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Fantasian - Complete Walkthrough and Guide

Fantasian - Complete Walkthrough and Guide

calendar_todayPosted on 21st April 2021

Fantasian is an RPG from Mistwalker Corporation and this guide will make sure you don't miss a single treasure chest! Fantasian is a throwback to classic RPG games and the creator is none other than Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man who conceived the original Final Fantasy game.

Fantasian has all the elements of a classic RPG, with multiple characters you can switch in and out of your party, random battle encounters and an amazing battle system that can be played for hours and hours.

This Fantasian Walkthrough is made up of multiple sections so that you can dive right in. Whether you're looking for sidequests or how to take down a particular boss, we will try to cover everything the game has to offer.

Fantasian Overview

Fantasian is an RPG released on the Apple Arcade platform. It is currently exclusive to the platform and requires you to subscribe to their platform. Apple currently offers a 1 month trial for all new members who sign up. The game is being released in 2 parts, with the first scheduled for April 2nd 2021 and the second part to be released in August 13th, 2021.

There is also a further post-game update to come for players who have completed the game in part two.

Part 1 is around 20 hours long with a level cap of 35. Part 2 is around another 40 hours.

If you're familiar with older Final Fantasy titles, Fantasian will feel very familiar. The game allows players to control the main character Leo, with new members joining you along your journey as you progress through the story. There are plenty of sidequests to keep you busy and many interesting mechanics that push the limits of classic RPGs.

The soundtrack is also composed by legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu! He has served as lead composer on games such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX.

Fantasian Part Two Release Date.

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Fantasian Walkthrough

This guide is constantly being updated. Check back soon for any missing parts.

Fantasian Guides

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Fantasian Updates

Fantasian 2.0.0 was released on August 13th 2021, which contained the release of Part Two.

Content within this article contains copyrighted material of Fantasian, which is a property of © MISTWALKER.


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Comments Section

Hopefully start work on it beginning of next week. We're just finishing the game ourselves and it's very long!

can I know when the walkthrough will come out for part 2?

Looking forward to the guide for part 2! I am still playing through it and it’s challenging. I definitely need a great guide for this.

I love your tips and tricks. They help me so much. Especially with Funi. Thankfully that's one fight we can escape from. So I know if he asks me for potion S, I'm going to get a Ruby for poison null and thanks for the hit count. I was able to knock him down switching characters out. (Part 2)

Anyway, I'm so stuck on the monster with Ez and the monster at the Royal Palace. But I know I'll figure it out. You're like the first place I go to and oddly no one else has started to figure out the game and release the info. Thanks so much.

No problem! Lots more content on the way :D

Where can I find Moss Quartz?

Thank you for this guide! Now that 2.5 is out will you cover the new content in NG+ and the void realm? Appreciate you being one of the few to put this together.

I just wanted to say thank you guys so much. Love your work!

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