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All Recipe Locations - Cooking Ingredients - Sea Of Stars

October 4, 2023

In Sea Of Stars you can use a Campfire to cook various meals using Recipes you find in the world. Some Recipes come from Treasure Chests and others are obtained through side quests in the game. This guide will show you all the Recipes in Sea Of Stars and where you can find them.

You can only have 10 meals in your Inventory at once. If you have 10, you won't be able to cook any more Recipes until you either consume one or sell them.

If you're going for the Gustative Completion Achievement, a great place to cook is the Town Of Mirth.

Make sure you have all the Town Building plans and you can use the shop to buy ingredients and there is also a small farm you can pick up free ingredients. You also have access to the Fishing Hut, which gives free Seafood and a Fishing area to fish.

All Recipe Locations

Recipe Ingredients Effect Location
Berry Jam 5x Berry +5 MP (Ally) Default
Tomato Club 1x Wheat, 1x Cabbage, 1x Tomato +20 HP (Ally) Default
Basic Salad 2x Cabbage, 1x Tomato, 1x Pepper +35 HP (Ally) Default
Mushroom Scramble 3x Mushroom, 2x Egg +35 HP / +5 MP (Ally) Default
Chaudree 2x Potato, 2x Seafood, 1x Dairy +8 MP (Ally) Mountain Trail
Herbed Filet 2x Fish, 1x Wheat +50 HP (Ally) Default
Roast Sandwich 2x Meat, 2x Wheat +60 HP (Ally) Default
Papillotte 3x Potato, 2x Onion Cures KO + 50% HP (Ally) Port Town Of Brisk (Merchant)
Mushroom Soup 6x Mushroom, 2x Dairy, 1x Bone +40 HP (Party) Elder Trials
Mooncradle Fish Pie 1x Wheat, 2x Egg, 4x Fish, 2x Potato, 1x Onion, 1x Dairy +55 HP / +5 MP (Party) Haunted Mansion
Hearty Stew 3x Potato, 2x Onion, 2x Meat, 1x Wheat, 1x Bone +90 HP (Ally) Flooded Graveyard
Peach Strudel 3x Peach, 1x Wheat, 2x Egg, 1x Dairy +12 MP (Ally) Cloud Kingdom (Merchant)
Bouillabaisse 3x Tomato, 2x Onion, 3x Fish, 4x Shrimp +110 HP / +6 MP (Ally) Docarri Village (Merchant)
Croustade 6x Tomato, 2x Wheat, 2x Egg, 1x Dairy, 2x Maple +80 HP / +7 MP (Ally) Town Of Mirth (Merchant)
Parfait 4x Berry, 1x Wheat, 1x Dairy, 1x Maple Cures KO + 75% HP (Ally) Autumn Hills
Pain Dore 3x Berry, 2x Egg, 1x Dairy, 3x Wheat, 2x Maple +9 MP (Party) Lost Ones Hamlet (Merchant)
Sashimi 9x Fish +155 HP (Ally) Derelict Factory
Gourmet Burger 1x Cabbage, 1x Tomato, 1x Onion, 3x Meat, 2x Mushroom, 2x Wheat, 2x Dairy +175 HP / +7 MP (Ally) Lost Ones Hamlet (Merchant)
Surf and Turf Tataki 6x Fish, 6x Seafood, 6x Meat +135 HP / +8 MP (Party) Sky Base (Merchant)
Lasagna 6x Tomato, 3x Onion, 4x Meat, 5x Wheat, 3x Dairy +180 HP (Party) Fleshmancer's Lair (Merchant)
Pudding Chomeur 3x Wheat, 2x Dairy, 2x Maple +100% MP (Ally) Mirna's Market Of Marvels
Champion's Omelette 3x Pepper, 3x Tomato, 2x Onion, 5x Egg +255 HP (Ally) Sacrosanct Spire
Poutine 4x Potato, 3x Dairy, 2x Bone Cures KO + 100% HP (Ally) Mirna's Market Of Marvels
Braise 4x Potato, 3x Onion, 6x Meat, 2x Wheat, 4x Bone +100% HP / +100% MP (Ally) Fleshmancer's Lair (Merchant)
Legendary Feast 5x Meat, 3x Potato, 2x Onion, 5x Fish, 5x Seafood, 3x Apple, 2x Bone, 3x Dairy +100% HP / +100% MP (Party) The Golden Pelican
Yakitori Shrimp 9x Seafood +15 MP (Ally_ Repine (Merchant)

Where to Find Chaudree Recipe

Mountain path

Head to Mountain Path and you can find a Treasure Chest near some mist that contains the Recipe: Chaudree

Where To Find Mushroom Soup Recipe

Elder Mist

If you head to the Elder Mist Trials, take the middle platform and you'll come to a trial where you are asked a bunch of questions. You can find a Tresure Chest on the right containing the Recipe: Mushroom Soup.

Where To Find Mooncradle Fish Pie Recipe


You can find the Mooncradle Fish Pie Recipe in the Haunted Mansion from a Treasure Chest. Take the path that leads you to the left of the house when you enter.

Where To Find Hearty Stew Recipe

Flooded Graveyard

Head to the Flooded  Graveyard on Wraith Island. Head inside the tower where you can see a wooden beam in the ceiling.

If you climb up the wall and then jump from the left of the tower, you can land on the beam and then open the Treasure Chest containing Hearty Stew.

Where To Find Parfait Recipe

Autumn Hills

Head to Autumn Hills; keep heading right until you come to a Whirlpool. This will take you down under the water where you can find a Treasure Chest containing the Parfait Recipe.

Where To Find Sashimi Recipe

Derelict Factory

Head into the Derelict Factory and in the beginning area you can find a Treasure Chest on the right containing the Sashimi Recipe.

Where To Find Champion's Omelette Recipe

Champion's Omelette

Head to the middle part of the Sacrosanct Spire.

Head to the area where you need to push the boulder through several holes in the ground; jump through the hole on the right side and you can find a Treasure Chest containing the Champion's Omelette Recipe.




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