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Port Town Of Brisk - Sea Of Stars Walkthrough - Part 4

October 3, 2023

After we helped sort out the mischief in the Wind Tunnel Mines, we now can access The Sleeper lift that will take us to Coral Cascades. From there we hope to head to the Port Town Of Brisk to find transport to Wraith Island.

Before we leave the Stonemasons Outpost, there are a few extra items we can pick up now that we have our new Air Push ability.


If you head to the house with the painter, you can use the Air Push ability to move a green crystal out of the way and access a Treasure Chest containing a Rainbow Conch.


Next, if you jump off the cliffside on the second level, you can enter a small cave.


Inside you'll find a sleeping Villager; use your Air Push ability to activate the Green Propeller. This will cause water to start flowing outside.


Go and speak to the lady in the Bathtub and she will give you a Rainbow Conch for your efforts.



If you're feeling like a completionist, you can also head all the way back to the Moorlands. You can use your Air Push ability to move a crystal statue onto a brown tile, that will then activate a green tower, allowing you to access a Treasure Chest containing another Rainbow Conch.


Finally, you can take your leave by heading to the bottom of Stonemasons Outpost and pulling the Lever above the green lift.

Coral Cascades

You'll find the following items in this section:

  • [Armor] Pirate Garb x2
  • Rainbow Conch x4
  • Obsidian Ore x2
  • Shiny Pearl
  • Gold x30
  • Gold x50
  • [Ring] Arcane Amulet
  • [Ring] Power Belt
  • [Combo Skill] Bash Drop

The Sleeper

As you descend the lift, you'll finally get to glimpse the sleeping dragon known as The Sleeper.

After the lift is over, you'll arrive at Coral Cascades. Plenty of exploring and Treasure Chests here, so get comfy!

Coral Cascades

You can use the waterfalls to descend the mountain and the hot springs to ascend in case you miss anything. Immediately, open the Treasure Chest on the first floor behind the waterfall to find a Pirate Garb.

New Mobs

Descend to the next level by taking the middle waterfall. On your right are two new mobs: Corube, which has an explosive finishing move. You'll also fight Mangler Fish, which have a lot of HP and use a Bubble attack on you.

Keep heading right until you come to an area with three waterfalls. First take the waterfall on the right.


You'll land in a pool of water; on the right side is a Green Propeller that you can activate, causing a Treasure Chest with a Rainbow Conch to appear.


From there, take the small waterfall and you'll come to a big pool of water with enemies swimming around. Take them out.

Then climb up the ladder and jump into the water on your left.


The water here will suck you further down until you come to another waterfall and land through an open cave area.


In the water here are some more enemies, take them out.

Then climb out to the south side of the pool and make your way back up the open cave area.

Obsidian Ore

You'll notice another Green Propeller on the left-side of the waterfall; activate it and a Treasure Chest will appear containing Obsidian Ore x2.


Now jump back down into the cave and swim to your left. You'll pass a waterfall with a sign in front of it; keep swimming left and down the next waterfall.

Hot Spring

Before heading down further, go up the path beside the waterfall and find a Hot Spring to take you back up. From there hit the second Hot Spring and then head right.


You'll come to a cliff top that you can jump down; doing so breaks a hole in the ground and allows you to collect another Rainbow Conch!

Now swim down to the very bottom of Coral Cascades.


When you land at the bottom; head to the left and you'll come across a Campfire. Further up, you'll come across four Corube monsters. Take them out to reveal a Celestial Rune.

Light up the right side first and then the left to reveal a cave entrance; inside you'll find a new Combo Skill called Bash Drop.

Now head to your right, taking out a few more mobs and finally exiting to the World Map.

You can stop off at the Fishing Lake called Lavish Lake before heading to the Port Town Of Brisk.

Port Town Of Brisk


Welcome to the Port Town Of Brisk. Our mission here is simple; find someone to ferry us to Wraith Island! Shouldn't be too difficult right?

