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Sea Of Stars - Complete Walkthrough and Guide

October 4, 2023

Sea Of Stars is a turn-based RPG with the classic feel of old-school JRPG games and this complete walkthrough will guide you through to the end!

Sea Of Stars is developed by Sabotage Studios and is a game that was crowd-funded on Kickstarter in 2020, raising over $1.6 million CAD!

The game has since been released and is now playable on most major-platforms including Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

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Sea Of Stars Overview

Sea Of Stars sees you follow two children of the Solstice who wield the magical power of the guardians. The story follows these two characters as they attempt to take on missions and quests of their headmaster and fulfil their prophecy told by The Elder Mist.

Sea Of Stars features a turn-based battle systems with unique features added on top that make each battle engaging. Battles are rendered in real-time, with no RNG or grinding nessicary to enjoy this RPG game. Sea Of Stars has classic equipment systems to help you upgrade your character's stats, a level-up system that is effective and a newbie-friendly system that can add additional support for those new to RPG games.

The Story will see you pass through many different locations including abandoned Wizard Temples, mountains with cascading waterfalls and islands full of mysteries. With it's pixel-world, each area in Sea Of Stars is well designed with plenty of opportunity to explore and find hidden treasures that can help boost the party on their adventure.

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Check out the gameplay video below:

Sea Of Stars Walkthrough

Here is our complete walkthrough for Sea Of Stars!


Sea Of Stars Guides

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Sea Of Stars Achievements

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Quiz Master Sea Of Stars

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Sea Of Stars Screenshots

Interested in Sea Of Stars? Check out the screenshots below from our Sea Of Stars Image Gallery.

Sea Of Stars Image Sea Of Stars Sea Of Stars

Sea Of Stars Sea Of Stars Sea Of Stars



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