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MapleStory Khali Skill Build Guide

August 30, 2023

Khali is a brand new class for MapleStory and this class is part of the Flora MapleStory classes, using LUK as the primary stat and a brand new weapon type called the Chakram. This Skill Build guide will look at all the skills for Khali, including Hyper and 5th Job Khali skills!

Khali arrives on MapleStory GMS on June 28th 2023 and its been a while since MapleStory has released a new class for us to play with! The last one was Lara, the Anima Mage class.

Khali Overview

Khali is released during the MapleStory GMS Savior Update V.242 and on release will be a Tera Burning character (Gain 3 levels instead of 1- this effect might not be available once the event is over!).

Khali relies on her Void Rush skill, that allows her to dart past enemies before delivering devastating damage. The class makes use of "Arts" skills that help reduce the cooldown of Void Rush; by the time you hit 5th job, you'll be able to chain lots of dashes with Art skills do travel across maps in a blink of an eye! The class's asthetics are desert-themed; Khali comes from the desert town of Erimos. You will have to undertake a story quest line before you get free for Maple World at around Level 30.

The class does have quite a few skills you need to manage; chaining your skills properly allows you to ping around maps with ease, dealing damage to all spawned mobs and generally being able to wipe maps with ease. After a small learning curve, Khali starts to feel very mobile and fun. There are skill animation cancelling moves you can master to further enhance this class, but those can be learned once you dive deep into the mechanics of the class.

For bossing, Khali relies a lot on her Void Rush dash skill, and that can sometimes be a problem for bosses. Not to worry; you can cancel most animations skills for this class using certain skills, preventing you from moving all over the place and getting 1-hit. You also get an i-frame in 4th job called Desert Veil, which gives you invicibility for 3 seconds! You also get second iframe in 5th job!

Khali releases June 28th, 2023 in GMS! Check out the New MapleStory Class Preparation Guide for getting ready to play your new Khali!

  • Weapon: Chakram
  • Job: Thief
  • Class: Flora
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory: Illium, Adele, Ark
  • Legion Block: + LUK (10/20/40/80/100)
  • Link Skill: Innate Gift (Damage: +5%, Upon Attacking, Recovery Chance: 100%; Recovery: 2% of Max HP/MP per sec, Duration: 5 sec, Cooldown: 30 sec)
  • Primary Stat: LUK
  • Inner Ability: Passive Skills: +1

Khali First Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in first job. Follow this build:

  • Arts: Cross Cut (+1), Spark (+1), Void Rush (+1)
  • Flare (+1), Spark (MAX)
  • Arts: Cross Cut (MAX)
  • Void Rush (MAX)
  • Flare (MAX)
  • Patience (MAX)

You start off with Khali combining two skills: Void Rush, which is your dash skill and allows you to move left or right, followed by Arts: Cross Cut, which is your main attacking skill. Arts: Cross Cut can reduce the cooldown of your Void Rush (which is 5 seconds), so it's best to utilize these skills together to create fun combos.

Spark is your double jump; you only need 5 SP to Max it out so better to do it early as your Void Rush is quite useless during early levels.

You get two passive skills: Flare, which gives some flat stat boosts and Patience which increases your Speed and Jump.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Arts: Cross Cut Arts: Cross Cut Swing the chakram diagonally for a powerful slash to enemies in front. Main Attack Skill
Spark Spark Leap once more while already in the air. Can move upward by pressing the Up key at the same time. Jump Skill
Void Rush Void Rush Move quickly in one direction to leave only an afterimage. You can move left or right by also pressing the relevant arrow key. Not affected by cooldown reset. Level 10 required to learn Insanity I. Dash Skill
Flare Flare Further enhance your natural physical talent through training. Passive Buff
Patience Patience Train with extreme patience to increase Speed, Jump, Max Speed, and Avoidability. Passive Buff

Khali Second Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in second job. Follow this build:

  • Arts: Dual Edge (+1), Arts: Crescentum (+1), Insanity I (+1)
  • Impulse (+1), Chakram Mastery (5)
  • Chakram Booster (MAX)
  • Arts: Dual Edge (MAX)
  • Insanity (MAX)
  • Arts: Crescentum (MAX)
  • Impulse (MAX)
  • Chakram Mastery (MAX)
  • Physical Training (MAX)

In second job, Khali becomes a lot more fun to play! The Insanity I Skill now allows you to use Void Rush in 8 different directions and you can combine it with the new Arts: Crescentum, which reduces the cooldown of the skill by 5 seconds (meaning it allows for a free use of Void Rush!).

Arts: Dual Edge is your new attacking skill, which should be used when Crescentum is on cooldown.

