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MapleStory GO West Event Guide

June 13, 2024

MapleStory GO West is the summer update for GMS and we've got all the events covered in our guide! This is the perfect time to play MapleStory as there are plenty of rewards for boosting character levels, equipment and damage!

The MapleStory GO West update is part of update v.251, which introduces plenty of new events. Make sure to also check out our Dreamer Event Guide for more bonuses and goodies!

Summer updates are always big in MapleStory, and the MapleStory GO West update is no different! Let's dive in!

Go West: Concert Board

Event Period: 76 days (June 13th 2024~August 27th 2024)

Starting off the event, you can claim 3x EXP Coupons by starting the Concert Board quest.

All you have to do is send a nice message to the developers of MapleStory and you'll be given the reward. Fairly easy!


  • 3x EXP Coupon x5 (Lasts for 7 days after claiming)

Go West: Maple World Tour

Maple World Tour

Event Period: 34 days (June 13th 2024~July 16th 2024)

Maple World Tour is back and requires you to defeat 1,000 monsters near your level (+/- 20 levels of your character).

Once you have defeated 1,000 monsters, you can watch shows in different locations. You can select three locations per day.

You will gain a random amount of items from each location based on set probabilities. You'll be able to claim the rewards the next day after completing the task.

Restrictions: Once per day, 3 times a week


  • Minar Forest: Extreme Growth Potion x3 (55%), x5 (30%), x10 (15%)
  • Nihal Desert: Special Medal Of Honor x4 (55%), x6 (30%), x15 (15%)
  • El Nath Mountains: Nodestone x6 (55%), x10 (30%), x20 (15%)
  • Aqua Road: Symbol Selector Coupon x30 (55%), x50 (30%), x100 (15%)
  • Temple Of Time: Karma Black Rebirth Flame x2 (55%), x5 (30%), x10 (15%)

GO West: It's Showtime

It's Showtime Event

Event Period: 34 days (June 13th 2024~July 16th 2024)

The It's Showtime event will allow you to gain two specific buffs at precise intervals.

You need to head to one of the following towns: Henesys, Nameless Town or Cernium.

At the 30 minute mark of each even-numbered hour, you'll get the following buff:

Who Are We?

  • EXP Obtained: +15% (stacks with other coupons)
  • Lasts for 30 minutes

At the 30 minute mark of each odd-numbered hour, you'll get the following buff:

Maple Boys!

  • All Stats: +15
  • Max HP/MP: +1500
  • Attack Power & Magic Att: +15
  • Ignore Defense: +15
  • Boss Damage: +15

Go West: Star Queue

Star Queue

Event Period: 34 days (June 13th 2024~July 16th 2024)

The Star Queue gives some exclusive items during GO West and all you have to do is stay logged in!

There are rewards you can claim based on the amount of total hours you have stayed logged in for.

Restrictions: Max of 5 hours per day

  • 1 Hour: Maple Boys Sunglasses Coupon
  • 5 Hours: CPB (30 Days) Coupon - VAC PET!!!
  • 10 Hours: Maple Boys Hat Coupon
  • 15 Hours: Experience Nodestone x10
  • 20 Hours: Maple Boys Gloves Coupon
  • 25 Hours: Extreme Growth Potion x10 Coupon x3
  • 30 Hours: Maple Boys Boots Coupon
  • 35 Hours: Dr. Lim's Face Selector Coupon Voucher
  • 40 Hours: Maple Boys Jumpsuit Coupon
  • 45 Hours: Magnificent Growth Potion x3
  • 50 Hours: Mapleboysslers Coupon
  • 55 Hours: Custom Mix Coupon Voucher
  • 60 Hours: Maple Boys Damage Skin
  • 65 Hours: Inkwell's Hair Selector Coupon
  • 70 Hours: Maple Boys Chair

GO West: 7,000 Days Of MapleStory

7,000 Days Chair

Event Period: 4 days (July 10th 2024~July 14th 2024)

To celebrate 7,000 days of MapleStory being online, you'll be able to complete missions at various towns for rewards.

This event is only for a short period (4 days!) so make sure you don't miss it.

On July 10th, you'll receive the quest [7000 Days] Token of Gratitude: Lith Harbor and Henesys which will allow you to begin.

Complete the questline for the following rewards:


  • Lith Harbor and Henesys: 7,000 Day Damage Skin (Unit)
  • Ellinia and Perion: 7,000 Day Gratitude Cape Coupon
  • Kerning City: 7,000 Day Joy Mount Coupon
  • Hidden Mission: Together with 7,000 Day Chair Coupon

GO West: Spell Trace Fever Time

Event Period: (June 16th~July 14th 2024)

In Regular Servers, there will be Spell Trace Fever Time event being held every sunday for the duration of the Go West Event.

Spell Trace Fever Time increases the chances of scrolling your equipment with Spell Traces during the event.

The following sundays will have the event:

  • June 16th, 2024
  • June 23rd, 2024
  • June 30th, 2024
  • July 7th, 2024
  • July 14th, 2024

Note: The patch notes currently show Sunday dates beyong the July 14th, so the Spell Trace Fever Event may last longer (who knows???)

Hyper Burning and Burning World Event

Hyper Burning

Event Period: 76 days (June 13th 2024~August 27th 2024)

Hyper Burning returns to MapleStory, along with the Burning World to help level up your MapleStory Characters.

Each player can have one Hyper Burning character. You'll gain an extra 2 levels each time you level up (for a total of 3 levels!). The effect lasts all the way up to Level 260!

You can assign the Hyper Burning status to any new character or existing character below Level 258. Check out our MapleStory Training Guide for tips on best maps to level.

Newly created characters will get access to the Tera Blink event, which allows you to level up even faster.

Upon reaching certain level milestones, you'll gain the following rewards:

  • Level 30: Lv. 30 Equipment Box
  • Level 100: Legendary Cryptic Chest
  • Level 100: Eternal Flame Ring Coupon
  • Level 150: Hyper Burning Root Abyss Set Box (Time-Restricted)
  • Level 200: Lv. 5 Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey & Nodestone x50
  • Level 210: Lv. 5 Arcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island & Nodestone x50
  • Level 215: Nodestone x50
  • Level 220: Lv. 5 Arcane Symbol: Lachelein & choice of: 17-Star AbsoLab Weapon or 15-Star Dominator Pendant
  • Level 225: Lv. 5 Arcane Symbol: Arcana & Nodestone x100
  • Level 230: Lv. 5 Arcane Symbol: Morass & Nodestone x50 & Hyper Burning Outfit Set Coupon
  • Level 235: Lv. 5 Arcane Symbol: Esfera & Experience Nodestone x2
  • Level 240: Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon (x100) & Nodestone x50 & Experience Nodestone x2
  • Level 245: Karma Solid Cube x30 & Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon (x100) & Experience Nodestone x2
  • Level 250: Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon (x100) & Experience Nodestone x2 & Infinite Flame Coupon (title)
  • Level 255: Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon (x100) & Experience Nodestone x2
  • Level 260: HYPER BURNING (medal) & Arcane Umbra Weapon Box & Sacred Symbol Selector Coupon (x100)

Burning World

Burning World also returns, allowing you to create characters in a special world that gives the following bonuses:

EXP +1.5x, Attack Power/Magic ATT +50, Damage against normal monsters +30%, Boss Damage +30%, Critical Rate +30%, Critical Damage +30%, Knockback Resistance +100%, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +50, MaxHP/MaxMP +2,500.

Check out our previous Burning World guide for more information.


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