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Star Ocean: The Divine Force - The Gauntlet Guide

February 8, 2023

The Gauntlet is a post-game dungeon in Star Ocean: The Divine Force that offers a serious test for players who have finished the main storyline of the game.

If you haven't already completed Star Ocean: The Divine Force, check out our Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide.

The Gauntlet is one of two post-game dungeons that players can optionally undertake for better weapons and rewards.

Completing The Gauntlet will unlock the second post-game Dungeon: The Ultima Thule.

How To Reach The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet can be accessed from the Nihlbeth Ancient Coil. First you must undertake the sidequest The Unyielding Door and complete it to gain access.

Once you have completed the quest, head to Nihlbeth Ancient Coil and you'll want to head to the dungeon underneath it. There are 8 levels to navigate through; if you played through as Raymond this place will be familiar to you.

The Gauntlet

If you follow from Malkya's office and head down to Level 2, you'll come to big spiral staircase.

LEve l 5

Head all the way down it and you'll come to Level 5. Make your way through this area to the next spiral staircase at the top of the map as seen in the image above.

Level 7

Level 7

Head down this spiral staircase and exit not at the direct bottom, but one level above and you'll come to Level 7.


Head across the room to a triangle rock; touching it activates an elevator that takes you down to a room.

The Gauntlet

Here you can find crystals; head past them and you'll come to a corridor that takes you to The Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is divided up into 4 different dungeons, each with a tough boss waiting for you at the end.


You can also buy some new weapons from the Santa NPC if you complete his quest: The Perculiar Merchant's Demand

Name Stats Factor Character
Caletvwlch ATK: 1827
INT: 1335
Fin Du Monde ATK: 1692
INT: 1827
Akasha Giera ATK: 1557
INT: 1963
Kaladanda Wand ATK: 1806
INT: 1930
Bestows the element of Earth to attacks.
+20% DMG dealt when target is down
Ame no Magari Jp-A2 ATK: 1557
INT: 1557
Bestows the element of Wind to attacks. Marielle
Sonitus Caeli ATK: 1151
INT: 2233

Old Guard's Road

Old Guard's Road


The Old Guard's Road is a simple dungeon. Just follow it from room to room if you do not care for the Treasure Chests. You'll encounter some tough enemies if you are not sufficiently high level (110+). But these places are also great to grind at to catch up- just be careful!

At the end of the dungeon you'll face four Seraph Bosses. The tactic is to take the fight slow and take one at a time.

Origin Road

Origin Road

Great Hoplite

Great Hoplite is the boss waiting for you at the end of Origin Road. He will periodically summon mobs to distract you; best to take them out should you get overwhelmed. Target his head for high damage; you can also hit his feet constantly and get him stunned so he trips over, allowing you to pile in the damage.

Watch out for his circular fire attack; you can avoid it by staying at the base of it's feet.

Basket Bottom Road

Basket Bottom Road

Queen Worm

Queen Worm is the boss at the end of Basket Bottom Road. It has the same attacks as previous giant worms you have fought in the main series.

The key to this fight is to NOT ATTACK the boss when you are poisoned. When you get hit with poison, just run away until it runs off. Attacking the boss whilst poisoned will deal tons of damage to you and wipe you out.

Blossom Road

Blossom Road

Jungle Tomb

Jungle Tomb is a giant plant boss awaiting you. It will periodically shoot out a poison mist that will poison you and cause you to deal damage to yourself. The best plan is to take out the mobs first and then as soon as it shoots its poison mist, hammer it down.

Gabriel Celeste

Gabriel Celeste

Once all four dungeons have had their bosses defeated, you can then take the stairs in The Gauntlet to face the final boss: Gabriel Celeste.

Gabriel Celeste strongest attack is called Charge Catastrophe; if you get caught by it you are 1-hit KO! You get about 3 seconds of animation time to dodge it; as soon as you see the notification, just sprint around the dungeon to dodge it.

The rest of his attacks are fairly tame and easy to manage, especially with Nina casting heals.

You cannot blindside him, so you're VA and ATB is going to be quite low most of the time. Your best bet is to use Vatting attacks to deal huge chunks of damage.

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