Fantasian Armor Equipment List

Fantasian Armor Equipment List

calendar_todayPosted on 9th June 2021

Armor in Fantasian comes in many different categories and this Armor Equipment List aims to catalog all of these items that are currently in the game. Players will come across Armor in all sorts of ways as they play Fantasian, including from Locked Treasure Chests, Shops and secret areas. We've split this guide up into the different categories of Armor, as well as noting how to obtain each piece of equipment.

Fantasian Armor

Each Fantasian Character can equip one piece of Armor equipment (which may change later!). Armor gives Defense stats to the character it's equipped to (and sometimes Attack too!) and some Armor pieces have special abilities that are applied to characters.

Unlike Fantasian Weapons, you can equip Armor to many different characters.

Armor is split into three different categories: Vests, Belts and Bangles.

Vest Armor Equipment List

Equipment Name Stats Ability How To Find
Normal Vest Defense: +7 None
Warrior Vest Defense: +14 None
Brave Guard Defense: +21 None
Mithril Guard Defense: +28 None
Luxurious Vest Defense: +35 None
Tactical Vest Defense: +42 None

Belts Armor Equipment List

Equipment Name Stats Ability How To Find
Magic Belt Defense: +15 MP UP 1 - Slightly increases maximum MP
Mettle Belt Defense: +18 SURVIVAL INSTINCT - The bearer of this skill will survive fatal damage with 1 HP. This effect only occurs once per battle.
Frostbird Belt Defense: +24 FIRE RESIST 1 - Slightly reduces fire element damage.
Tough Belt Defense: +30 HP UP 1 - Slightly increases maximum HP

Bangles Armor Equipment List

Equipment Name Stats Ability How To Find
Iron Bangle Defense: +15
Attack: +3
  • Treasure Chest in En
Bionic Bangle Defense: +36
Attack: +3
AUTO REGEN - Automatically casts Regen at the start of every battle.


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