Get your Mastery up to 5 so you can unlock the Chakram Booster for attack speed increase. Impulse provides lots of Critical Rate and Critical Damage, so max that once your main attacking skills are done.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Arts: Dual Edge Arts: Dual Edge Utilize the double-bladed chakram for a powerful slash in front. Main Attack Skill
Arts: Crescentum Arts: Crescentum Quickly rotate to sweep surrounding enemies. Can be linked during or after Void Rush movement or after casting Void Blitz. The attack range differs based on the direction of Void Rush used right before. Cooldown Attack Skill
Insanity I Insanity I A blade is added to the afterimage to enhance Void Rush. Void Rush is enhanced to be used in 8 directions and deal damage to enemies along the movement path. You enter Dark Sight temporarily and remain aloft for a short period when you stop moving. It can be used while using Arts or Hex-type skills, and you can stop immediately by pressing jump. Void Rush is unaffected by attack reflection and cooldown resets. Required Skill: Void Rush Lv. 10. Level 20 required to learn Insanity II and Deceiving Blade. Passive Buff
Chakram Booster Chakram Booster Temporarily increase the attack speed of your chakram. Attack Speed Booster
Chakram Mastery Chakram Mastery Increases Chakram Mastery and Attack Power. Passive Buff
Impulse Impulse Concentrate your vengeance at the tip of your fingers to instantly grasp the enemy's vital point. Passive Buff
Physical Training Physical Training Bulks up your "Luck" muscle. Passive Buff

Khali Third Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in third job. Follow this build:

  • Insanity II (+1), Arts: Triple Bash (+1), Hex: Chakram Sweep (+1)
  • Deceiving Blade (+1), Intuition (+1), Resonate (+1)
  • Arts: Triple Bash (MAX)
  • Insanity II (MAX)
  • Intuition (MAX)
  • Hex: Chakram Sweep (MAX)
  • Resonate (MAX)
  • Deceiving Blade (MAX)
  • Vigilance (MAX)

In third job, you get more improvements to Void Rush with Insanity II Skill. You can now Dash up to four times; Void Rush can be used twice and you can then use Crescentum to reset the dash for a total of four dashes.

You will need to chain your Void Rush with new Hex skills in order to use the second dash movement of Void Rush. Don't forget to toggle Void Enhance to ON!

You also get a Summon Chakri skill, which combined with Resonate, allows you to create projectiles that fly around the map killing enemies. You activate the Chakri using Hex-Type skills, so get used to using these as when you see a bunch of Summon'ed Chakri.

You get several passive buffs Deceiving Blade, Intuition and Vigilance.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Arts: Triple Bash Arts: Triple Bash Slash a powerful chase cut to enemies in front with the chakram several times. Main Attack Skill
Hex Chakram Sweep Hex: Chakram Sweep Throw a large chakram in front and use the recoil to jump backward. Cooldown Attack Skill
Summon Chakri Summon Chakri The shape of the weapon made with overflowing magic power can leave behind chakri. The summoned chakri can manifest through Resonate by using Hex-type skills. Can be toggled. Toggle
Resonate Resonate Manifests chakri summoned by a strong magic power to be moved freely. Using Hex-type skills manifest chakri within a certain range with Resonate, and the manifested Resonate targets and attacks the enemy around the manifestation point. Targets the boss with the highest HP first, and unaffected by attack reflection. Passive
Insanity II Insanity II Further enhances Void Rush with a more powerful afterimage. Increases the attack range of Void Rush when used consecutively, and can be linked with Hex-type skills. However, it can be used up to 2 times in mid-air in a direction, including up, regardless of cooldown reset. When using skills other than Spark or Hex-type skills, the consecutive usage state is canceled. Void Rush can be used again during Void Rush movement to instantly start the next movement. Void Rush is unaffected by attack reflection and cooldown reset. Overwrites the effect of Insanity I. Required Skill: Insanity I Lv. 20. Level 10 required to learn Insanity III. Passive
Void Enhance Void Enhance Accelerates the afterimage to increase the movement range of Void Rush. Can be toggled On/Off. Required Skill: Insanity II Lv. 1. Toggle
Deceiving Blade Deceiving Blade Absorbs the enemy's shadow and converts it to energy. When Void-type skills hit, there will be an extra hit when direct attacks other than Void-type skills hit during that time. Unaffected by attack reflection or buff duration extension effects. Required Skill: Insanity I Lv. 20. Passive Buff
Intuition Intuition Understands the essence of combat. Passive Buff
Vigilance Vigilance Brace for vengeance. Passive Buff

Khali Fourth Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in fourth job. Follow this build:

  • