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All Rainbow Conch Locations - Sea Of Stars

October 3, 2023

Rainbow Conch are items you can find throughout Sea Of Stars and exchange them for rewards. You can find them from Treasure Chests and completing small quests for people in the world.

This guide aims to show all the locations of all Rainbow Conch items in the game.

You need to find a total of 60 Rainbow Conch items in order to complete the Mirna's Market Of Marvels shop.

If you obtain the Falcon-Eyed Parrot relic from Mirna's Market Of Marvels, you can use it to see which islands and locations have any Rainbow Conch items missing.

Here are all he Rainbow Conch we have found in the game. If you notice we've missed any, let us know!

Total Rainbow Conch listed:  60 / 60

Evermist Island



Head to the bottom of Mooncradle to find a pile of twigs; push the piles of leaves into it and speak to the Villager to get a Rainbow Conch!


Head to the left of the Mooncradle and you can find two broken blocks to push around. These will destroy the thorns in the garden; destroy them all.

Rainbow Conch

Then return to the house below and speak to the village and you will be rewarded with a Rainbow Conch!

Fobidden Cavern

Forbidden Cavern

Enter the Forbidden Cavern from the south entrance; take the path on the left and you can push a tall block out of the way to reveal a Rainbow Conch.

Mountain Trail

Mountain Path

At the beginning of Mountain Trail, if you take the path on the right at the beginning, you can find a post you can grappler across and find a Rainbow Conch!

Elder Mist Trials

Elder Mist Trials

Head to the Elder Mist Trials; enter the first trial on the left and you'll find a tall block you can push to the side to reveal a Rainbow Conch!

Sleeper Island

X'tol's Landing

Rainbow Conch

Near the beginning of X'tol's Landing, down the steps and you'll see a hidden Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch.



If you're feeling like a completionist, you can also head all the way back to the Moorlands. You can use your Air Push ability to move a crystal statue onto a brown tile, that will then activate a green tower, allowing you to access a Treasure Chest containing another Rainbow Conch.

Rainbow Conch

You'll come across a Crystal Wall; you can smash it with your Cobalt Hammer to find a Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch.

Stonemason's Outpost - Mines

Rainbow Conch

On the second floor, you'll find three mobs on your left. Take them out. Don't forget to open the Treasure Chest hidden behind a stone pillar containing a Rainbow Conch!


If you head to the house with the painter, you can use the Air Push ability to move a green crystal out of the way and access a Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch.


Next, if you jump off the cliffside on the second level, you can enter a small cave.


Inside you'll find a sleeping Villager; use your Air Push ability to activate the Green Propeller. This will cause water to start flowing outside.


Go and speak to the lady in the Bathtub and she will give you a Rainbow Conch for your efforts.

Coral Falls


From a Waterfall on the right, you'll land in a pool of water; on the right side is a Green Propeller that you can activate, causing a Treasure Chest with a Rainbow Conch to appear.


You'll come to a cliff top that you can jump down; doing so breaks a hole in the ground and allows you to collect another Rainbow Conch!

Port Town Of Brisk

Rainbow Conch

If you head to the left side of Brisk, just before the sea, you can find a Rainbow Conch in a Treasure Chest.


Inside the building is a mini-game called Chump Change Chests. You pay 5G each go to find the grand prize of 10G. If you find 10G five times, you'll get a special prize: Rainbow Conch.


If you head down to the docks and into the sea, you'll find to fishermen in a small boat on the left. Give them 40 Seafood (you can obtain these from the Fishing Mini-Game) and you'll get a Rainbow Conch.

Rainbow Conch

Speak to two kids on the beach and they will have said they have found something and give it to you: Rainbow Conch!


Once the Port Town Of Brisk has been restored, you can find a villager eating an Ice Cream at the front. Speak to him and he tells you he wants to be painted.


You can find that painter at the Stonemason's Outpost. Speak to him and he'll go travel to the Port Town Of Brisk.


Speak to him there, and he will reward you a Rainbow Conch.



If you head underneath this pier, you can find a secret location where you can find a Rainbow Conch.

If you have the Trader's Signet (obtained in Stonemason's Outpost), you can also buy some items.

Hidden Area

There is a hidden room at this spot on the right that will lead you to a Rainbow Conch.

Wizard's Abandoned Lab


Now place your green crystal on the other Podium and it will create a new room for you to enter.

