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Albaird - Character Skills, Skill Tree, Equipment - Star Ocean: The Divine Force Character

February 9, 2023

Albaird is a childhood friend and knight of princess Laeticia in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. He wields a pair of Chakrams as his weapon type and can use his skills for both short and medium range attacks in battle.

Albaird Bergholm is Laeticia's loyal companion from the start and follows her decisions loyally throughout the game.

Albaird Weapon Equipment

Albaird equips various types of swords and below is a list of all the weapons Albaird can find in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Full Moon Rings ATK: 22
INT: 28
  Default Equipped
Agni Hast ATK: 34
INT: 43
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Purchased from Delryk Village
Soaring Water Rings ATK: 34
INT: 43
Bestows the element of Water to attacks. Purchased from Seaport Of Rythal
Flabellum Hoops ATK: 57
INT: 72
+15% Damage to insects. Purchased from Village Of Eda
Di Zhen Lun ATK: 91
INT: 114
Bestows the element of Earth to attacks. Purchase from the Seaport Of Cotto.
Tathlum Rings ATK: 67
INT: 144
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Purchase from the Seaport Of Cotto.
Panah Bulat ATK: 155
INT: 196
  Purchase from the Royal Palace Ascendros City
Nadrfringr ATK: 199
INT: 250
Bestows the element of Earth to attacks.
Chance of causing Poisoned for 10s.
Purchase from Nihlbeth Ancient Coil
Niezguinek ATK: 332
INT: 419
  Purchase from the Royal Palace Ascendros City
Xiuhcoatl Tleti ATK: 416
INT: 524
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Purchase from The Aldous.
Sbrul-nag 'dom-dgu ATK: 560
INT: 706
Bestows the element of Water to attacks. Purchase from Paladurnia
Aadellring ATK: 807
INT: 1017
GUTS: -140
+10% damage dealt to Humanoids Purchase from The Aldous.
Akasha Giera ATK: 1557
INT: 1963
  Purchase from The Gauntlet
Glimmering Sudarshana ATK: 4427
INT: 5581
Deal +33% DMG when the Hit Count is 100 or above Purchase from The Ultima Thule

Albaird Armor Equipment

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Ring Mail DEF: +24
GUTS: +24
  Default Equipped

Albaird Skill Tree

Below is the Skill Tree of Albaird.

Albaird Skill Tree

Albaird Combat Skills

Below are the combat skills Albaird can unlock. Combat skills are used in battle to deal damage to opponents or affect the battle in someway.

Skill Name Description Power (type) AP Target
Double Circle Slash Slices with both chakram. You need good judgement to wield these versatile weapons. 24 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Flash Stream Fluidly jumps in and strikes. Can down an enemy. Useful as a semiomantic opening move. 50 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Flying Guillotine Throws a chakram like boomerangs. Master the spacing to land more than three hits. 60 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Shadow Remnants Generates orbiting chakram. They also fire up to four projectiles when triggering semiomancy. 7 (ATK) 2 Foes, Area
Peerless Guillotine Bloodthirsty attack that fires off many Flying Guillotines at the same time. Works well in a free-for-all. 40 (ATK) 5 Foes, Area
Barrier Creates a shield that repels most enemy projectiles, but not all. 0 5 None
Ikaruga Hurls a huge chakram followed by a small one. Possible to hit multiple times with good spacing. 180 (ATK) 3 Foes, Area
Ice Sword Easy Semiomancy. Long-range. Launches sharp blades of ice. 60 (INT) 1 Foe, Single
Fireball Easy Semiomancy. Long-range. Launches homing fireballs. 60 (INT) 1 Foe, Single
Demon Gate Creates a gravity orb that pulls in surrounding enemies. You can move freely, enemies cannot. 255 (INT) 4 Foes, Area

Albaird Passive Skills

Below are the passive skills Albaird can unlock. Passive skills don't require manual input from the player to control and happen "passively" as you play.

Skill Name Factor
First Aid 12% Chance of recovering 20% of HP when attacked.
Auto Healing Restore 1.5% HP at regular intervals
Rainy Day Fund Gain +20% Fol from battle.
Quick Usage -45% prep time when using items.
Longer Punishment +20% duration of bestowed status effects.
Heavy Usage +20% to factor effects when using items.
Weapons Expert +30% to Weapons factor effect.
Extend Dodge Extends invincibility when dodging 6/60 seconds.

Albaird Active Skills

Below are the active skills Albaird can unlock.

Skill Name Factor
Purging Bestows +50% MVSPD for 10s
Chance of causing -15% DEF for 10s.
Vitality Drive Bestows +23% DEF for 10s
Bestows +23% GUTS for 10s
Hide Bestows Invisible for 10s
Spring of Wisdom Bestows +50% INT for 10s
Chance of causing -30% GUTS for 10s
Shadow Bind Chance of causing

Albaird Synchro Skills

Below are the synchro skills Albaird can unlock. Synchro skills, otherwise known as Vatting Skills, are usually available during prominent boss fights and are considered special moves that can turn the tide of a fight. The Vatting Skills are charged up over the duration of the battle, so they are not always available to use.

Name Description Power Factor Target
Limitless Shadows Emits countless orbiting chakram. They all fire follow-up projectiles when triggering semiomancy. 6   Foes,Area
Severing R High-speed rush strengthened by D.U.M.A. Mobility is much higher than other characters. Can be canceled by using skills. 64   Foe, Single


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