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Airoheart - Complete Walkthrough and Guide

October 28, 2022

Airoheart is an pixel adventure game in which you explore a vast world under threat from a mortal enemy and this Airoheart Game Guide will walk you through the entire game, step by step!

You play as the hero Airoheart in the land of Engard where you must set about obtaining soul fragments from various dungeons by solving puzzles, taking on difficult enemies and final bosses that will work your skill.

Airoheart Overview

Airoheart is a Unity game developed by Pixel Heart Studio and published by SOEDESCO. It has been released on all major platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The game uses a top-down 2D Pixel art style and you play as one character named Airoheart who can wield swords, shields and magic.

The core part of Airoheart is exploring the world by visiting various dungeons that require you to solve (sometimes) complex puzzles. These puzzles usually end with an engaging boss fight and each victory progresses you to a new level of gameplay through new mechanics and weapons.

There are also short side-quests to do and lots of hidden areas to find on your adventure.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

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Airoheart Walkthrough

The Fragmented Soulstone - Part 1

The Monastery - Part 2

Castle Radion - Part 3

Dragon's Demise - Part 4

The Sepulchre - Part 5

Mizu Temple - Part 6

The Sunken Keep - Part 7

Mount Comito - Part 8

The Labyrinthian - Part 9

All Bead Locations - Part 10

How To Get The Lightheart Sword - Part 11

Carthicus Dungeon - Part 12

Airoheart Guides

Heart Melon Locations

Orb Of Mana Locations

Airoheart - Rune Locations

Airoheart - Blacksmith Items Guide

Airoheart Image Gallery


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Theres a bunch of shrines after you collect the beads and I believe you have to complete all the dungeons, but going to them without doing so says something to the effect of "You cant read this writing" but after a nymph appears and upgrades your crossbow. Where are all these at/what are they even called? I thought they looked like shrines so thats what I called them.
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They are called Shrines. At some point you'll meet an old man on a bridge. He'll tell you about the Shrines, saying he's looking for the one "at the mouth of the river" (which isn't actually located there) and then he'll mark them on your map for you. There are 5, and they will appear as squares, but getting to them usually involve trekking through long caves. Once you've activated the Shrine (only after collecting that color Bead) it'll disappear off your map. Each one just strengthens your crossbow, so it's not a big deal if you miss one. You cannot miss the Bead dungeons, though.
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