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MapleStory Bishop Skill Build Guide - Remastered Destiny Update

November 5, 2022

Bishop is a 4th job Mage explorer class in MapleStory that acts as one of the most useful support classes in the game. Part of the original 4 jobs released, Bishop wield staffs and wands to deal magic damage to enemies, whilst also offering party-wide buffs and skills that help players get through the toughest bosses in MapleStory. Every new Mage starts in Maple Island and training to be a Bishop is just one of the ways players can utilise the Mage job branch.

Bishop Overview

The Bishop class has gone through many different metas in MapleStory, starting from when just 3rd job was available and Bishops were known as Priests. They would follow players around healing them, whilst casting the much sort after skill Holy Symbol (which gave 1.5x EXP). Today, MapleStory has evolved into a more solo-progression based game, however, Bishop's still offer some of the best party buffs in the game. A Bishop in end-game bossing is very much welcomed, not so much for their damage, but for their useful skills that allow players to survive for longer periods of time.

All Explorers got a major revamp in the Destiny V.233 Patch update, including Bishop!

There was a point where Bishop's were the best class in the game for training. Using their Full Map Attack skill Genesis, they could stay in one spot and spam Genesis for the best EXP. However, Bishop's have been revamped, along with every other explorer, and now those Full Map Attack skills have a 30 second cooldown period.

Bishops training are relatively slow compared to newest classes in MapleStory. The class is old and hasn't been properly updated since the MapleStory Red update. Training mechanics can feel very frustrating and slow. That being said, it is a rather simple class to play. Most of the time the class will teleport around maps and spam Big Bang skill, whilst occaisionally buffing and using full-map attacks.

Explorer Magicians can job advance into either Bishop, Ice/Lightning Arch Mage or Fire/Poison Arch Mage.

  • Weapon: Staff & Wand
  • Job: Mage
  • Class: Explorer
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory: Explorer Jobs
  • Legion Block: +Int (10/20/40/80/100)
  • Link Skill: Empirical Knowledge (+1-3% Damage, 1-2% Ignore Def, stacks up to 3 times, 10 sec duration)
  • Primary Stat: Int
  • Inner Ability: +1 Attack Speed

Magician First Job Skill Build

You can max all your skills in 1st job. All magicians should follow this skill build.

  • Energy Bolt (+1), Teleport (+1), Mana Wave (MAX)
  • MP Booster (+1)
  • Energy Bolt (MAX)
  • Teleport (MAX)
  • MP Boost (MAX)
  • Magic Guard (MAX)
  • Magic Armor (MAX)

Your main attacking skill as a Magician is Energy Bolt. The energy bolt is a lot better than the pre-big bang version and can hit up to 4 enemies at once! You will want to max Teleport quite quickly as it allows for better mobility. Magic Guard is your most useful skill that you will be using even when you get to 5th job; it basically turns your MP into HP, allowing you to absorb massive amounts of damage. You can toggle this skill on/off.

MP Boost will increase your Attack Speed, so worth putting a point in it early on.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Energy Bolt Energy Bolt Fire a condensed energy bolt that explodes on contact with an enemy. Main Attack Skill
Teleport Teleport Allows you to teleport to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys. Teleport
MP Boost MP Boost Increase Max MP and Attack Speed. Also increases MP proportional to your level. Passive Buff
Magic Guard Magic Guard A portion of the damage dealt to you affects your MP instead of your HP. Does not apply to attacks that inflict damage in proportion to your Max HP.\nActivated automatically when you have at least 1 MP, and is ineffective when you have 0 MP. Can be toggled On/Off with the skill key. Toggle Skill
Magic Armor Magic Armor Uses magic to increase DEF. Passive Buff
Mana Wave Mana Wave Expel a blast of mana that propels you upwards. This skill is automatically triggered when you press the Jump key while holding the Up Arrow key. If you continue holding the Jump key, you will slow your descent for a short period. Teleport Skill

Cleric Second Job Skill Build

You can max all your skills in 2nd job. As a Cleric, this build should work well:

  • Holy Arrow (+1), Agile Magic (+2)
  • Agile Magic (MAX)
  • Holy Arrow (MAX)
  • Bless (MAX)
  • Spell Mastery (MAX)
  • High Wisdom (MAX)
  • MP Eater (MAX)
  • Blessed Ensemble (MAX)
  • Invincible (MAX)
  • Heal (MAX)

