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Searching For Midas - Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Walkthrough - Part 3

December 7, 2022

After rescuing Marquis Yzen from the Delryk Mines, we now continue our search for Midas Felgreed in Star Ocean: The Divine Force walkthrough.

Searching For Midas

When you return to see Marquis Yzen after he has recovered at The Infirmary and ask him about Midas, he refuses to reveal his whereabouts due to Laeticia's links to the palace. In fact, he as good as tells you to get lost!


Luckily, Nina decides to join you on your adventure next! It turns out Nina's father, Marquis and Midas are apart of a group known as The Three Wise men.

If you head to Nina's house, she gives you a bit more background of how she knows who Laeticia is; when Nina's father died, the King and Laeticia came to visit Nina to pay their respects.

She says she will help you find Midas if you help her with something.

When Nina and Raymond return, your next destination is Rythal to pick up some medicine. You probably get a better cutscene here with Raymond as your main character.

Nina joins the party! Make sure you spend all her SP to boost her stats and skills right out of the gate. Nina is a great addition to your party as she can heal you!

Delvyr Region

Our next task see's us head to the Seaport Of Rythal, which is north of Delryk Village in the Del'vye Region.


On your way, you will come across a Shrine! These special shrines can give you buffs when you present them with a Hermes Lilly. You can find one to the east of the Del'vye Region.

Seaport Of Rythal

Seaport Of Rythal

  • [1] Treasure Chest: 200 Fol
  • [2] Treasure Chest: Evasion Charm
  • [3] Treasure Chest: Strength Potion
  • [4] Treasure Chest: Fresh Sage

When you arrive, Raymond wants you to check the port in case Chloe has arrived. So head that way.

Don't forget to stock up on new weapons at the shop:

Item Stats Factor How To Get
Ascalon Blade ATK: 41
INT: 19
Bestows the element of Earth to attacks.
+15% damage dealt to Demons
Purchased from Seaport Of Rythal
Soaring Water Rings ATK: 34
INT: 43
Bestows the element of Water to attacks. Purchased from Seaport Of Rythal

In Rythal, you can pick up two new quests: Such Soft and Fluffy Beds and Es'owa Initiation.

Es'owa Mini-Game



You might have heard of the Es'owa mini-game by talking to some of the NPCs in the game. You can finally pick up your very own Es'owa board by talking to an NPC outside of the Inn. She will sell you one for 1,200 Fol.

You can then go and challenge NPCs around towns to a game of Es'owa. When you beat them, you unlock a special Es'owa piece for your board- there's lots to collect!


When you arrive at the port, speak to this guy. He tells you that the port has no shipments due to a blockade by the Vey'l Empire.

Item Creation

Then, it will cut to a new scene of a strange girl on the harbor. She drops an earing that Laeticia picks up, whilst also letting us know she can be found in Delryk Village. If you do go back to Delryk Village, you can find her house on with the giant finger pointing at it; she will give you the Item Crafting ability!

Doctor Vahnel

Anyways, time to go get the medicine supplies! Go and speak to Doctor Vahnel.


Nina reveals her father died from Helgar's Disease and that it's her dream to find a cure for it.


And in another dramatic turn of events, Albaird collapses. Doctor Vahnel tells you that Marquis (the guy who raised Nina and is back in Delryk Village) will help Albaird on his recommendation.

Return to the Inn for some much needed rest and then head back to the entrance of Doctor Vehnel where you'll meet Albaird who is feeling a lot better.

You'll now want to travel to Delryk Village to speak to Marquis to see if he can help fix Albaird's arm.

When you arrive at Delryk Village, you'll notice a new quest is available called: Pesky Thieves.


After a bit of back and forth, Marquis tells you only Midas can help Albaird with his arm. He then concedes and reveals the location of where he is: the Village Of Eda.

You can find Eda at the north of the Larcasse Weald region; use your Quick Travel to get there in a jiffy!

Edahli Region

Edahli Region

  • [1] Treasure Chest: Electromagnetic Bomb (M) x2

The Edahli Region contains some strong monsters, so take your sweet time navigating this area.


You'll find lots of Purple Crystals on floating Islands here; use D.U.M.A. to glide across to get them.


Halfway through the Edahli Region, you make camp. The cutscene also sees Raymond get a message from a crewmate named Elena, who might be nearby.

When you wake up, follow the path around until you come to the Village Of Eda.

Boss Fight - Semiomantic Cannon

Semiomantic Cannon

Whilst not really a boss, the battle is still quite tricky. You have to face off against several Semiomantic Cannons.

You'll want to focus on one at a time, making sure your locked function is selected on one Semiomantic Cannon as without it, your targeting can go all over the place.

When low on health, have Nina use her Song Tingling Chimes skill to heal everyone up; try to move everyone away from danger.

If you have Albaird's Fireball skill unlocked, you can also get in some range damage.

Don't forget you can use items using Stop Time.

Slowly but surely, you'll take down the cannons. At the start the battle is frantic, but it slowly gets easier with each cannon you take out.

At the end of the fight, Midas reveals himself to you and welcomes you to his village.

That wraps up part 3 of the Star Ocean: The Divine Force Walkthrough! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments!

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