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Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Level Up Fast Guide

January 25, 2023

Star Ocean: The Divine Force has a max level of 255 and so you'll want to use this guide to help you level up super fast to hit max level. Luckily, there are some easy methods you can use to grind out the EXP needed to level up.

Whilst you don't need to hit max level to complete Star Ocean: The Divine Force (only around level 100!), you will want to get to max level if you're taking on any of the post-game dungeons and max out your Item Creation skills.

Item Crafting

To level up super fast, this method is best utilized once you have unlocked Synthesizing, but you can attempt to do it earlier in the game if you have the patience.

EXP Accessories

This method involves crafting lots of Accessories and aiming to get the EXP Gained factor on them. By the end of this method, you'll have some fully decked out gear that you can equip to one character and power-level to max level in a few short minutes.


You're going to want to go into Crafting and start using up your materials to craft accessories. You're looking to get the +EXP Gained factor on your accessory. You'll want at least four accessories with the EXP Gained factor.

NOTE: +% EXP Gained is different to the Hit Count EXP Gained. You just want the simple +EXP Gained for this method to work well.

Once you have four accessories, you need to head over to the Synthesizing ability.

Here you can synthesis two of your EXP Accessories together; Synthesizing will take the factors of your items and combine them together randomly. An accessory can have a max of four factors; meaning you can essentially combine all four EXP rings together to create one ultimate EXP gaining ring.

Power Ring

With Synthesis, you can "Factor Lock" in up two abilities per accessory. This allows you to always guarantee your Synthesis ends up with two EXP gained factors and then you just have to pray for RNG to be on your side. If it's not, just reload the game before the Synthesis happens and try again. Eventually you'll end up with a super EXP accessory!

You can do this twice, as each character in Star Ocean: The Divine Force has two accessory slots.

If you're feeling particularly lazy, you don't have to go all out for the four factor EXP Accessory; it will just mean you'll need to fight a few more mobs to level up.

Armor Factors

Armor Factor

The EXP stacking doesn't stop there! Next you'll want to craft some Armor and aim to get the Armor Factor: +% Accessories Factor effect.

What this factor does is boost any factors that are equipped on your Accessories; essentially boosting your EXP Factors again!

Armor equipment can be limited to certain characters, so you may need to craft lots of these. We also found that getting the +% Accessories Factor effect was a lot more difficult than the +EXP Gained one.

You'll want to use Synthesizing again to make your armor have all four +% Accessories Factor.

Laeticia Passive

Finally, you'll want to equip Laeticia's passive ability Determined Princess.

With this equipped all your party members will gain an additional +200% EXP when the skill is at max level.

Grinding Spots

Now you just need to equip all your EXP gaining gear and head on out to a few fights. With so much EXP stacking, you won't need to grind very long until you hit max level.


You can choose any mob in the game and you'll gain a ton of EXP.

Fighting at The Gauntlet is a great place to get in the levels; if you haven't unlocked that area yet try Provenience Cavern in Paladurnia.

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