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Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Complete Walkthrough and Guide

January 25, 2023

Star Ocean returns with The Divine Force as the latest entry in this classic JRPG franchise that blends fantasy and sci-fi elements. This is the sixth major title in the Star Ocean franchise and we've got you covered with our Star Ocean: The Divine Force walkthrough and guide series.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Overview

Star Ocean started out as a popular title on the Super Nintendo Famicon and has since released series titles for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. The latest addition Star Ocean: The Divine Force is out on all major platforms, including PS5, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch!

Star Ocean: The Divine Force allows you to select your main character; choosing between Raymond or Laeticia as you follow their journey on an undeveloped planet called Aster IV.

The story begins with Raymond crashing on Aster IV, with Laeticia and her companion Albaird agreeing to help him get back to his crew in exchange for help with their own struggles. The story will see you visit many different villages and huge sprawling cities, as well as delving deep into dungeons containing mobs and bosses that will test your metal in the Star Ocean Battle System.

This is a sizable game, with around 20-30 hours to complete the main story quest.

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Star Ocean: The Divine Force Walkthrough

Check out our complete walkthrough of Star Ocean: The Divine Force below.

Part 1

An Encounter With A Shooting Star - Part 1

Delryk Mines

Delryk Mines - Part 2

Searching For Midas

Searching For Midas - Part 3

A Fix For Elena

A Fix For Elena - Part 4

Helgar's Disease

Helgar's Disease - Part 5

The Kingdom Of Aucerius

The Kingdom Of Aucerius - Part 6


Nihlbeth - Part 7

Laeticia Marriage

Laeticia's Marriage - Part 8


Terranus - Part 9

Part 10

Parrapoeiam - Part 10

Fused Remington

Fused Remington - Part 11


Ending - Part 12

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Characters and Skills


Raymond - Skills and Stats


Laeticia - Skills and Stats


Albaird - Skills and Stats


Nina - Skills and Stats


Midas - Skills and Stats


Elena - Skills and Stats


Malkya - Skills and Stats


Marielle - Skills and Stats

Star Ocean The Divine Force Guides

D.U.M.A Skills

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Image Gallery

Item Creation

Es'owa Mini Game


Private Actions

Level Up Fast Guide

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