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MapleStory Illium Skill Build Guide

February 16, 2024

Illium is a Flora mage that uses ancient magic in MapleStory to deal damage to enemies and boss monsters. If you like a class that can fly, have great mobbing capabilities and is one of the more modern classes in MapleStory, Illium might just be the class for you. Flora classes are the newest race introduced into MapleStory, which are an elf-like species.

Illium Overview

Illium was released in patch V191 Nova: Brilliance Of Illium in December 2017. The class style is built around crystals and tech, and has a skill that it allows it to fly all around maps for a short period of time. Illium has great mobility, especially for a mage class that is usually very reliant on teleport skill. Illium has many skills that allow them to travel across maps much faster, allowing for better map clears and some of the best mobbing in MapleStory.

As a class to train, you'll find Illium one of the easiest. Their mechanics rely on using Radiant Orb and Radiant Javelin in situ, proccing Lucid Brands that increase your damage. You will then have Reaction skills that become active automatically when using the Radiant Orb and Radiant Javelin. Finally, you also get Crystal Skills, which can be used once you charge up Illium's Battery Meter. Crystal placement is one of the areas of training Illium that is very important, as it will allow you to hit more mobs with better placement.

As a bossing class, Illium has been always in the lower end of the scale in terms of damage output. Illium did get some buffs in recent patches that add more boss damage to their skills, but they still tend to need quite a decent amount of funding to hit late end-game (as is the case with most classes). They have a few iframes for dodging one-hit attacks, but for the most part bossing with illium requires keeping your summon up and using the same Radiant Orb and Javelin combo.

  • Weapon: Guantlet
  • Job: Mage
  • Class: Flora
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory: Illium, Adele, Ark
  • Legion Block: Mesos Obtained (1%/2%/3%/4%/5%)
  • Link Skill: Tide Of Battle (+12% Damage when moving a certain distance, 5sec)
  • Primary Stat: Int
  • Inner Ability: 1+ Attack Speed

Illium First Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in first job. Follow this build:

  • Radiant Javelin (+1), Radiant Orb (+1), Ex (+1)
  • Crystalline Wings (MAX)
  • Radiant Javelin (MAX)
  • Radiant Orb (MAX)
  • Lucent Gauntlet Mastery (MAX)
  • Lucent Brand (MAX)
  • Ex (MAX)

As you begin your journey as an Illium you will have to complete a series of story quests before you can leave for Maple World. You main attacking skills are Radiant Orb and Radiant Javelin. You can use a macro for these two skills so that you only have to press one key to activate them. You get the first version of your summon called Ex, that will slowly attack nearby enemies. Lucent Brand is activated when you use both the Radiant skills and that stacks up to 3 times in first job giving some extra damage. Crystalline Wings is your teleport skill and can allow you to fly if you hold it down.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Radiant Orb Radiant Orb Quickly strikes an enemy twice. Main Attack Skill
Radiant Javelin Radiant Javelin Permanently increases Speed, Max Speed, and Jump. If used while jumping, double jumps a long distance twice in a row. Increasing the Skill Level will increase Jump distance. Can also be used with the jump key. Main Attack Skill
Lucent Guantlet Mastery Lucent Guantlet Mastery Improves your mastery of the Lucent Gauntlet, granting you greater combat prowess. Passive Buff
Lucent Brand Lucent Brand Marks you with the light of the crystal, heightening your power. Passive Buff
Ex Ex Summons your trustworthy robo-companion, Ex. Ex attacks a single enemy for a set time, and his Attack Power increases the longer he attacks.Ignores enemy Attack Reflection. Summon
Crystalline Wings Crystalline Wings Conjures a crystal portal for short-distance teleportation.You can fly freely for a short time by holding down the skill action and pressing the arrow keys to maneuver while in mid-air. Teleport Skill

Illium Second Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in second job. Follow this build:

  • Reaction - Destruction (+1), Reaction - Domination (+1), Umbral Brand (+1)
  • Guantlet Frenzy (MAX)
  • Reaction - Destruction (MAX)
  • Reaction - Domination (MAX)
  • Umbral Brand (MAX)
  • Crystal Skill - Vortex Of Light (MAX)
  • Machina (MAX)