Cyan Room

In this room, you can head down the cliff side via a ladder into the water. There is a Treasure Chest near the Podium containing a Rainbow Conch.

Red Crystal

If you set the Wizard's Lab to just the Red crystal, you can enter a new puzzle room.


In this room, there are three purple blocks you can push onto special tiles. Pushing them onto the tiles will remove the barriers for that color.

First you should push the block in the bottom-left corner onto the blue tile. Then push the purple block on the top-right to the center and onto the white tile.


Now push the purple block that is at the bottom-right (near the green tile), up and across on the right so that it ends up on the left side.


Next push one of those purple blocks onto the blue tile and one through the blue barrier next to the green barrier.


Now push the purple block on the blue barrier to the right side so that it lands on the green tile.


Now you can push both purple blocks onto the purple tiles in the center of the room.

This will yield you a Rainbow Conch.

Wraith Island

Town Of Lucent

You'll come to a narrow path that you can jump down from. There is a Treasure Chest underneath the path containing a Rainbow Conch.

Town Of Lucent


Rainbow Conch

If you head to the right side of the town, you can cross a bridge over a river. Head south and enter the river.

Then swim further up and you can find a ledge on the right side; there is a Treasure Chest here containing a Rainbow Conch!


In one of the houses, you'll find a painting who demands his brother makes amends.

Town Of Lucent

Berry Jam

Head to the house on the left side of the town, and you can find another painting. He mentions some Berry Jam might help.

Rainbow Conch

Cook some Berry Jam at the Campfire and give it to the angry painting for a Rainbow Conch!

Cursed Woods

Cursed Woods

In the middle of the Cursed Woods, as you pass a trail of wooden platforms, you can take a left and find a hidden cave. Inside contains a Rainbow Conch.

Necromancer's Lair


Before you get onto the raft, you can find a Treasure Chest further up containing a Rainbow Conch!


When you reach the top, you can use your grappler to hook onto one of the mobs on the right, pulling you across. Here you can find a Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch!

Haunted Mansion


In the garden, pass the table and on your left is wall; you can light the second chalice and it will open a door for you.

Rainbow Conch!

Head inside and you can open a Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch!

Settler's Island

Rainbow Conch

At the Crypts entrance, you can find a Rainbow Conch in the entrance room.

Half-Sunken Temple


Check out our guide on the Half-Sunken Temple for how to access this area.

Head to the top-left corner of the map to find a raft. Use your air-push ability to take you to the center Island.

Rainbow Conch

Defeat the mobs; you'll notice a Rainbow Conch behind the brambles; you can access this by heading to the right and jumping into a small water stream.

Town Of Mirth

Rainbow Conch

In the Town Of Mirth, pick up the Rainbow Conch on the roof of the main building!

Town Of Mirth

Obtain the Fishing Building Plan and recruit the fisherman from Mooncradle, then head to the lake that opens up in the Town Of Mirth to find a Rainbow Conch on the side.

Watcher Island

Jungle Path


This one seems to only be available once you can control the weather without stepping on a Celestial Rune.

Head to the middle area of Jungle Path where you can find three mirrors; you can spin then using your push ability. Set the first one like above.


The two others should be like above. Then change the weather to night time so the Sundial is on the small runes.

Rainbow Conch

This will unlock a cave north of you; inside you can find a Lucent Crystal and a Rainbow Conch on the cliff outside.


Sacred Grove

Rainbow conch

Climb up to the top where you'll fight some more mobs; then jump into the water and pick up the Rainbow Conch behind the Waterfall.

Docarri Village


In the bottom-left house, follow the cave along and you'll come to a house; speak to the Villager and he will make way for the Town Of Mirth. In the corner of the room is a Rainbow Conch!

Rainbow Conch

Head to the house where the Merchant is. Behind his house is a whirlpool, follow it to the second entrance and exit from the south, where you can find a Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch.


If you head to the right side of the village, you can find a Villager looking for his three grandkids. Their locations are:

Kid 1

The house at the top-right; enter the Whirlpool and you'll come to a room where you can save one of the grandkids. There is also a Treasure Chest in the corner containing Sapphire Ignot.

Kid 2

Head to the Merchant house (top-left) and enter the Whirlpool at the back of the shop. Take the first Whirlpool on the left and you'll find one of the Grandkids standing behind a table.

Kid 3

Then exit that room back to the cave and take the second Whirlpool at the top of the cave. Climb up the wall and you'll come to a house where you can find the third and final Grandkid.

