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D.U.M.A Skills - Star Ocean: The Divine Force

November 9, 2022

D.U.M.A. is a robot that comes from the merchant ship traveling alongside Raymond in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. D.U.M.A. activates new battle skills and provides you with upgrades to make traversing the world a lot more efficient.

D.U.M.A. will automatically transfer to whichever character you are in control of, giving them the ability to both rush enemies and create a barrier. As the game continues, D.U.M.A. is upgraded with new mechanics and skills.

You can earn D.U.M.A. Points (DP) by collecting purple crystals and shards from around the world. With DP, you can then use them to level up D.U.M.A skills from the main menu.

D.U.M.A. Field Skills

Field Skills are activated when you're not in battle.

Skill Name Description MAX Level
Extend Scan Expands the area of effect for D.U.M.A's scanning by 25%  
Silencer Reduces enemies' footsteps detection range by 25%.  

D.U.M.A. Battle Skills

Battle skills are passive effects that are applied when performing certain actions in battle.

Skill Name Description MAX Level
Guardian -20% VA gauge reduction when blocking with a shield  
Strike Gain +15% amount of VA gauge gain when landing an ATK.  
Reduce Assault -10% VA gauge lost upon reorientating for a blindside  
Extend Stun Lock Extends enemy blindside duration by 10%  
Evasion Gain Gain +20% VA gauge by perfectly avoiding atk.  

D.U.M.A Estery Cage Skills

Estery Cage are skills that are activated when you set D.U.M.A.'s mode to Estery Cage, giving passive effects whilst in battle. Estery Cage mode does not become available until you come to the Royal Capital.

Skill Name Description MAX Level
Estery Shield -10% DMG sustained while an Estery Cage is in use.  
Estery Striker +1% DMG dealt while an Estery Cage is in use.  
Extend Force Buffs expire 15% slower while an Estery Cage is in use.  
Reduce Cons Ailments expire 15% faster while an Estery Cage is in use.  

Assign D.U.M.A Skills

D.U.M.A. Skills

From the main menu, you can assign skills to D.U.M.A. to activate during battle and exploring.

You can assign 1 Field skill at a time and 3 Battle Skills. When exploring for items, it's best to activate Extend Scan for Field Skill, but when grinding for EXP you want to use the Silencer skill.

Battle skills are also shared with Estery Cage skills; you can toggle which ones to assign by pressing X,Z in the main menu.

Using D.U.M.A In Battle


You obtain D.U.M.A. early on in Star Ocean: The Divine Force just before you fight the first boss in the Mhedume Ruins.

D.U.M.A. relies on the VA Gauge to be powered. The VA Gauge depletes whenever you use D.U.M.A. and replenishes when you use combat skills.

Holding RB (or whichever key is assigned to activate D.U.M.A.) creates a barrier around you that can block enemy attacks. Releasing it, will allow D.U.M.A. to rush towards an opponent and deal damage on contact.

If you rush towards an enemy and move to the side using the directional keys at the last minute you can activate a Blindside Event. This will give you 2x damage against the opponent for a short duration. If you miss a blindside attempt, it will deplete the entire VA Gauge or 50% if you land it.


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