In second job you get introduced to Reaction and Crystal skills. The Reaction skills will activate on their own (you don't need to manually press their skill key) whilst Crystal skills can be activated once per Battery Charge. You get a new skill called Deploy Crystal, which will allow you to activate your Reaction skills. You use the Radiant Orb and Radiant Javelin skills to hit your Deploy Crystal- this sets off a chain reaction that hits mobs all around you. When you use either of the Radiant skills, they then activate the Reaction skills (which have a 6 second cooldown). You will have to get the hang of pushing around your Deploy Crystal to make sure you get the best map coverage for mobbing.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Reaction - Destruction Reaction - Destruction Triggers when your crystal comes into contact with Radiant Javelin. Releases a destructive blast that strikes nearby enemies. Reaction Skill
Reaction - Domination Reaction - Domination Triggers when your crystal comes into contact with a Radiant Orb. Strikes nearby enemies, marking them with an  Umbral Brand. Reaction Skill
Umbral Brand Umbral Brand Marks foes with a shadowy brand that renders them vulnerable to your attacks. Enemies suffer reduced Defense, and take additional damage from all of Illium's attacks (excluding Radiant Orb). Passive Buff
Machina Machina Summons your mechanical friend Machina near your deployed crystal. Machina defends your crystal, drawing in the enemy. He follows the movement of your crystal, attacking enemies along his path. While moving, the numbers of enemies hit is reduced by 1.Does not trigger Attack Reflection. Summon
Gauntlet Frenzy Gauntlet Frenzy Increases the Attack Speed of your Lucent Gauntlet. Passive Buff
Crystal Skill - Vortex Of Light Crystal Skill - Vortex Of Light Unleashes the magical power accumulated in the crystal, tearing through nearby enemies. Crystal Charge Cost: 30. Crystal Battery must be reset after each use. Crystal Skill
Aegis Of Light Aegis Of Light Further hones your magical prowess, reducing damage taken when using Lucent Brand. Passive Buff

Illium Third Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in third job. Follow this build:

  • Reaction - Destruction II (+1), Reaction Domination II (+1), Endless Research (+1)
  • Endless Research (MAX)
  • Reaction - Destruction II (MAX)
  • Lucent Brand II (MAX)
  • Reaction - Domination II (MAX)
  • Crystal Skill - Wings Of Glory (MAX)
  • Umbral Brand II (MAX)
  • Tenacity (MAX)
  • Might Of The Flora (MAX)
  • Crystal Skill - Resonance (MAX)

In third job you get plenty of passive buffs for Illium and it helps with scaling up their damage. Maxing out Endless Research early is a good idea as it only has 4 SP points needed and you get +30% Critical damage! Your Reaction skills all get upgraded to be bigger and better at mobbing. You get two new Crystal skills- Wings Of Glory transforms your Illium into a super-speed flying Flora that allows you to fly all around the map attacking enemies at will for a short period. Your Umbral Brand and Lucent Brand all get upgrades too, further adding to your passive damage to mobs.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Reaction - Destruction II Reaction - Destruction II Enhanced version of Reaction - Destruction. Triggers when Radiant Javelin or Longinus Spear come into contact with your crystal. Releases a destructive blast that strikes nearby enemies 2 times. Reaction Skill
Reaction - Domination II Reaction - Domination II Enhanced version of Reaction - Domination. Triggers when your Crystal comes into contact with a Radiant Orb. Strikes nearby enemies, marking them with an Umbral Brand. Reaction Skill
Umbral Brand II Umbral Brand II Afflicts the enemy with an enhanced Umbral Brand. Passive Buff
Tenacity Tenacity Despite your lack of innate magical talent, your perseverance studying the magical arts has not gone unrewarded. Passive Buff
Might Of The Flora Might Of The Flora Calls upon the ancestral magicks of the Flora. Passive Buff
Lucent Brand II Lucent Brand II Grants an enhanced Lucent Brand Passive Buff
Endless Research Endless Research Your unending studies of magic grant you additional Magic ATT and Critical Damage Passive Buff
Crystal Skill Wings Of Glory Crystal Skill Wings Of Glory Infuse your wings with the magic of the Elder Crystal. While active, Radiant Javelin is enhanced to Winged Javelin to pursue enemies, exploding on contact. Its Attack Power is also increased.\nWhile active, casting Crystalline Wings while holding a directional key will teleport you more quickly in that direction. Wings of Glory is not affected by buff duration bonuses. When Wings of Glory ends, Machina and Elder Crystal will be automatically summoned. Crystal Charge Cost: 150 Crystal Skill
Crystal Skill Resonance Crystal Skill Resonance Illium resonates in harmony with the Elder Crystal, causing a beam of light to travel between the two. The beam restores health and grants a Lucent Brand upon making contact with Illium or a party member, but instead afflicts enemies it touches with an Umbral Brand. Crystal Charge Cost: 60. Crystal Battery must be reset after each use. Crystal Skill

Illium Fourth Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in fourth job. Follow this build:

  • Radiant Javelin II (+1), Radiant Orb II (+1), Wisdom Of The Crystal (+1)
  • Radiant Javelin II + Radiant Orb II (MAX)
  • Wisdom Of The Crystal (MAX)
  • Umbral Brand II (MAX)
  • Lucid Brand II (MAX)
  • Resonant Wings (MAX)
  • Vortex Wings (MAX)
  • Hero Of The Flora (MAX)
  • Longinus Spear (MAX)
  • Crystal Skill - Deus (MAX)
  • Flash Crystal Battery (MAX)
  • Floran Hero's Will (MAX)