Return to the Villager and he will give you a Rainbow Conch.

Tower Of Antsudlo

Rainbow Conch

Enter the giant tube and you'll end up back in the room but this time able to get the Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch! Pull the lever and exit the room.

Torment Peak


Inside Torment Peak,  you'll come across several mobs. Defeat them and use the Crystal on the right to shed some light. On your left are some vines you can climb down.


Enter the cave to find a Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch.

Mossy Cache

Rainbow Conch

There is also a Rainbow Conch in a Treasure Chest in the corner of the map.

Mesa Island

Autumn Hills

Rainbow Conch

Don't forget to pick up the Rainbow Conch from the Treasure Chest on the left. When you make it across to the right, head into the cave.

Bamboo Creek

Bamboo Creek

You can also head to Bamboo Creek, where you can find a Treasure Chest containing a Bamboo Slicer. There is also a Rainbow Conch in the water. You can't go any further here so head to the only other destination Songshroom Marsh.

Songshroom Marsh

Rainbow Conch

If you go outside Yomara's House, you can find a Treasure Chest behind it containing a Rainbow Conch.

Clockwork Tower


In Clockwork Tower, on the third level where the Elevator is. Head to the room on your left. Climb up the middle ladder and collect the Rainbow Conch.

Glacial Peak

You can access Glacial Peak from Lake Docorri on Watcher Island (head to The Great Archives using the portal on top of lake).


From the beginning of Glacial Peak, climb up on the right side and head left. Enter the next map, climb up the ladder and grapple across to find a cave.

Rainbow Conch

Head through it and it will lead you to cliff edge where you can find a Rainbow Conch.

Cloud Kingdom

Rainbow Conch

If you stay at the Inn in Cloud Kingdom, you can find a Rainbow Conch in your room.

Rainbow Conch

The council agree to your plan and give you the Wind Key that you can use to access the Air Elemental Skyland. Don't forget to pick up the Rainbow Conch by the stone pillar.

Air Elemental Skyland


If you head into the cave on the left, you can find a Rainbow Conch and a Combo move: Conflagrate! Exit the cave and head back to the Sundials.

Kiln Mountain

Rainbow Conch

Hear you'll come to a Boulder you can use to smash the rocks and collect the Rainbow Conch.

Cerulean Island

Derelict Factory

Rainbow Conch

First use the Laser Crane to pick up the Rainbow Conch Treasure Chest on the right side of the room and place it on the right side slot on your platform so you can open it.



Outside, if you head up the center of the town you can find a Rainbow Conch in a Treasure Chest.


In the Weapon Shop, there is also a Rainbow Conch in a Treasure Chest next to the Merchant.

Feed me Something Sweet


If you head inside the Repine Inn, you can find a robot at the front-desk that requires some food. First it will ask you for something sweet, followed by more prompts. You'll need to feed it items that have those words in the description. There are multiple options you can use:

  • Something sweet: Berry Jam
  • Something warming: Hearty Stew
  • Something meaty: Roast Sandwich
  • Something light: Basic Salad (Herbed Fillet does not work for some reason)
  • Something from the water: Yakitori Shrimp (you can buy this recipe in Repine)

Once you give all 5, you'll get a Rainbow Conch.

Cerulean Expanse


You can find a Save Point and Campfire by following this route: Bottom-Middle, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right, Bottom-Middle. You can also open four Treasure Chests containing Obsidian Ignot, Question Pack #7, Rainbow Conch and Adamantine Ore

The Queen That Was

Rainbow Conch

You can find Throne to The Queen That Was area by following our Queen That Was Sidequest guide. In there you can find a Rainbow Conch.

Sacrosanct Spire

Rainbow Conch

Head to the Seat Of The Triumvirate. You'll find a Campfire and Savepoint in the first area; there is also a Rainbow Conch nearby in a Treasure Chest.

Sky Base

Sky Base

There is a wall on the left that you can climb up and open a Treasure Chest on Level 1 of Sky Base. Use the consoles to move the blocks so you cross and climb up.

Sealed Docarri Ruins

Sealed Docarri Ruins

Check out our Sunken Docarri Ruins guide for how to obtain this Rainbow Conch.

??? Island

??? Island

Head to the ??? Island at the bottom of the World Map. Enter the fishing lake.


On the right is a Treasure Chest in the trees containing a Rainbow Conch.


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