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Fishing Mini-Game Guide - Sea Of Stars

October 4, 2023

Sea Of Stars has a Fishing Mini Game you can find when you visit areas that contain lakes. You'll come across several of these locations on your journey and they all contain different types of Fish for you to catch.

Catching a Fish allows you to turn it into ingredients that can be used for Cooking at Campfires.

There are a total of 23 Fish types to catch in Sea Of Stars. Catching all 23 will reward you with a Flimsy Hammer.

How To Fish in Sea Of Stars

The Fishing Mini-Game in Sea Of Stars is very simple and easy to understand.

You'll come across several different lakes as you play Sea Of Stars; each of them contain their own pool of fish that replenish over time. When you catch a fish, you have the option of turning it into Seafood right away or letting it go.


To fish, simply walk up to the end of the fishing pier and cast your rod. You can press A to stop the casting so that it lands and you can also move the direction using the arrow keys.

Once your Rod's tackle is in the water, nearby fish will start swimming towards it and eventually you'll get a catch.


Once you have a catch, you need to reel it in; press the reel button only when the fish is in the light-blue zone; if the fish swims out of this, release the reel-in button until the fish goes back into the light-blue zone.

The light-blue zone will change randomly also, moving side-to-side in the zone.

You can temporarily stun a fish; when it jumps out of the water press the Reel button and it can knock it out, allowing you to reel it in easier.


Once the fish is reeled towards you, it will pop-out of the water and allow you to turn it into Seafood!

Fishing Locations In Sea Of Stars

Here are all the locations and the fish you can catch in Sea Of Stars.

Sunglow Lake

Fish Fillet
Lunar Trout Seafood x2
Man o'War Seafood x2

Windy Lock

Windy lock can be found on Sleeper Island near the Moorlands.

Fish Fillet
Hardshell Seafood x3
Grass Haddock Seafood x3
Lunar Trout Seafood x2

Lavish Lake

Lavish Lake can be found on Sleeper Island near the Port Town Of Brisk.

Fish Fillet
Man o'War Seafood x2
Hardshell Seafood x3
Grass Haddock Seafood x3

Haunted Creek

Haunted Creek can be found on in the Abandoned Wizard's Lab.

Fish Fillet
Lunar Trout Seafood x2

Haunted Creek (2)

This Haunted Creek can be found on Wraith Island near the Town Of Lucent.

Fish Fillet
Spectral Eel Seafood x2
Bonepike Seafood x3
Ghosturgeon Seafood x2

Settler's Rest

Settler's Rest can be found on Settler's Island.

Fish Fillet
Crimson Bass Seafood x3
Hardshell Seafood x3
Seakjaw Seafood x3
Grass Haddock Seafood x3

Watcher's Pond

Watcher's Pond can be found on Watcher Island after leaving Lake Docarria.

Fish Fillet
Viridian Lobster Seafood x3
Sun Carp Seafood x3
Fluorescent Piranha Seafood x2
Crimson Bass Seafood x3

Lake Turquoise

Lake Turquoise can be found on Mesa Island after leaving Autumn Hills.

Fish Fillet
Clockwork Crab Seafood x3
Swordfish Seafood x3
Ninja Starfish Seafood x2
Fluorescent Piranha Seafood x2

Skybound Lagoon

Skybound Lagoon can be found on the Sky Shrine.

Fish Fillet
Sky Urchin Seafood x3
Cloud Skate Seafood x2
Ninja Starfish Seafood x2

Cerulean Reservoir

Cerulean Reservoir can be found across the Sea Of Stars near Revine.

Fish Fillet
Laser Burbot Seafood x2
Cybernardl Hermite Seafood x3
Silicium Sponge Seafood x2

Sulfuric Basin

Sulfuric Basin can be found on Basalt Island near Kiln Mountain.

Fish Fillet
Lava Koi Seafood x3
Rock Shrimp Seafood x2

Town Of Mirth Fishing Hut


If you obtain the Fishing Hut Plans from Mirna's Market Of Marvels, you can set up a Fishing Hut in the Town Of Mirth.

You also need to recruit Master Fisherman from Mooncradle Inn to setup the Fishing Hut.

Once setup, you can then redeem prizes by talking to the Master Fisherman based on the amount of unique fish you have caught.

Fish Caught Reward
4 Stereofilament Line (relic)
9 Mithreel Rod (relic)
14 Bearing Reel (relic)
23 Flimsy Hammer (key item)


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