Fourth job will upgrade your first job Radiant skills into better versions, as well as enhancing your Wings Of Glory with new attacks and power. Your brand marks all get their final upgrades too and Wisdom Of The Crystal further increases passive damage and attack speed of skills. Your new Crystal Skill - Deus will combine both your Ex summons and Machina summons into one might summon (they both need to be summoned to use the skill) and Flash Crystal Battery will help charge your battery faster.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Radiant Javelin II Radiant Javelin II Enhances Radiant Javelin. Radiant Javelin splinters into shards on contact, dealing an additional attack. Can be linked to use with Radiant Orb II and does not benefit from skills which increase the max number of targets. Passive Buff
Radiant Orb II Radiant Orb II Enhances Radiant Orb. Levels up alongside Radiant Javelin II and can be linked. Passive Buff
Wisdom Of The Crystal Wisdom Of The Crystal Your extensive studies of the Elder Crystal have taught you how to draw forth its true power. Passive Buff
Vortex Wings Vortex Wings Focuses all your magic into your wings to deliver a brutal spin attack. Usable once per Wings of Glory Secondary Attack Skill
Umbral Brand III Umbral Brand III Afflicts the enemy with a further-enhanced Umbral Brand. Passive Buff
Resonant Wings Resonant Wings Triggers automatically during Wings of Glory. Causes you to radiate a brilliant light that marks foes with Umbral Brands and party members with Lucent Brands. Passive Buff
Lucent Brand III Lucent Brand III Grants a further-enhanced Lucent Brand. Passive Buff
Longinus Spear Longinus Spear Casts the holy spear Longinus in the direction of your deployed crystal, inflicting severe damage to all enemies in its path. If no crystal is deployed, it instead flies straight. Bossing Skill
Hero Of The Flora Hero Of The Flora Calls upon the power of the Flora. Does not stack with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President's Orders, Anima Warrior, or Rhinne's Protection. Buff Skill
Floran Heros Will Floran Heros Will Hones your resolve to ignore certain abnormal status effects. Immune to Abnormal Status for 3 sec after use. Buff Skill
Flash Crash Battery Flash Crash Battery Increases the rate at which you gain Crystal Charges. Buff Skill
Crystal Skill Deus Crystal Skill Deus Unites the powers of Ex and Machina to summon Deus. Deus can create up to 5 satellites that pursue and attack nearby enemies. Crystal Charge Cost: 90 Crystal Battery must be reset after each use. Summon Skill

Illium Hyper Skill Build

Hyper skills are available at level 140. You get Hyper Skill Points as you level towards 200, but not enough to max all the skills, so choose wisely. These skills mostly help increase the damage of your current skills.

  • Javelin - Reinforce
  • Javelin - Extra Strike
  • Javelin - Boss Rush
  • Longinus - Cooldown Cutter
  • Longinus - Extra Strike
  • Longinus Zone
  • Divine Wrath
  • Crystalline Bulwark

Illium Fifth Job Skill Build

Upon reaching level 200, you will now have access to the V Matrix, which acts as your new fifth job skills. Each class gets their own skills to use, along with boosting nodes to increase the damage of existing skills. To obtain new skills, you open up items called Nodestones, which drop from every mob in Arcane River. You have limited number of slots in your V Matrix, so you want to obtain perfect nodes for maximize your character's damage.

Phantom's Nodes should include:

  • Crystal Ignition
  • Reaction
  • Templar Knight
  • Crystaline Spirit
  • Crystal Gate
  • Trinode: Radiant Javelin II, Reaction - Destruction II, Reaction Domination II
  • Trinode: Umbral Brand III, Deus & Ex, Longinus Spear

All 5th Job classes should try to also obtain these:

  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Erda Nova
  • Rope Lift
  • Weapon Aura

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Crystal Ignition Crystal Ignition Fires an intense beam of energy that scorches everything in its path. Usuable for up to 10 seconds consecutively by holding the skill key. Can move while casting. On hitting an enemy, Lucid Brand is refreshed. Cooldown attack skill
Reaction - Spectral Blast Reaction - Spectral Blast When Crystal Ignition comes in contact with your crystal, its strength is enhanced, and it fires 3 powerful beams of light in the direction Crystal Ignition is traveling. While using Wings Of Glory, it activates automatically even if you don't have a crystal. Levels up alongside Crystal Ignition. Reaction cooldown skill.
Templar Knight Templar Knight Summons a mechanical warrior wielding a weapon forged from light. The Templar prepares to attack in Illium's direction, and will not change direction until the attack is made. With sufficient Crystal Charges, it fires a more powerful attack. Summon Skill
Crystalline Spirit Crystalline Spirit Use the power of the mytocrystals to form a crystalline spirit and drive your enemies away. Can activate the Reaction skill with the crystalline spirit. Attack Skill
Crystal Gate Crystal Gate Using advanced crystal technology, create passages you can move through freely. When you press the up key from the Crystal Gate that you activated, you can move to the next Crystal Gate that is set up from this Crystal Gate. If you use the last Crystal Gate that is set up, you will move back to the first Crystal Gate. The gates must be recharged after each use, and the gates that you actually used will take longer to recharge. You can receive enhancement and attack support buffs around the Crystal Gate, and it can also be set up in the air. Not affected by Buff Freezer effects, and moving through the passage is included as a necessary distance to activate the flow of combat. Mobility skill


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