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Such Soft and Fluffy Beds - Star Ocean: The Divine Force Sidequest

November 11, 2022

Such Soft and Fluffy Beds is a sidequest you can pick up in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Such Soft And Fluffy Beds

This quest is available as you enter the Seaport Of Rythal. Speak to a woman outside of the Inn and she will grant you the quest.

Upon accepting the quest, she will ask you to find 4 Axe Beak's Feathers. There's the very good possibility that you already own these items as they drop from monsters that appear in the Del'vyr Region and Larcasse Region.

Axe Beak's Feathers are not a guaranteed drop, so you may have to grind on these monsters a little bit.

Axe Beak Peryton

The two monsters that drop the item are Axe Beak, which can be found in the Del'vyr Region.

Or the weaker monster Peryton in the Larcasse Region.



We've added two screenshots of their locations.

Once you have 4 Axe Beak's Feathers, return back to the Seaport Of Rythal to turn in the quest.


  • 2560 Fol
  • Stay at the Inn for free


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