Heal is last??!?!? Heal is no longer the most useful mobbing skill for Clerics. It now has a 4 second cooldown and your Holy Arrow is a better mobber and deals more damage. Heal is really more of an end-game skill for bossing parties, and since you won't be attending to any of those in your Second job, you should max it last. Agile Magic will help to boost your attack speed and Bless is a great party buff for boosting damage.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Holy Arrow Holy Arrow Attacks multiple monsters with Holy Arrows.  Very effective against Undead and Devil monsters. Main Attack Skill
MP Eater MP Eater Absorb the enemy's MP when attacking with Magic skills. Absorption efficiency is reduced against bosses, resulting in less MP gained. Passive Buff
Spell Mastery Spell Mastery Increases Magic Mastery and Magic ATT. Passive Buff
Agile Magic Agile Magic Increases Attack Speed and Intelligence. Attack Speed Buff
Invincible Invincible Decreases all damage taken. Passive Buff
High Wisdom High Wisdom Permanently increase INT through mental discipline. Passive Buff
Heal Heal [Benevolence] Restores the HP of all surrounding party members, including yourself, and reduces Heal's cooldown by the number of people in your party. Undead enemies within the skill range take additional damage. Heal Buff
Bless Bless Increases Attack Power, Magic ATT, and DEF for you and all nearby party members for a short time. Can be stacked with other buff skills. Buff
Blessed Ensemble Blessed Ensemble Increases your damage in proportion to the number of nearby party members you have buffed. Obtains additional Party Bonus EXP based on the number of Clerics, Priests, Bishops in the party. Bonus cannot be greater than 60% and does not apply if the level difference is too big between party members. Your own effects do not apply to you.  

Priest Third Job Skill Build

You can max all your skills in 3rd job. Priests are best to follow this skill build:

  • Shining Ray (MAX)
  • Holy Symbol (MAX)
  • Holy Focus (MAX)
  • Arcane Overdrive (MAX)
  • Teleport Boost (MAX)
  • Teleport Mastery (MAX)
  • Holy Magic Shield (MAX)
  • Holy Fountain (MAX)
  • Mystic Door (MAX)
  • Dispel (MAX)
  • Divine Protection (MAX)

Shining Ray is still Priest's main attacking and mobbing skill. Leveling during 3rd job is pretty fast, so we don't max Holy Symbol until we've maxed our main attacking skill. Holy Symbol gives a massive +50% EXP to everyone in the party; however, it has been nerfed so that if players in the party move out of range of the character, they will get reduced rates.

The rest of the skills are great for party bossing; Holy Magic Shell is your 15 second damage reduction skill and can act as an iframe in certain situations (20 second with Hyper Skills); Dispel for getting rid of Abnormal Status of party members, Holy Fountain for massive healing and more. Mystic Door also remains, but it's less useful now due to the ability of Hyper Teleport Rocks being so accessible.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Shining Ray Shining Ray Attack multiple enemies at once with a ray of holy light. Deals massive damage to Undead and Devil-type monsters. Main Attack Skill
Holy Symbol Holy Symbol Temporarily allows all nearby party members to gain additional EXP while hunting. However, if you go outside of the vicinity of the character that cast Holy Symbol, the efficiency will be reduced by half. Buff
Teleport Mastery Teleport Mastery When activated, instead of consuming extra MP, enemies at the teleport destination will take damage and become Stunned. Also permanently increases Knockback Resistance. Passive Buff
Mystic Door Mystic Door Creates a portal that leads to the nearest town. All members of the party can use it multiple times until the portal disappears. Press the Up key to move. Teleport
Holy Magic Shell Holy Magic Shell Fully restore HP for you and all party members, while also creating a holy shield that defends against all damage for a short time. The shield is not affected by buff duration extension effects. After being activated, it cannot be reactivated for a short time, even if Holy Magic Shell is cast again. Buff
Holy Fountain Holy Fountain [Benevolence] Summon a Holy Fountain that restores party members' HP. Even party members with the Undead status can use it. Approach the fountain and press the up arrow key to heal. Not affected by effects which reset cooldowns, increase recovery skill potency, or increase minion duration. Cannot be summoned near a portal. Heal Buff
Holy Focus Holy Focus Permanently increases all magic attacks, Heal magic Critical Rates, and Magic Mastery. Buff
Divine Protection Divine Protection Permanently increases Abnormal Status and Elemental Resistances. When used, you use holy power to create a holy barrier that blocks critical Abnormal Status. Upon casting Dispel, the cooldown is reduced according to the number of recovered party members. Buff
Dispel Dispel [Benevolence] Nullifies all enemy magic effects within the targeted area, while removing some abnormal conditions suffered by nearby allies. Decreases Dispel and Divine Protection's cooldown. The Dispel skill can remove critical abnormal conditions, including KO, Seduction, Confusion, and Zombified. Dispell Buff
Arcane Overdrive Arcane Overdrive Permanently increases Critical Rate and Critical Damage. Passive Buff
Teleport Boost Teleport Boost Increases your maneuverability by enhancing the range of Teleport. Can be toggled On/Off. Teleport Buff

Bishop Fourth Job Skill Build

You can max all your 4th job skills. You will need Mastery 20 and Mastery 30 books to increase the skill level beyond 10. These can be purchased from the Leafre general merchant shop.

