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Laeticia's Marriage - Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Walkthrough - Part 8

December 7, 2022

Laeticia has a proposal to help Aucerius win the war with the Vey'l Empire and to do requires her to head into enemy territory.

Before heading off to The Semiomancy Consortium, you should check out the general store in the Royal Capital Ascendros City for new weapons:

Name Stats Factor Character
Balmung Sword ATK: 437
INT: 245
DEF: -43
Ridills Of The Heart ATK: 361
INT: 390
Niezguinek ATK: 332
INT: 419
Amrita Sing ATK: 245
INT: 477
GUTS: -58
Restores 1% HP when chaining combos Nina
Blazing ChamiaK'awil ATK: 385
INT: 412
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks Midas


When you arrive at the Semiomancy, King Aucerius is introduced to the Fulga Ships.


Elena recommends she can have them running in 10 days time. Laeticia proposes she marry Ger'rad as a way to buy them some more time to prepare the Fulga Ships.



You meet with Ger'rad and are taken to Castle Vey'l along with Chloe as your attendant. You also meet the head of the Vey'l Empire: Bohld'or.

Castle Vey'l

When you're taken to your room, you can explore Castle Vey'l a little.

  • [1] Treasure Chest: Rainbow Diamond
  • [2] Treasure Chest: Demi-lance Armor

Head to your bed and sleep to start the next day. Ger'rad takes you to see his father and the wedding has been set in 7 days time.


If you then go to the next day, Ger'rad will escort you into the Imperial Capital where you can find your wedding dress.

  • [1] Treasure Chest: Aquaberry Potion x4
  • [2] Treasure Chest: Blueberry Potion x4
  • [3] Treasure Chest: Physical Stimulant x3
  • [4] Treasure Chest: Myuria
  • [5] Treasure Chest: Healing Device

After meeting the lady who is going to make your wedding dress, you get a bit more free-roam time. Head back to Castle Vey'l to continue the story.

You can pick up the quest The Adventures of a Carefree Cat.

Once inside Castle Vey'l, head to your room and sleep to begin the next day.

4 Days to go...


Ger'rad insists on taking you for a walk in the capital grounds. Here you'll come across the Merchant of the Imperial Court.

If you head to the way-point marker Ger'rad takes you to his favorite spot. You'll then return to your room.

3 Days To Go...


You have a strange interaction with Lola...

2 Days To Go...


Laeticia tries on her wedding dress.

The Wedding


The Wedding is happening at Baldaar. As the ceremony begins, you notice two strange devices that look like your new crowns behind Bohld'or.

But at the last moment Laeticia pulls outs and the gang arrive on the Fulga ships to rescue you.

Boss Fight - Velanj and Gaston


I wish I could say there is something new and different about this fight as the others... but there isn't. You've already faced Velanj and Gaston several times now so their skillset isn't a surprise.

Focus on one at a time; once one is downed the whole fight becomes a lot easier.

Make sure Nina has AOE healing up and use D.U.M.A. blindside to hit double damage when you can.

You can also make use of VATTING here and take off a hefty chunk of HP.


  • Ricardo
  • 2952 Fol
  • 7074 EXP


After the fight, someone called Lieutenant Marielle L. Kenny of the Pangalactic Federation turns up trying to arrest Velanj and Gaston.

Med Pod

Neyan then turns up and shoots the King! Raymond begs Marielle for a med pod transfer and he disappears!

You return to Aucerius Castle where the king returns healthy. It's time to get some answers and Marielle is waiting for you in the conference room.


She explains that her captain, Bennett, ordered an attack on Ray's ship the Ydas. It looks like he was after D.U.M.A. also. Marielle tried to intervene but was ultimately escorted away.

She managed to escape and come to Aster IV and now is planning to help capture the Vyrians (purple horned people).


You'll then want to head back to the King's chambers where Midas and Malkya are having a heart-to-heart with the King.

Afterwards, Laeticia prepares Aucerius for war and plans to attack the Imperial Capital.

Attack On Imperial Capital


The next phase of the journey sees you head to Baldaar and head into Vey'l territory to begin an invasion of the Imperial Capital.

If you head to Baldaar first, you can pick up some new quests: The Corporal's Farewell, I want To Be Disliked and This Man Needs Love.


Head to the Vey'l Region and meet Bertrand at the gates of the Imperial Capital.

Inside, you'll have to fight your way through several rounds of Vey'l Soldiers. Head towards the Vey'l Castle.

When you get there, you'll notice Neyan is not looking too good...

Boss Fight - Neyan, Forlorn and Desperate


Recommended Level: 48

Neyan is back and he brings with him several Vey'l mobs that will constantly get in your way in you don't pick them off. Some of them can also do a decent amount of damage to you, so work your way through the mobs until it's just Neyan alone.

Neyan can cast debuffs on you, causing you to lose DMG, INT, DEF and GUTS stats. He can also cast AOE semiomancy skills that will deal lots of damage over time. If you get caught in an AOE attack, it will be very difficult for you to get out. Look for the patterns of Neyan's skill animations to know when they're coming.

Neyan will also use a blue orb skill that protects him from damage and repels you if you go near him.

You can easily build your VATTING gauge up in this fight by taking out the extra mobs. Neyan will summon them again throughout the fight.


  • Wondrous Tincture
  • 9475 Fol
  • 23688 EXP

Head inside Castle Vey'l, where you'll take on the three Vyrians...

Boss Fight - Velanj, Gaston, Lola


Recommended Level: 50

You must be getting bored of fighting these guys by now.

The most important aspect of this fight is to focus on one of the members at a time. The earlier you reduce them from three to two, the easier the battle is.

Gaston and Velanj deal some powerful damage to you; you can easily find yourself getting caught by double 1K+ hits.

We focused on Gaston first and then Velanj. You will find some of your party will go down early on if they suffer from the barage of attacks from all 3 Vyrians.

Boss Fight - Bohld'or


Recommended Level: 50

Immediately have Nina heal you up from your last fight. Bohd'or starts the fight at the top of the stairs so there is some distance between you for the beginning of the fight.

If you can win the 3 Vyrians fight, this fight should be a piece of cake.

He doesn't have much HP, and if your entire party focuses on attacking him he won't get room to counter you.


After the fight, Bohld'or and the Vyrians reveal they are very interested in your D.U.M.A. device. Something about Scorpium integrating cybernetics with humanoids... Ray says it best with: "I am completely lost here."

That wraps up part 8 of the Star Ocean: The Divine Force Walkthrough! How did you fair in the boss battles? Let us know in the comments!

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