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Sea Of Stars - All Teak's Stories and Artifact Locations

October 4, 2023

Teak's is a Traveling Historian in Sea Of Stars who joins your cargo in the Moorlands. If you collect special artifact items known as Lore Grimoire, she will share stories with you that can lead to clues in other areas of Sea Of Stars.

This guide will show you where all the Teak Artifacts are located and the stories they tell!

Teak's Stories

Teak Stories

There are a total of 12 stories to hear from Teaks.

Story Artifact Location
The Vespertine Default Moorlands
The Great Summoning Ancient Molekin Cloak Stonemason's Outpost
The Vampire Rose Stone Tablet Piece Jungle Path
The Three Sisters Romaya's Hairpin Necromancer's Lair
The Two Alchemists - The Vespertine
Mooncradle & The Elder Mist Celestial Willow Leaf Mooncradle
The Clockwork Castle Cog Prototype Clockwork Castle
The Nomads of the Seas Old Coral Vase Docarri Village
Paradise Lost Aventry Crest Flooded Graveyard
Khukharr The Unyilding Cloudy Shard Cloud Kingdom
Es'tristae Broken Handle Sacrosanct Spire
The Cerulean Expedition Joce's Belt Buckle The Vespertine

How To Find Ancient Molekin Cloak

Stonemason's Outpost

The Ancient Molekin Cloak can be found in Stonemason's Outpost.

Head to a house on the second level and you can find the Ancient Molekin Cloak in a Treasure Chest.

How To Find Stone Tablet Piece

Head to Jungle Path to find the Stone Tablet Piece.

Jungle Path

About halfway up Jungle Path, you'll come to a waterfall.

Stone Tablet Piece

Behind it is a cave where you can find the Stone Tablet Piece by reading text on the wall.

How To Find Romaya's Hairpin

Necromancer's Lair

At the beginning of when you enter the Necromancer's Lair, you'll find a Treasure Chest in the middle of the water.

This area is near the Flooded Graveyard, which you can access from the The Ferryman's Vigil on Wraith Island.

How To Find Celestial Willow Leaf

Celestial Willow Leaf

In Mooncradle (the first village you begin your journey from), head to the Willow Tree near where Garl is buried and you can find a Treasure Chest under the tree containing the Celestial Willow Leaf.

How To Find Cog Prototype

Clockwork Castle

Head to Clockwork Castle; on the right side, just before the Campfire and Save Point, you can climb down the wall to find a Treasure Chest containing the Cog Prototype.

How To Find Old Coral Vase

Old Coral Vase

Head to Docarri Village. Enter the house where the Merchant sells weapons.

At the back of his shop, you can find a Whirlpool. Follow the path along and use the second Whirlpool to find a room with a Treasure Chest containing the Old Coral Vase.

How To Find Aventry Crest

Half Sunken Tower

Complete the Half-Sunken Tower sidequest.

How To Find Cloudy Shard

Cloudy Shard

Head to Cloud Kingdom.

Then head to the area where you can teleport using the stone giant; below him is a Treasure Chest containing the Cloudy Shard.

How To Find Broken Handle

Sea Of Stars

On Sacrosanct Spire, head to the Es'tristae's Lookout.

You can find a Treasure Chest on the left containing the Broken Handle.

How To Find Joce's Belt Buckle

The Queen That Was

Speak to Serai on The Vespertine once you have gained access to The Fleshmancer's lair.

She will give you the Joc's Belt Buckle. This item will also unlock The Queen That Was sidequest.

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