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Sea Of Stars Wheels Mini Game Guide - All Locations

October 4, 2023

Wheels is a mini-game you can play in Sea Of Stars and by winning in Champion Mode, you can collect various items. This guide will show you all the locations of Wheels and how to play the game.

You'll first come across Wheels in the Port Town Of Brisk. If you head to The Humble Boast, you can play a game of Wheels in the corner of the room.

How To Play Wheels


Wheels can seem confusing at the beginning but it's actually a very simple and fun game to play!

Each game starts with your health and your opponent's health being set to 10. The object of the game is to get your opponent's health down to 0 before they do the same to you.

You'll then get to choose two different Heroes that will fight on your board. You can earn different Heroes by beating other players in Champion Mode. Each Hero has it's own unique mechanic.


Once you've chosen two Heroes, both players will then spin their wheels. You can spin up to three times. Each time you spin, you have the option of locking your wheels, which will keep that wheel in place the next time you spin.

When you spin your wheels, you can get four different objects:

  • Diamond - used to power the Hero on your right
  • Square - used to power the Hero on your left
  • Hammer - used to build a barrier in front of you
  • nothing - does nothing

To make your Hero act, you need to acquire energy from your wheels. The hero on the left always requires Square Energy and the hero on the right always requires Diamond Energy.

When you get three or more of the same Energy on your Wheel bar, it will charge their action rod. Each Hero has an action rod that requires 4-5 points to charge fully; once charged, your Hero will perform it's special attack (depending on what type of Hero you use, the attacks vary).

In order to charge the action rod, you need to spin at least three of a kind of the same Energy.

  • 3 Energy Icons = 1 charge
  • 4 Energy Icons = 2 charges
  • 5 Energy Icons = 3 charges
  • 6 Energy Icons = 4 charges

Your defense, known as the Bulwark, is built by spinning the Hammer Icon. You can build your Bulwark up to a max level of 5; certain Hero's can only hit your wall over a certain height.

Evolve Hero

An Energy Icon with a blue background will increase the power of your Hero by giving it XP. Your Hero requires 6 XP in order to evolve into their next tier.

You will also earn 2XP whenever you make an attack.

Heroes can be bronze, silver or gold. Each tier is more stronger than the previous one.

A maxed-out gold Hero will deal 2 damage automatically every round that is played out, despite of their being defense walls put up.

You'll start with the two basic Heroes: Warrior and Mage.

The Warrior will attack head on- it's damage will be absorbed by any defenses.

The Mage will deal two attacks; the first one can be absorbed by any defenses, but the second one will always hit.

You can see how much damage your Hero will deal by looking at the stats below it's icon.

All Wheel Locations

The Watchmaker

Here are all the locations you can play Wheels and their rewards for beating them in Champion mode.

There are a total of 10 wheel Champion matches to play. You'll need to beat all 9 of the other Champions before you face The Watchmaker at the Clockwork Tower.

Location Reward Notes
Port Town Of Brisk Archer Figurine  
Town Of Lucent Bronze Wheel  
The Vespertine Engineer Figurine Head to the Cargo area of The Vespertine and you can challenge Yolande
Town Of Mirth Assassin Figurine You need to obtain the Inn's Plans (from Mirna's Market Of Marvels) and speak to Edgar in Town Of Lucent (Inn) to recruit him to Mirth.
Docarri Village Silver Wheel  
Cloud Kingdom Gold Wheel  
Repine Priest Figurine Speak to a Villager inside the Repine Inn sitting at one of the tables.
You need to purchase a Deployable Wheels Table from The Watchmaker for 250g in the Clockwork Tower.
Head back to Repine and speak to the same Village and you can now challenge them.
Mooncradle Diamond Wheel  
Stonemasons Outpost Platinum Wheel Head inside the Painter's room to find this game; only available once you get The Vespertine.
Clockwork Tower Flimsy Hammer Defeat all Wheel Champions in order to face The Watchmaker.

All Wheel Heroes


There are several different Heroes you can use playing Wheels. Below you can see their effects and stats when using them in a game.

Hero Ability Energy
Warrior Damages opponent; can be easily blocked by Bulwark 4
Mage Deals two attacks; first one is blocked by Bulwark, second one always hits. 5
Archer Deals low damage to Bulwark; hits when the Bulwark is only level 2 or lower. 4
Engineer Increase Bulwark by 2, strong damage against Bulwark. 4
Assassin Ignores Bulwark and always hits; takes energy from Hero that currently has the most 3
Priest Heals and gives energy to fellow Hero 4
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