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Raymond - Character Skills, Skill Tree, Equipment - Star Ocean: The Divine Force Character

February 9, 2023

Raymond Lawrence is a main character in Star Ocean: The Divine Force who crash lands on planet Aster IV at the beginning of the story. Raymond Skills focus on up-close combat and his skill tree should be primarily focused towards raising strength and unlocking new attack skills.

You're able to select either Raymond or Laeticia as your main character when playing Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Choosing either one means you get a few exclusive cutscenes related to that character on your playthrough.

Raymond Weapon Equipment

Raymond equips various types of swords and below is a list of all the weapons Raymond can find in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Bauernwehr ATK: 26
INT: 16
  Default Equipped
Ascalon Blade ATK: 41
INT: 19
Bestows the element of Earth to attacks.
+15% damage dealt to Demons
Purchased from Seaport Of Rythal
Claidheamh Soluis ATK: 43
INT: 23
Bestows the element of Water to attacks. Purchased from Delryk Village
Absolute Royal Guard ATK: 72
INT: 46
  Purchased from Village Of Eda
Balisarda ATK: 116
INT: 73
  Purchase from the Seaport Of Cotto
Dyrnwyn Sword ATK: 183
INT: 97
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Purchase from the Royal Capital Ascendros City
Beagalltach of Agony ATK: 281
INT: 177
  Purchase from Nihlbeth Ancient Coil
Balmung Sword ATK: 437
INT: 245
DEF: -43
  Purchase from the Royal Capital Ascendros City
Sturdy Collbrande ATK: 467
INT: 294
DEF: 34
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Purchase from The Aldous.
Chrysaor's Sword ATK: 715
INT: 378
Bestows the element of Water to attacks. Purchase from Paladurnia
Cruaidin Blade ATK: 947
INT: 596
  Purchase from The Aldous.
Caletvwlch ATK: 1827
INT: 1335
  Purchase from Santa in The Gauntlet
Imprisoning Dainsleif ATK: 5648
INT: 3556
GUTS: -2615
Absorbs 5% of damage dealt to Divinities Purchase from Santa in The Ultima Thule

Raymond Armor Equipment

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Cuirass DEF: 29
GUTS: 19
None Default Equipped
Ring Mail DEF: 24
GUTS: 24
None Default Equipped

Raymond Skill Tree

Below is the Skill Tree of Raymond.

Raymond Skill Tree

Raymond Combat Skills

Below are the combat skills Raymond can unlock. Combat skills are used in battle to deal damage to opponents or affect the battle in someway.

Skill Name Description Power (type) AP Target
Bell Ringer A mean, high-speed hook punch. Effective as a starting attack. Increases the VA gauge gain when landing a hit. 20 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Quick Ripper A quick, diagonal slash. Like the Bell Ringer, it is best as a starting attack. 32 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Boulder Crush A fierce, powerful slash. Leaves you vulnerable, so timing is key. 160 (ATK) 2 Foe, Single
Cruel Buster Kicks away a launched enemy. Deals extra damage if enemy hits a wall or falls from a height. 120 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Outrage A five-hit, slash-and-kick combo. Cannot be interrupted by attacks. Dodge to end the combo early. 150 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Payback Time A high-speed, one-handed lunge. Can be performed to cancel your damage animation. 25 (ATK) 2 For,Single
Fantasista A kick aimed low. Use on a downed enemy for extra damage. 50 (ATK) 1 For,Single
Abyssal Gate Cast an aura, then dash in close and strike. The aura itself can also deal damage. 400 (ATK) 5 Foe,Single
Brazen Wave Fires off a gliding shockwave. When used on the ground, the shockwave snakes across the terrain. 45 (INT) 1 Foe,Single

Raymond Passive Skills

Below are the passive skills Raymond can unlock. Passive skills don't require manual input from the player to control and happen "passively" as you play.

Skill Name Factor
First Aid 12% Chance of recovering 20% of HP when attacked.
Auto Healing Restore 1.5% HP at regular intervals
No Guard Will not flinch from DMG less than 16% of max HP.
Quick Usage -45% prep time when using items.
Magical Muscle 50% of ATK up when landing an INT-based critical hit.
Heavy Usage +20% to factor effects when using items.
Food Feelings 20% chance to prevent food effect counter decreasing.

Raymond Active Skills

Below are the active skills Raymond can unlock.

Skill Name Factor
Intimidate Chance of causing -15% ATK for 15s.
Chance of causing -15% INT for 15s.
Berserk Bestows +50% ATK for 10s.
Chance of causing -30% DEF for 10s.
Leadership Bestows +30% GUTS for 10s.
All In Bestows +50% ATK for 2s.
Bestows +50% INT for 2s.
All For One All abilities up +7% of ally's corresponding abilities.

Raymond Synchro Skills

Below are the synchro skills Raymond can unlock. Synchro skills, otherwise known as Vatting Skills, are usually available during prominent boss fights and are considered special moves that can turn the tide of a fight. The Vatting Skills are charged up over the duration of the battle, so they are not always available to use.

Name Description Power Factor Target
Extreme Daredevil A rushing technique strengthened immensely by D.U.M.A's power. Also damages nearby enemies. 1350   Foe, Single
Jet Daredevil High-speed rush strengthened by D.U.M.A. Strikes target with an unyielding blade. Slamming into other enemies will not stop him. 69   Foe, Single


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