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Dweller Of Torment - Sea Of Stars Walkthrough - Part 13

September 14, 2023

Our next fight against the Dweller Of Torment is located at, you guessed it, Torment Peak! With the ability to move night and day, we can now access this deep dungeon and help cleanse the world.

After speaking to The Archivist Resh'an, you should take the teleporter back to Lake Docarria. From there, you can head to Torment Peak.

In this part of the walkthrough, we find:

  • Phantom Daggers
  • Rainbow Conch x2
  • Green Leaf

Torment Peak

Torment Peak

When you arrive at Torment Peak, you need to use the Sundial to illuminate the tiles (first on the right, then on the left). This will cause two statues to appear out of the ground.

You can then push those statues into rune tiles and it will unlock the door to Torment Peak.


Torment Peak is quite a dark area and so it's easy to miss paths and exit points. You'll also come across a few new enemies; they are all weak to Solstice Warrior magic (they have a lot of HP so you're going to need to rely on this).

Your first battle comes as you walk northwards past the Save Point.

Stepping Stones

Once defeated, keep heading north. You'll come across some more mobs, before finally coming to some stepping stones.


If you head up and then to your left, you can find a Podium and interact with it. This will cause some floating platforms to appear.


Now head right across the floating stones; use the first illuminated floating platform on the right.


This will take you to a cave with a Treasure Chest in containing Phantom Daggers.


Now head back, take the floating platforms south. You'll come to a crystal you can interact with, illuminating a few others around you.


Keep heading to your right; you'll find more Crystals to illuminate and some more mobs on this path. You'll eventually come to some vines to climb up.


Head up and you'll eventually come to a door. Head to your right to find a Podium; interact with it and it will light up one side of the door.


Now head to the left side of the door; shimmy across the walls and find the second Podium.

Return back to the door and you can now enter inside. You'll find a Campfire and Save Point.


Head to your right and jump down the walls until you find the exit.


In the next cave you'll come across several mobs. Defeat them and use the Crystal on the right to shed some light. On your left are some vines you can climb down.


Enter the cave to find a Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch.


Now exit the cave and climb back up the previous platform. Head south; climb across the pillars and you'll run into two BilePile mobs.


Illuminate the crystal and then head left, going down some stairs. You'll find a cave on the right; inside are some mobs and a Podium you can use.


Outside the cave, this will create some floating platforms on your left. Cross them.

Green Leaf

Climb up the vine walls and open the Treasure Chest at the top to find a Green Leaf.


Keep heading left and eventually you'll come to cave with a Campfire and Save Point.

You'll also come across some Baby Gorillas, whose mother (Gorilla Matriarch) seems to have been taken prisoner by the Dweller Of Torment.

Exit the cave on the left (ignore the floating tile- this will take you back to the beginning).


Follow the path and you'll come to another cave where the Gorilla Matriarch is chained up. Jump into the fire whirlpool to face the Dweller...

Dweller Of Torment - Boss Fight

Dweller Of Torment

Serai disappears at the beginning of this fight and all your attacks do 0 damage until she returns.

When she does return, the real fight begins.

The Dweller Of Torment's main attack is Sonic Pain, which can hit up to four times to all party members! The damage output is quite low, so if you time the blocks you really only take around 30 HP each.

The key to this fight is to take out the Dweller's arms first. Both arms have a combined HP of around 3,000; when you take them out, you'll then be able to do vulnerable damage to the main body.

Dweller Of Torment will become stunned for around 5 moves when both its arms are taken out; try and save your MP and Live Mana for doing magic attacks at this point. After the 5 moves, it regenerates.

Rinse and repeat!

Both Garl and Serai cannot hit vulnerable damage in this fight; you should instead use them to generate Live Mana for Zale and Valere.

The Dweller will periodically hit you with it's first that target a single character. It can also use the move Belly Flop; this is really hard to block and deals around 30 HP to each character. It also has a second normal attack where it smashes it's right arm down and deals 30-40 HP to each character.

Check out the video for more tips:

Reward: N/A


After the fight, you free Gorilla Matriarch and arrive back at the beginning of Torment Peak.


As a thank you, the Gorilla moves the Glass Prism into the Stone Giant's hand, allowing you to reveal a secret area called Mossy Cache on the World Map.

Vial Of Time

Head there and you can solve a small puzzle (just rotate the pieces correctly) before picking up the Vial Of Time!

Rainbow Conch

There is also a Rainbow Conch in a Treasure Chest in the corner of the map.


Head back to Resh'an; go to Lake Docarria to find the quick teleport portal to The Archives.

Resh'an decides to come with you on your journey to Mesa Island!


You'll be teleported back to The Vespertine. If you go below deck, you can also play a game of Wheels and earn a Engineer Figurine.

And that wraps up Part 13 of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough! Mesa Island awaits!

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