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Sea Of Stars - How To Eat At The Golden Pelican

October 4, 2023

The Golden Pelican is a prestigious restaurant located in the Port Town Of Brisk and requires special permission to eat there. This guide will show you how you can unlock this secret area and dine there with your friends.

This area of Sea Of Stars is only available once you complete the Secret Ending guide, (apart from defeating the last boss).

Gilded Invitation from Chef Bass


You will then need to head to any Inn and stay for the night. During the downtime, you can speak to Garl around the campfire. You may need to speak to him twice, but he will eventually give you a Hook Of Time.

Question Mark Island

Next, head to the ??? Island, which is located at the bottom of the World Map.


Enter the Fishing Lake and you can now fish out a secret stone entranceway.


Head inside and jump into the water to find a Whirlpool.

Fish dungeon key

You'll come to another room with a Treasure Chest containing a Fishing Dungeon Key.


Head back to the original room and use your new Fishing Dungeon Key to enter the next room up ahead.


In the next room, you'll find a glowing fish. Jump into the water to catch it and retrieve the Fish Key.


Head further up the room and you can use the Fish Key to unlock a door behind the waterfall.

Chef Bass

In the next room head further up and you'll come to another room with a giant pool. You can use your fishing rod to fish out Chef Bass.

He gives you the Gilded Invitation and you can now head to the Golden Pelican to eat!

The Golden Pelican

The Golden Pelican

When you turn up at The Golden Pelican in the Port Town Of Brisk with your new Gilded Invitation, you and all your friends are invited for dinner.

Dinner With Garl

With everyone seated around the dinner table, Garl makes a couple of speeches.

At the end, you gain the item Recipe: Legendary Feast. This item will full-heal the entire party.

Question Pack #11

You will also get Question Pack #11.

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Garl is dead, what do :(
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Check out the secret ending guide first :X
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