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MapleStory Potential Guide - Cubing

MapleStory Potential Guide - Cubing

calendar_todayPosted on 29th July 2020

The potential system in MapleStory is an equipment upgrade-system designed to increase player's stats by using items called Cubes. In regular worlds, Cubes can be purchased for NX and in Reboot Worlds Cubes can be purchased for Mesos. The potential system contains a lot of RNG aspects and requires you to use hundreds, if not thousands, of cubes to get the best potential stats for your character.

This guide will take a look at all the different aspects of the MapleStory Potential System and how you can use it to your advantage.


Potential System Basics

Each piece of equipment can have potential, with the exception of some specific equipment slots. When a piece of equipment drops from a mob, there is a random chance that it will have potential applied to it. A newly acquired piece of equipment requires you to "Reveal The Potential", using the little magnifying glass icon in your Inventory window on the item. This costs a fixed amount of mesos to reveal.

Potential Magnifying Glass

If a piece of equipment does not have potential upon acquiring it, you can add potential to the item via the use of Potential Scrolls. There are many different potential scrolls in the game, but some of the most common are:

Potential ScrollEpic Potential ScrollUnique Potential ScrollLegendary Potential Scroll

  • Potential Scroll - 70% chance (RARE)
  • Advanced Potential Scroll - 90% chance (RARE)
  • Epic Potential Scroll - 50/100% chance (EPIC)
  • Unique Potential Scroll - 30/50/100% chance (UNIQUE)
  • Legendary Potential Scroll - 50% chance (LEGENDARY)

If a piece of equipment already has potential, you cannot use potential scrolls on them (even if the rank is lower). In order to rank up an equipment's potential, you need to use Cubes.

There are four potential ranks in MapleStory that equipment can get:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Unique
  • Legendary

When an item drops from a mob, it can drop in either rare, epic or unique. The chance of unique equipment dropping is incredibly rare.

Potential on a piece of equipment can add up to 3 different lines of stat. The higher the potential rank, the better potential lines it can get. The level of the item also comes into play too: a level 30 legendary hat has lower potential stats than a level 160 legendary hat.

Gold Potential StampGold Potential StampGold Potential Stamp

You can increase the amount of potential lines using a Potential Stamp up to a max of 3 lines.

One of the most sort after lines on potential equipment is +% stat for your class. I.e. if you're a Hero, you want to try to obtain +%Str  stat lines.

Below you can use the table to see how Potential rank effects the amount of stats you can obtain, including level.

Item Level Rare Epic Unique Legendary
1-30 1% 2% 3% 6%
31-70 2% 4% 6% 9%
71-150 3% 6% 9% 12%
151+ 4% 7% 10% 13%

As you can see, the best potential lines can be obtained on item levels 151+ that are legendary with the potential to get up to +13% stat lines. Using our Hero example, you can obtain up to 3 lines of Str: +13%, for a total of +39% Str on one item. You can see how quickly you can raise your character's damage through the use of potential.

There are of course many other random potential lines you can get, this table is just a quick overview of how the stat lines increase in level and rank.

MapleStory Cubes

When you get a piece of equipment in MapleStory, it's very likely it won't contain the potential lines you desire and the rank of the potential may be too low. To Reroll the potential stats and have a chance of ranking up the potential tier, you can use MapleStory Cubes.

Over the years, there have been many different cube variations that affect an item's potential. The most sort after cubes come from MapleStory's CashShop. In Regular Worlds, you need to use NX to buy cubes (real money). A single cube in a regular world costs 1,200 NX (equivalent to $1.2). Some players use hundreds of cubes on their items to get the best potential (so you can see how costly the system can be!).

The good news is that there are also cubes you can obtain in-game that don't cost NX. Unfortunately, these cubes are limited and have lower tier-up rates than the CashShop cubes.

In Reboot World, all cubes cost mesos (including the ones in the CashShop). Reboot World aims to take the pay-to-win concepts out of MapleStory and rely on a player's ability to play the game.

In-Game Cubes

Icon Cube Max Rank Obtained
Meisters Cube Meister's Cube Legendary Crafting
Elite Bosses
Master Craftsmans Cube Master Craftsman's Cube Unique Crafting
Elite Bosses
Occult Cube Occult Cube Epic Elite Bosses

CashShop Cubes

Icon Cube Max Rank Obtained
Red Cube Red Cube Legendary CashShop
Reward Shop
Black Cube Black Cube Legendary CashShop
Reward Shop
Violet Cube Violet Cube Legendary CashShop
Marvel Machine
White Cube White Cube Legendary CashShop
Marvel Machine

In Reboot World, only Red and Black Cubes are available in the CashShop for Mesos.

  • Red Cube - 12,000,000 Mesos
  • Black Cube - 22,000,000 Mesos

Tier Up Rates For Cubes

Based on data used in Reboot World, we can assume the following tier-up rates for these cubes:

Icon Cube Epic Unique Legendary
Red Cube Red Cube 10% 5% 2.5%
Black Cube Black Cube 20% 10% 5%

There are special events held in MapleStory called Double Miracle Time which increases the chances of ranking up an item's potential.

Potential Lines

In MapleStory, certain equipment types can get potential lines that other's cannot. For example, all MapleStory accessories can obtain Increase Item Drop potential lines. This is a list showing the unique lines for each set of equipment:

Hat Potential Lines

  • Skill Cooldown Reduction
  • Decent Mystic Door
  • Decent Advanced Blessing

Bottom Potential Lines

  • Decent Hyper Body

Shoes Potential Lines

  • Decent Haste

Glove Potential Lines

  • Critical Damage %
  • Decent Sharp Eyes

Weapon, Secondary And Emblem

  • Att %
  • Magic Att %
  • Damage to Bosses
  • Ignore Monster Defense
  • Damage %
  • Critical Rate %

Accessory Potential Lines

  • Increase Item Drop
  • Increase Meso Drop

Bonus Potential System

In regular worlds there is also the Bonus Potential System. This system is exactly like the Potential system only it adds an extra 3 lines of potential to the already existing potential. Bonus potential lines are different to that of regular potential, but they still provide lots of stat increases. They have the same 4 ranks too: rare, epic, unique, legendary.

Bonus Potential CubeBonus Potential CubeBonus Potential CubeBonus Potential CubeBonus Potential Cube

Bonus Potential can only be applied through the use of Special Bonus Potential Scrolls. These are obtained only from the CashShop.

In order to reset the Bonus Potential lines, you need to use Bonus Potential Cubes. There are currently no in-game bonus potential cubes that players can obtain without paying NX for.

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