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Sea Of Stars - Relic List

October 3, 2023

Sea Of Stars allows players to customize their game experience by activating items known as Relics. Relics can be modified in the player's inventory at any time, adding various bonuses and game enhancements that can make the game more comfortable to newer players.

When a player starts Sea Of Stars, they play on the default settings where no Relics have been activated. The default mode adds more of a challenge to players, but if you prefer to have an easier time playing the game, activating some of the Relics (or all of them!) can make the game more playable.

To activate relics, open up your Inventory in Sea Of Stars. This will list all the Relics that you currently own.

Sea Of Stars Relic List

Name Effect Obtained
Amulet Of Storytelling Max HP +100% and auto-heal after combat. Default
Guardian Aura For those who prefer a lighter challenge. Reduces damage taken by 30%. Default
Sequent Flare Successfully timing hits and blocks causes a star flare to fly out of the character for a clear-as-day confirmation that the input was properly timed. Recommended for those preferring stronger feedback, or while closing in on the mastery of certain moves. Default
Sixth Sense In a shared state of higher focus, party members have a 35% chance to block incoming attacks. Safety layer that still allows the player to time blocks on their own. Default
Adamant Shard Regular attacks time themselves automatically. Guarantees extra hits for lock-breaking, but reduces bonus damage from timing the hit by 50%. Default
Truestrike Pendant Removes the 20% damage resistance enemies have while casting (locks). Stonemasons Outpost (Vendor)
Gold Tooth   Town Of Lucent
Falcon-Eyed Parrot Adds a treasure hunting parrot to the Vespertine. Can be prompted while consulting the map for hints of things left to find. Mirna's Market Of Marvels
Mithreel Rod A sturdier Fishing Rod that carries so much power it itimidates the catch, causing its stamina to deplete faster. Town Of Mirth Fishing House
Bearing Reel Easier to spin and never jams. Increasing reeling speed. Town Of Mirth Fishing House
Stereofilament Line Made of sturdy material to offer more leeway when reeling in a stubborn catch. Can take more damage before breaking. Town Of Mirth Fishing House
Artful Gambit Health -95%. Enemies are invincible whilst casting. Timed blocks reduce damage to 1. Timed hits bonus damage x2. Throne Of The Queen That Was
Dubious Dare Increase damage taken. Port Town Of Brisk (Trader's Signet)
Tome Of Knowledge Increases XP gained Port Town Of Brisk (Trader's Signet)
Double Edge Increases damage in certain situations. Port Town Of Brisk (Trader's Signet)
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