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Malkya - Character Skills, Skill Tree, Equipment - Star Ocean: The Divine Force Character

December 6, 2022

Malkya is the leader of the Trathen Settlement in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. She is also a co-designer of the Fulga, along with Midas. She is found on the island of Nilhlbeth.

Malkya joins your party after you travel to Nihlbeth and ask for her help with acquiring Levitas Ore to help the Fulga ships fly.

Malkya Weapon Equipment

Malkya equips various types of knuckles and below is a list of all the weapons Malkya can find in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Trathen Knuckles ATK: 303
INT: 390
  Default Equipped
Rickety Gauntlets ATK: 2
INT: 3
  Item Creation
Blaze Talons ATK: 379
INT: 488
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Purchase from The Aldous.
Gandirnagl ATK: 556
INT: 715
  Purchase from Paladurnia
Wyrmkralle ATK: 678
INT: 871
+15% damage dealt to beasts Purchase from The Aldous.

Malkya Skill Tree

Below is the Skill Tree of Malkya.

Malkya Skill Tree

Malkya Combat Skills

Below are the combat skills Malkya can unlock. Combat skills are used in battle to deal damage to opponents or affect the battle in someway.

Skill Name Description Power (type) AP Target
Queen's Beat A jab with very long reach using slime-like arms. Malkyra is totally out of the enemy's reach. 20 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Serval Hunt Swiftly pounces and slashes with giant claws. Useful for closing in, then using close-range skills. 45 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Trathen's Royal Sword Impales the enemy and absorbs HP with a slime-like hand. A Trathen family secret. 200 (ATK) 5 Foe, Single
Acid Rain Normal Semiomancy. Acid rains down from above. May decrease the target's DEF. 108 (INT) 2 Foes, Area
Crush Normal Semiomancy. Drops weight on the target, decreasing INT and dealing damage. 130 (INT) 2 Foes, Area
Shall We Dance? A graceful series of spinning kicks, as if dancing on ice. Provides a moment of invincibility at the beginning, just like when dodging. 120 (ATK) 2 Foes, Area
Wild Cat Slices while moving left and right. Hits a wide area and she is invincible for its duration. 90 (ATK) 1 Foes, Area
Rising Papillon Several kicks, sending the enemy further into the air. Even useful when using the skill in midair. 150 (ATK) 2 Foe, Single
Crush Clap Crushes the enemy with giant hands. Can cause confusion. 140 (ATK) 3 Foe, Single
Trathen Cup Of Charity Shares her own HP with nearby allies. A Trathen family secret. 45 (INT) 3 Allies, Area
Deep Freeze Hard Semiomancy. Freezes area around the target. Chance to freeze the target. 210 (INT) 3 Foes, Area
Stone Rain Normal Semiomancy. Rocks fall on the target from above. 152 (INT) 2 Foes, Area

Malkya Passive Skills

Below are the passive skills Malkya can unlock. Passive skills don't require manual input from the player to control and happen "passively" as you play.

Skill Name Factor
First Aid 12% Chance of recovering 20% of HP when attacked.
Auto Healing Restore 1.5% HP at regular intervals.
Extend Dodge Extends invincibility when dodging 6/60 seconds.
Clever Fighter 50% of INT up when landing an ATK-based critical hit.
Counterattack Signal Max AP+1 when successfully executing a perfect dodge.
Longer Punishment +20% to duration of bestowed status effects.
Masochistic Semiomancy Skips cast time by consuming (10 x cast time) % of HP.
Stylish Dreamboat +30% to Armor factor effect

Malkya Active Skills

Below are the active skills Malkya can unlock.

Skill Name Factor
Convert HP/AP Consumes 20% HP and restores 5 AP.
Leadership Bestows 30% GUTS+ for 10s.
Purification Cures all status ailments.
Vampire Weaponry Bestows 5% Damage Absorption for 10s.
Spring Of Wisdom Bestows 50% INT for 10s
Chance of causing 30% GUTS - for 10s.

Malkya Synchro Skills

Below are the synchro skills Malkya can unlock. Synchro skills, otherwise known as Vatting Skills, are usually available during prominent boss fights and are considered special moves that can turn the tide of a fight. The Vatting Skills are charged up over the duration of the battle, so they are not always available to use.

Name Description Power Factor Target
Holy Tomb Arm Grave The pinnacle of semiomancy. Wisdom and magic meet the power of the stars, D.U.M.A. 900 (INT)   Foes, Area
Spinning Dolphin High-speed rush strengthened by D.U.M.A. Fires off additional Ice Needles when changing directions during the rush. 72 (ATK)   Foe, Single

Malkya Item Creation Skills

  • Synthesis
  • Smithery
  • Crafting
  • Compounding
  • Alchemy
  • Authoring
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