and death. While active, HP cannot drop below 1 due to damage taken, and that damage is saved as fury. Your fury then attacks the surrounding in the form of thorns, though it will also keep you in pain, even after the skill ends. Using the skill again, while its effect is active, will cancel that effect. The thorns of fury deal damage to enemies with attack ignore and attack reflection. While Revenant is active, receiving continuous damage due to the fury effect will maintain your combat state. Max Level 25. Iframe


05/08/2021 - First update


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you should consider adding that Demonic Frenzy goes up from healing 1% to 2% at lvl 30, making it actually possible for DA to survive on bosses.
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