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Fantasian Mechterite Locations and Rewards

August 30, 2021

All over the world of Fantasian you can find rare material known as Mechterite that can be exchanged for rare items. This guide will show you all the locations where you can pick up Mechterite, as well as the reward list for exchanging Mechterite.

You can get your first piece of Mechterite by heading to Valrika's Laboratory and talking to the Warp Mirror. This is also the place where you can exchange your Mechterite for various rewards; you can only unlock the rewards in order.

There are a total of 30 Mechterite locations.

Mechterite Rewards

You can only get the next reward in the list after claiming the reward before it. So in order to get Hermes' Brilliance, you will need to have collected all the Mechterite available in the game, despite only needing 9 to trade in for it.

  • 1 Mechterite = Unfamiliar Stone
  • 2 Mechterite = Harpe.
  • 3 Mechterite = Wizard Belt
  • 4 Mechterite = Opal XL
  • 5 Mechterite = Pearl XL
  • 6 Mechterite = Ruby XL
  • 9 Mechterite = Hermes' Brilliance

Mechterite Locations

Valrika's Laboratory

The first piece of Mechterite you can find is given to you when you interact with the Warp Mirror in Valrika's Laboratory.

Uzra - Deck (Starboard)

Uzra Pool

Head towards the pool on the Uzra and you can find Mechterite in the corner at the far end of it.

Uzra - Deck (Bow)

Uzra Deck

On the right side of the Uzra you can find a Mechterite next to the ship's wall.

En - New District - Habor

Mechterite Location - En Harbor

You can find the Mechterite on the right-most platform of the En Harbor.

En Harbor

There is another Mechterite at the top of the tower you can climb up at the Harbor.

Mountain Path Connecting to En

En Location path

You can pick up one Mechterite on the left side of the mountain path as you head towards En - Old District.

En - Old District

En Well

There is one Mechterite next to the Well.

En Old District

Another can be found on the left-most side of En - Old District. You can reach this path by going through the gap between two small houses.

En - New District

En Inn

Head to the Peccora Inn and go to the outside. You'll see a Mechterite on your right glistening.

En Secret Resisdence

You can also find one in the hidden gap between the Starry Eyes Inn and the Item Shop. It will be just before the bushes.

En Wall

You can find the other one by walking round the Starry Eyes building and taking the path that rises upwards.

En Sacred Sand Tower

There is another one at the top of the Sacred Sand Tower - Lookout at the back of En - New District.

En Wall

There is also one on the left of En by going up the ladder onto the wall.

Central Vence

Vence City Hall

You can find a Mechterite at the top of the Observation Deck in City Hall.

Vence Central

You can find another Mechterite just before the first Gondola.

Vence - Harbor

Vence Harbor

You can find a Mechterite next to a bunch of crates at the top of the harbor.

Vence Harbor

Go to the furthest-most pier at the harbor and pick up a Mechterite at the end of it down the side of the bank.

West Vence

West Vence

In the area where you drop down into the water bed to enter the Fortune Teller's House, there is a Mechterite just below the ladder almost out of shot.

Vence West

You can find another at the end of the marketplace vendors next the sword and shield sign.

East Vence

East Vence

As you cross the bridge by the Fountain, you can find some Mechterite.

Vibra Royal Capital - Town Center

Mechterite Location Royal Capital

At the top of the map you can find some Mechterite.

Vibra Alleyway

You can also find one down the alleyway.

Vibra Stairs

Another Mechterite can be found next to the stairs on the left of Vibra.

Leo House

If you go to Leo's House and head to the Attic, you can also find Mechterite there.

Leo House Backyard

Another Mechterite can be found in Leo's backyard

Vibra - Royal Capital - Main Street

Vibra Main Street

You can find a Mechterite sitting on the table of one of the vendors in the middle of Main Street.

Vibra Main Street

There is also one at the top of Main Street behind the fountain.

Vibra - Royal Capital - Coliseum

Royal Capital

Head to the entrance to the Coliseum and then head to the left side of it where you'll find a Mechterite.

Vibra Palace

You can find a Mechterite at the top of the stairs leading to the Vibra Palace.

Vibra - Outskirts


You can find a Mechterite on one of the boats by the beach to the right.

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Sascret Sand Tower Mechterite did not glow for me... had to move to the bench and click on it.
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I have collected all but for some reason I am missing 1. I have no idea what’s going on.
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Me too, can’t work out if I’ve missed one or there’s one missing from the locations list. This is a pain!
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