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Laeticia - Character Skills, Skill Tree, Equipment - Star Ocean: The Divine Force Character

February 8, 2023

Laeticia is one of the main characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force and is a princess to the kingdom of Aucerius. Laeticia skills focus on the use of her dual-blade swords, putting you in up-close combat against enemies and bosses.

When you begin a new game of Star Ocean: The Divine Force, you get to choose which main character you'd like to play out of Raymond or Laeticia. Depending on your choice, you'll get a few exclusive cutscenes on your journey based on that character.

Laeticia Weapon Equipment

Laeticia equips various types of dual-blade swords and below is a list of all the weapons Laeticia can find in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Zweisax ATK: 24
INT: 26
  Default Equipped
Dual Claidheamh Soluis ATK: 40
INT: 43
Bestows the element of Earth to attacks.
+15% damage dealt to Demons
Purchased from Delryk Village
Tu Kutune Shirka ATK: 67
INT: 61
+21% ATK when HP is under 25% Purchased from Village Of Eda
Double-Fanged Ylfingr ATK: 98
INT: 106
+10% DMG dealt on Critical Hit. Purchase from the Seaport Of Cotto
Sigrvandill ATK: 98
INT: 106
Low% to regain all AP defeating enemies at 3m+ altitude. Purchase from the Royal Palace Ascendros City
Holy Farewell ATK: 260
INT: 281
  Purchase from Nihlbeth Ancient Coil
Ridills Of The Heart ATK: 361
INT: 390
  Purchase from the Royal Palace Ascendros City
Timeworn Morddure ATK: 491
INT: 530
  Purchase from The Aldous.
Matia Tis Alitheias ATK: 662
INT: 715
  Purchase from Paladurnia
Snarvendill ATK: 737
INT: 1099
  Purchase from The Aldous.
Fin Du Monde ATK: 1692
INT: 1827
  Purchase from The Gauntlet

Laeticia Armor Equipment

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Ring Mail DEF: +24
GUTS: +24
  Default Equipped

Laeticia Skill Tree

Below is the Skill Tree of Laeticia.

Laeticia Skill Tree

Laeticia Combat Skills

Below are the combat skills Laeticia can unlock. Combat skills are used in battle to deal damage to opponents or affect the battle in someway.

Skill Name Description Power (type) AP Target
Coupe A basic slash. One thousand coupes per day makes an Aucerian swordsman. 25 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Eclipse Du Choucas An aura-powered upward slash. Can hit enemies above or behind, but leaves you open afterward. 48 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Grand Malheur A flurry of thrusts. Cannot down enemies, but good for pressuring. Be mindful of your chain combos. 77 (ATK) 1 Foe, Single
Nemesis Rhapsodie A mighty double-slash. 100 (ATK) 2 Foe, Single
Croix Gardien A cross clash with an aura that dispels projectiles. Intially grants a moment of invincibility. 120 (INT) 2 Foe, Single
Liberation du Gerbera A flowing barrage of attacks. 60 (ATK) 2 For,Single
Mistral Attacks an area with whirling winds, surging upward. Useful as a starting skill for aerial combos. 48 (ATK) 3 For,Area
Supernova A royal skill taught to very few swordsmen. Cuts down evil with a series of majestic strikes. 340 (ATK) 4 Foe,Single
Sceau de Terre Temporarily imbues your sword with earth. Effective against flying creatures, giant enemies, etc. 0 1 Self
Sceau de Flamme Temporarily imbues your sword with fire. Effective against beasts, plants, undead, etc. 0 1 Self
Sceau de Vent Temporarily imbues your sword with wind. Effective against mech and plant-based enemies, etc. 0 1 Self
Sceau de Glace Temporarily imbues your sword with uce. Effective against some beasts, metal-clad enemies, etc. 0 1 Self
Ronde Mysterieuse Fires out an advancing tornado. Damage is based on INT. Proof of a real damage-dealer. 300 (INT) 5 Foes, Area

Laeticia Passive Skills

Below are the passive skills Laeticia can unlock. Passive skills don't require manual input from the player to control and happen "passively" as you play.

Skill Name Factor
First Aid 12% Chance of recovering 20% of HP when attacked.
Auto Healing Restore 1.5% HP at regular intervals
Stylish Dreamboat +30% to Armor factor effect.
Clever Fighter 50% of INT up when landing an ATK-based critical hit.
Determined Princess -DEF 50%
-GUTS 50%
All party members gain 135% EXP from battle.
Extend Dodge Extends invincibility when dodging 6/60 seconds.
Heavy Usage +20% to factor effects when using items.
Quick Usage -45% prep time when using items.

Laeticia Active Skills

Below are the active skills Laeticia can unlock.

Skill Name Factor
All In Bestows +50% ATK for 2s.
Bestows +50% INT for 2s.
One For All All ally abilities up, +20% of your own corresponding abilities.
Vitality Drive Bestows +23% DEF for 10s
Bestows +23% GUTS for 10s
Purification Cures all status ailments
Vampire Weaponry Bestows +5% Damage Absorption for 10s.

Laeticia Synchro Skills

Below are the synchro skills Laeticia can unlock. Synchro skills, otherwise known as Vatting Skills, are usually available during prominent boss fights and are considered special moves that can turn the tide of a fight. The Vatting Skills are charged up over the duration of the battle, so they are not always available to use.

Name Description Power Factor Target
Ultime Camui Mistal strengthered by D.U.M.A. A divine storm of swords slices the entire surrounding area. 1600   Foes, Area
Avant Charge High-speed rush strengthened by D.U.M.A. Her hitbox extends to the tip of her blade during the rush. 64   Foe, Single
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