  • Big Bang (+1), Genesis (+1), Buff Mastery (+1)
  • Arcane Aim (+1), Bahamut (+1)
  • Big Bang (MAX)
  • Arcane Aim (MAX)
  • Buff Mastery (MAX)
  • Advanced Blessing (MAX)
  • Maple Warrior (MAX)
  • Genesis (MAX)
  • Infinity (MAX)
  • Angel Ray (MAX)
  • Holy Water (MAX)
  • Blessed Harmony (MAX)
  • Bahamut (MAX)
  • Resurection (MAX)
  • Hero's Will (MAX)

Bishop's main training skill is Big Bang. In order to be able to spam the skill, you need to cast Genesis every 30 seconds. Bishop then teleports around maps spamming Big Bang + Genesis. It's a very simple 4th job class. You can summon Bahamut, but it follows you around so it won't cover parts of the map you are not at. Resurection is great for end-game bossing, and Infinity + Angel Ray makes for consistent damage during bossing.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Angel Ray Angel Ray Attack with a holy sword, dealing tremendous holy damage. The holy sword targets the enemy with the highest Max HP. Enemies hit by the holy sword become vulnerable to attacks. Especially effective against Undead or Devil monsters. Restores party members' HP. Restores Undead party members as well. Single Target Attack Skill
Big Bang Big Bang Holy power spreads out, culminating in a holy explosion. Main Attack Skill
Genesis Genesis A holy ray of light shines down from the sky, burning up to 15 monsters at one time. Deals tremendous holy damage to all targets. This skill has increased crit chance. FMA Skill
Resurrection Resurrection Use a ray of holy light to resurrect a party member. Resurrected party members have brief invincibility, which cannot be extended by buffs. Buff
Maple Warrior Maple Warrior Temporarily increases the stats of all party members. Does not stack with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President's Orders, Anima Warrior, or Rhinne's Protection. Buff
Infinity Infinity Lets you use skills without spending MP by concentrating and drawing out unlimited mana. Also continually recovers HP and MP and increases the damage of all Magic Attacks. Not affected by cooldown reset. Buff
Heros Will Heros Will Hones your resolve to ignore certain abnormal status effects. Immune to Abnormal Status for 3 sec after use. Buff
Buff Mastery Buff Mastery Permanently increases Magic Attack and increases the duration of all buffs on you. Also permanently increases Knockback Resistance. Passive Buff
Blessed Harmony Blessed Harmony Increases the effect of Blessed Ensemble. Passive Buff
Bahamut Bahamut Temporarily summons Bahamut to deal Holy damage. Bahamut can attack multiple enemies at the same time, and being attacked by Bahamut will make them extra vulnerable to Holy attacks from you and party members. This skill is unaffected by enemy damage reflection skills. Summon
Arcane Aim Arcane Aim Ignores a portion of enemy Defense when attacking. Damage dealt increases with consecutive attacks. Stacks up to 5 times. Passive Buff
Advanced Blessing Advanced Blessing Greatly increases nearby party member Attack Power, Magic ATT, DEF, Max HP, and Max MP. Reduces MP consumption upon using the skill. Can be stacked with other buff skills, excluding Bless. Buff
Holy Water Holy Water [Benevolence] Striking enemies with Angel Ray grants you holy water made from their purified blood. On use, summons a chalice of holy water nearby. Party members can press the Up Arrow key while standing on top of the grail to absorb its power and recover HP. Passive Buff

Bishop Hyper Skills Build

Hyper skills are available at level 140. You get Hyper Skill Points as you level towards 200, but not enough to max all the skills, so choose wisely. These skills mostly help increase the damage of your current skills.

  • Holy Symbol - Experience
  • Holy Symbol - Item Drop
  • Holy Magic Shell - Enhance
  • Advanced Blessing - Ferocity
  • Advanced Blessing - Boss Rush
  • Heaven's Door
  • Righteously Indignant
  • Epic Adventure

Heaven's door gives you an extra life in bosses (essentially an iframe). Enhance your Holy Symbol for that extra EXP and item drop boost.

Bishop Fifth Job Skill Build

Upon reaching level 200, you will now have access to the V Matrix, which acts as your new fifth job skills. Each class gets their own skills to use, along with boosting nodes to increase the damage of existing skills. To obtain new skills, you open up items called Nodestones, which drop from every mob in Arcane River. You have limited number of slots in your V Matrix, so you want to obtain perfect nodes for maximize your character's damage.

Bishop's Nodes should include:

  • Benediction
  • Angel Of Balance
  • Peacemaker
  • Divine Punishment
  • Trinode: Big Bang, Angel Ray, Genesis
  • Trinode: Bahamut, Heaven's Door, [optional]

All 5th Job classes should try to also obtain these:

  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Erda Nova
  • Rope Lift

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Benediction Benediction Calls upon your holy power to create a consecrated space that empowers and revitalizes your allies. Burst Buff Skill
Angel Of Balance Angel Of Balance Summons an angel of balance possessing both compassion and vengefulness Summon
Peacemaker Peacemaker Hurl the embodiment of divine power directly at your enemies Cooldown Attack
Divine Punishment Divine Punishment Punish the wicked in the name of Heaven. Cooldown Attack Skill


20/09/2022 - Updated for Destiny V.233 Update

26/03/2021 - Added new 5th Job Skill from the Awake update.

09/10/2020 - First update


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