And looks like we've found the right people to do it for us: Pirates! Head through Brisk and you'll come across the Pirates.


After a strange interaction, the pirates make you a deal: If you can beat Valtraid in an arm wrestling competition, you'll get free passage! If you lose, you'll have to earn your way across.

They want you to meet them at The Humble Boast; a tavern of sorts in Brisk. Before we do that, however, there's plenty to explore in Brisk!


If you have 110 G, you can buy the Recipe Papillotte from the food Merchant. We didn't have enough!

You can also purchase some new equipment from the Weapon's Merchant nearby; we already had found all of these items, so that saved us plenty!

Rainbow Conch

If you head to the left side of Brisk, just before the sea, you can find a Rainbow Conch in a Treasure Chest.


Head back to the entrance of Brisk, and you'll find a ladder near one of the buildings. Climb onto the roofs and make your way across to find a Picnic Basket with a Mushroom Scramble.

Main Path

Pirate Garb

Next, if you head back to the seafront and up the main pathway, you can find a Treasure Chest on your left containing a Pirate Garb.



Head back to the main pathway and you'll find a ladder further up on one of the buildings to your left. Then head south, climbing up onto the rooftops until you find a Treasure Chest containing a Shiny Pearl.


From there, cross the wooden plank and then down to find another Treasure Chest containing 30x Gold.


Next, head back to where the wooden plank is and climb down. Head up until you come to a doorway; just above it is a Treasure Chest containing 50x Gold.


Inside the building is a mini-game called Chump Change Chests. You pay 5G each go to find the grand prize of 10G. If you find 10G five times, you'll get a special prize: Rainbow Conch.


If you head down to the docks and into the sea, you'll find to fishermen in a small boat on the left. Give them 40 Seafood (you can obtain these from the Fishing Mini-Game) and you'll get a Rainbow Conch.


Next head to the right side of Brisk and you'll find a staircase going up, with a Treasure Chest nearby. Head further up and you can climb onto a wood plank and then up onto the rooftops.



From there make your way round to the Treasure Chest to find an Arcane Amulet.

Mini Game


If you head back to the stairs and further up to another doorway; inside you can find another mini-game called Bonus Spin Roulette.


You pay 10G to win the grand prize by picking the correct number. This game can eat your gold up; the cheaper way to win is to exit the building and you'll find a man outside who will tell you the right numbers to pick for 90 G.

Winning the grand prize gives you Question Pack #2.

Sleeper Fountain

Power Belt

Next head back to the main pathway is near The Sleeper fountain; on your right are some stairs that lead you up towards a Treasure Chest containing a Power Belt.



If you head underneath this pier, you can find a secret location where you can find a Rainbow Conch.

If you have the Trader's Signet (obtained in Stonemason's Outpost), you can also buy some items.

The Humble Boast

And that is pretty much everything! Now you can head to The Humble Boast, which can be found near the waterfront; it's a massive ship.

The Humble Boast


Inside, go to the back to find Garl. Once he joins your party, head to the top of The Humble Boast to meet with the Pirates.


After you agree to the Arm-Wrestling competition and unfortunately lose, you'll now have to earn your way to Wraith Island.

The pirates tell you of an Abandoned Lab of an Arcane Wizard nearby. They want you to retrieve a coin that they will use to purchase a pirate ship called The Vespertine.

You can find the lab near the fishing lake Lavish Lake.


Before you leave to your new destination, you'll be given three Wheels. You can now play a new mini-game called Wheels at The Humble Boast by speaking to the guy with the funny machine in the corner.

Wheels Mini-Game

The game is actually quite fun once you understand the rules! Beating the Wheels Player in Champion Mode earns you a new item: Archer Figurine. You can use this in a game of Wheels now too!

And that wraps up part 4 of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough! Let us know if we missed any treasures in this part of the game- there were lots of them!

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