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Glacial Peak - Sea Of Stars Walkthrough - Part 12

September 14, 2023

After encountering The Archivist named Resh'an, we are sent on a special mission to recover an artifact from a new area called the Glacial Peak.

The Immortal Alchemist, otherwise known as Resh'an, gives us a bit more backstory to our world and the issue with The Fleshmancer.


Resh'an says he will help you reach Mesa Island if you can retrieve an artifact encased in Ice.

In this part of the guide you will find:

  • Music Sheet #5
  • [Trinket] Signet Of Clarity
  • Sapphire Ore
  • [Combo] Item Roulette

Glacial Peak

Glacial Peak

Resh'an creates a teleporter allowing you to head to Glacial Peak.

First head to your right and climb up the stone walls and then grapple across to your left where you can find a Save Point.

Be careful! This area has some really tough mobs, so try to keep your HP up at all times using Food items. Head through the cave.

You'll come to a rope bridge; cross it and keep heading left. You'll come across two new mobs known as Rochecrossidere. They don't have much HP but they do constantly hit for 50 HP with their special ability.

ICe Block

Keep heading left and you'll come to an area with blocks of ice. Push the smaller one to the right side and climb up it, accessing a Treasure Chest containing Music Sheet #5.


Now head back to the Celestial Rune at the top-right corner and change the time of day so that the sun is facing on the giant ice block; it will melt!


Climb up the wall and along the rope bridge. You'll come to a mountain top where you can climb up on your left and find a Campfire.

Boulder Douche

If you head right, you'll eventually come to another new mob called Boulder Douche. This guy can cause you a lot of issues if you're not careful; his normal attack hits all three for 30 HP and his special ability will leave you with 1 HP  (even if you knock a few elemental icons off).

ICe Block

You'll come to an ice field with several ice blocks; ignore the ones near the Sundial and instead head further right to find one near the ice rink. Push it down and then towards the wall so you can climb up it.

Boulder Dash

Head further up where you'll find two Boulder Douche. Take them out and then heal up. You'll then come across one Boulder Douche and 3 Rochecrossidere; this fight can be extra tricky so take your time.


Once you defeat them, head left and across the ice blocks. They start to fall if you hang on too long!


Climb up the wall and head right; you'll come to some more mobs where the Campfire and Savepoint appear to be under ice.


Head up the stone wall and then jump off the cliff into the dark hole; head towards the Campfire and two more mobs appear. Now save and heal up before finally entering the entrance (under the ice!) to the next area...

Two and Four - Boss Fight


This fight is quite similar to the last time we fought two of these guys. The key strategy is to focus on one of them at a time as the fight becomes a lot easier when only one is standing.

Two's special attack is called Todome and deals around 50-80 HP to a single character. His normal attack will hit all three characters for around 30 HP. He can also perform a Group Heal move that heals for around 90 HP.

Four has a normal attack that hits for around 50 HP too.

Overall, this fight is pretty easy!

Check out the video below for more tips:

Reward: 4,400 EXP

You're almost there! Head to your left and climb up the stone walls.


You'll eventually come to a big map with two large crystal blocks; climb up the walls past them and then jump down.

Solstice Amulet

Keep heading north and you'll come across the Artifact. Zale and Valere use their magic to get the Solstice Amulet.

Celestial Rune

This allows you to now control night and day without needing to stand on a Celestial Rune!

You can try this out immediately by melting the giant block south of you by moving the Sundial onto it.

Black Ice Rocks

You can also melt those black ice rocks too.


Head further down and melt the two black ice rocks to reveal a Lever. Pull it and another Sundial will appear. Use that to melt the next giant ice block.


Head further down and you'll return back to the Campfire and Savepoint. In the same area to the south, you can find another Sundial to melt a giant ice block that allows you to exit.

Notice the Sundial Block to your right; push it down so that it falls off the cliff.


You can then use it to melt the two black rocks; head inside the opening to open a Treasure Chest containing a Signet Of Clarity.


If you head further down you'll return to where the Sundial is with several tiles around it. Use the night of day to illuminate the right tiles first and then the left; this will allow you to then push the Sundial around the map.


You can grab the Combo Skill Item Roulette by melting one of the Ice Cubes.


You can also pick up a Treasure Chest in the other Ice Cube containing a Sapphire Ore.


Melt the giant Ice Block on your left so you can access the ladder and head down.

You'll then return back to the beginning of Glacial Peak, allowing you to head back to The Great Archives.

The Great Archives

Resh'an has one final challenge for you: he wants you to wake the Giant Stonehead with a potion: Vial Of Time.

This Vial of Time is at the area on Watcher Island called Torment Peak!

And that wraps up Part 12 of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments.

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