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Sea Of Stars Secret Ending Guide

October 4, 2023

The Secret Ending for Sea Of Stars requires you to perform several tasks in order to unlock it and this guide will detail all of the requirements needed.

There are two endings in Sea Of Stars; the default sees you face off against Elysan'darelle at the end. The secret ending, also known as the True Ending, will completely change the boss fight at the end of the game as well as see you unlock most secrets in the game.

We will try to minimize spoilers as much as possible in this guide, but it might not be possible for some sections!

How To Unlock the Secret Ending In Sea Of Stars

Sea Of Stars

In order to unlock the Secret Ending in Sea Of Stars you first must beat the game normally.

At the end of the game, you'll get a hint about a mysterious device appearing in the Moorlands. You'll notice there are 7 Rune Rocks.

If you go to the Moorlands and find this area, each Rune Rock will give a clue about the task needed to be completed. The clues aren't very useful.

The following tasks need to be completed:

Completing each one of these tasks will illuminate a Rune Rocks.

When all 7 tasks have been completed, the main rock will begin to glow and you can go visit it.

Once this has been completed, you can now go face the final boss as The Fleshmancer's Lair again for a different ending.

Aephorul Boss Fight


This is one long boss fight!

The boss fight itself isn't very difficult once you figure out the mechanics, it's just it takes so long to defeat Aephorul because his moves slow down the amount of damage you can do to him at any time.

Aephorul will use one of two attacks at the beginning; a single-target strike that deals a heft 150 HP and then another 150 HP single-target attack that also generates between 1-2 Piles Of Flesh.

These Piles Of Flesh are what causes the fight to slow down. They have a lot of HP and are resistant to all attacks. After a couple of moves, the Piles Of Flesh turn into Appendages, which have one specific-type weakness depending on it's color.

  • Light Blue - Lunar Magic
  • Purple - Purple Magic
  • White - Sword attacks
  • Green - Poison attacks

When the Appendages are active, you cannot attack Aephorul. So you must take these out before you can continue the fight.

During this time you'll also need to be healing. Remember that B'st has a revive, Resh'an can full-party heal, you have the Combo skill Mending Light and Resh'ans Ultimate can also full-party heal. With this many heals, it's really easy to stay alive.

Halfway through the fight you'll have to play a mini-game where you defeat Aephorul's World Eater form. You can dodge most attacks by using the Dive button.

You'll return to the fight and continue the slow pattern of taking out Appendages whilst dealing a bit more damage to Aephorul. He has one new move which deals damage to all three characters at the end of his throne phase.

Check out the video below, which contains spoilers (it includes the ending, the fight and the time-line story!):

Congratulations on completing the game a second time!


At the end of the fight you'll get a Flimsy Hammer.

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