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Half-Sunken Tower Side Quest - Sea Of Stars

October 3, 2023

A special request from Hortence sees you head to Romaya's Secret Passage for one more round with the Necromancer at the Half-Sunken Tower.

If you speak to Hortence on The Vespertine, he'll ask you to investigate Romaya's secret passage.


Head down into the Cabin and speak to Yolande who gives you the details of the location.


You can fly to this part of Wraith Island only.

Romaya's Secret Passage


Romaya's Secret Passage has a puzzle you need to solve. There are several runes around the area and you need to figure out the correct combination.

Serai recommends speak to Romaya's sister Yomara at the Songshroom Marsh.


Yomara is found in the middle of Songshroom Marsh. If you interact with her cauldron, it will tell you what runes you need to put.

Once you have the combination, head back to Romaya's Secret Passage. The middle Propeller will change the color of the runes.


Once unlocked, enter the passage way and you'll find yourself in a small cave with mobs. At the top is a Treasure Chest containing Romaya's Journal.

Duke Aventry

Head outside the cave to find Duke Aventry. Give him the journal, and he will suddenly start remembering. He gives you the Yellow Flame.

With this you can head to Half-Sunken Tower by speaking to the Ferryman.

Half-Sunken Tower


Head to the top-left corner of the map to find a raft. Use your air-push ability to take you to the center Island.

Rainbow Conch

Defeat the mobs; you'll notice a Rainbow Conch behind the brambles; you can access this by heading to the right and jumping into a small water stream.


Now head back onto the raft and head to the top-middle island. Grapple across to the wall and pull the Lever.


Now head back onto the raft and head to the right and you'll find a Campfire. Head into the new entrance by climbing up the block.


Head up to the top of the tower, taking out a few mobs along the way. Pull the Lever at the very top and then jump off the newly formed-bridge.


You'll land into a dungeon surrounded by water. Open the Treasure Chest on the rocks containing Obsidian Ore x2. Now access the Whirlpool.

Follow the path round until you come to another Whirlpool and prepare...

Romaya - Boss Fight


This fight is very similar to the first round you fought her. She has a Pile Of Bones and Pile Of Flesh by her side; defeat these first to prevent her summoning more and more mobs.

Romaya's new move is a throne of bones; when she is on this you cannot deal damage to her, so you'll need to wipe it out.

Another new move is the Bone Cage; a character inside this cannot attack until it's destroyed.

The main attack is Fellfire Rain, which deals around 80 HP to each character, which isn't too bad considering you have plenty of heals at your disposal.

Once you take out the two piles, the fight is a lot easier.

Check out the video below for more tips:

Reward: 20202 EXP


After the fight, you'll be given Aventry's Locket. Head back to the Flooded Graveyard and you'll find Aventry near the bottom-left of the map.

He will give you his coffin key; you can find his coffin located on the left of the map by jumping into the water below Aventry.


Open it to receive Eclipse Cape and Aventry's Crest.

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