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Fantasian - Part 1 Secrets & Missables

July 30, 2021

Fantasian was released in two parts and for those who got to the end of part one, will realize that they actually cannot go back and pick up a few leftover secrets until part 2 becomes available. Some of these secrets are hinted at in dialogue, so you can definitely pick up the clues that tell you where you need to go. Or you can use this handy little guide of Fantasian Secrets that you can uncover in part 1.

This guide will list all of the things you should do before completing Path To The Wormhole section.

Fantasian Secrets

Here are all the things you should try to complete before going on to part 2. They give you some useful items that can make boss fights easier and grinding!

Fantasian Quests

  • Fantasian Quests - Make sure you complete all the current quests for Part 1. When you progress through the Wormhole, you cannot go back until part 2 is released. The quests in Fantasian are pretty simple; their rewards are so & so, but you should definitely complete the True Dimengeon quest to boost the amount of monsters you can store.

Toy Boxes

Eternal Holy - Fantasian Secret Boss

Ceramic Blade 2.0

  • Go back to the Mini Toy Box in En - New District. Remember those levers you didn't know what to do with? Well now Leo remembers and it will open up a Mechteria Treasure Chest containing a Ceramic Blade 2.0 weapon for Leo to equip.
  • Go back to the Midi Toy Box in Eastern Vence and press the switch near one of the barrels. It will produce two Mechteria Treasure Chests which give Delta Knuckles for Captain Zinikr and Quark Edge for Ez.
  • Remember that Purple Box in the side room in Maxi Toy Box? It contains a boss called Eternal Holy that cannot currently be defeated. Feel free to check it out though- it has over 200,000 HP!


Vibran Secret Stone

  • Speak with Sebastian at the Uzra - Suite and he will give you a Vibran Secret Stone that gives 1.5x EXP to whoever has it equipped. This is great for grinding up those last few levels.
  • Speak with Owen at his shop in En - Old District. He will give you an Old Coral gem that increases the effectiveness of healing magic and healing items.


Morganite S - En - New District

  • The first Residential House in En - New District was locked when you first arrived. It's now open and you can buy a Morganite S for 8,000 G.
  • Fumi are special monsters that appear in certain locations. As you've gotten stronger since you last bumped into them, you might be able to grind out some useful Gems for your party.
  • The max level in Fantasian is Level 35. For grinding, the best location is the Machine City maps. The mobs don't have too many annoying side-effects that can slow you down when fighting in the Dimengeon.
  • If you want to buy cheap materials, the shop in Vibra - Outskirts will sell you them at a discount. This is good for getting materials for Ez's crafting abilities.
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there are 3 mech box in the Uzra's Hall on the right side of the bar near stairs
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They show up only after you open the chests in a machine room
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There are 2 more mech box outside Uzra at Vence Harbor containing tactical chest on the left and Hermes Stone on the right. You may want to check for En Harbor for another potion chest unaccessible earlier due to the cutscene.
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Not exactly mentors, but if you go back to the bar in En, the bartender will give you 20x Energy Drinks for not having girls in your party! :)
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Go back ti The Hotel in Vence and speak to the waitress in the right: she talks you about a magic in The fountain near The Reception. Check it and you’ll find a Cat’s eye jewel.
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Go speak to the adventure in town center inn level 3 , in one of the two rooms for a ori mail
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