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Marielle - Character Skills, Skill Tree, Equipment - Star Ocean: The Divine Force Character

February 8, 2023

Marielle is a officer of the Pangalactic Federation Battleship Astoria in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It was her ship that originally attacked the Ydas, causing Raymond to crash land in Aster IV.

Marielle goes against her captain and federation laws by coming to Aster IV to help uncover the secrets of D.U.M.A and aid Raymond.

Marielle Weapon Equipment

Marielle equips various types of guns and below is a list of all the weapons Marielle can find in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Tempest Gun ATK: 300
INT: 300
Bestows the element of Water to attacks
Chance of causing Confused for 10s.
Default Equipped
Ak-kelte Shooter ATK: 242
INT: 242
  Purchase from The Aldous.
Automatic Tsukumo-gami ATK: 452
INT: 452
10% chance of activating skills without consuming AP. Purchase from The Aldous.
Sagarahru Beam ATK: 609
INT: 609
Bestows the element of Water to attacks. Purchase from Paladurnia
Sukudu Ray ATK: 807
INT: 807
Bestows the element of Earth to attacks. Purchase from The Aldous.
Raishodo MG3 ATK: 877
INT: 877
GUTS: -149
20% chance of activating skills without consuming AP. Purchase from The Aldous.
Ame no Magari Jp-A2 ATK: 1557
INT: 1557
Bestows the element of Wind to attacks. Purchase from The Gauntlet

Marielle Skill Tree

Below is the Skill Tree of Marielle.


Marielle Combat Skills

Below are the combat skills Marielle can unlock. Combat skills are used in battle to deal damage to opponents or affect the battle in someway.

Skill Name Description Power (type) AP Target
Roundhouse Kick A swift spin kick. Federal soldiers learn hand-to-hand combat, and her grandmother was an expert. 18 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Naked Ray Unprocessed light projectile. Speeds up when firing rapidly. 16 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Laser Blast Fires a laser. After a pause, the area explodes. Tricky to use, hits a wide range. 150 (ATK) 2 Foes, Area
Predator Ray Slow-firing laser. After landing a hit, it automatically targets another enemy. 55 (ATK) 2 Foes, Area
Bullet Stream Automatic rapid-fire attack. Can move while firing. 80 (ATK) 5 Foe, Single
Energy Burst Purge enemies with a huge laser. 230 (ATK) 5 Foes, Area
Trident R Fires projectiles in three different directions. Good in tight spaces. 40 (ATK) 1 Foes, Area
Crescent Locus Kicks enemy into the air. Can be used to juggle or to hit them into ceilings/walls for extra damage. 54 (ATK) 2 Foe, Single
Spray and Pray Fires multiple rounds over a wide range. Get in dangerously close, and you will rack up damage. 90 (ATK) 5 Foes, Area
Force Drain Emits lasers that absorb enemy HP. Number of lasers depends on the amount of enemies. 45 (ATK) 3 Foes, Area

Marielle Passive Skills

Below are the passive skills Marielle can unlock. Passive skills don't require manual input from the player to control and happen "passively" as you play.

Skill Name Factor
First Aid 12% Chance of recovering 20% of HP when attacked.
Auto Healing Restore 1.5% HP at regular intervals.
Point-Blank Range +50% DMG dealt shooting nearby targets
Quick Usage -45% prep time when using items.
Heavy Usage +20% to factor effects when using items.
Clever Fighter 50% of INT up when landing an ATK-based critical hit.
Extend Dodge Extends invincibility when dodging 6/60 seconds.
Dead-Angle Shooting +50% damage dealt shooting from behind.

Marielle Active Skills

Below are the active skills Marielle can unlock.

Skill Name Factor
Concentration Bestows 30% ATK + for 10s
Bestows 30% INT + for 10s
Bestows 30% DEF + for 10s
Bestows 30% GUTS + for 10s
Shadow Bind Chance of causing 40% MVSPD- for 10s
Dread Note Bestows 50% DEF+ for 10s
Chance of causing 70% MVSPD - for 10s
Bestows 90% Flinch Res + for 10s
Convert HP/AP Consumes 20% HP and restores 5 AP
Hide Bestows Invisible for 10s

Marielle Synchro Skills

Below are the synchro skills Marielle can unlock. Synchro skills, otherwise known as Vatting Skills, are usually available during prominent boss fights and are considered special moves that can turn the tide of a fight. The Vatting Skills are charged up over the duration of the battle, so they are not always available to use.

Name Description Power Factor Target
Exceed Burst Fires a super powerful beam from a gun docked with D.U.M.A 1000   Foes, Area
Shoot and Flee High-speed rush strengthened by D.U.M.A. Jumps back after delivering the attack; can be used to maintain distance from close en 75   Foe, Single

Marielle Item Creation Skills

  • Synthesis
  • Smithery
  • Engineering
  • Crafting
  • Compounding
  • Authoring
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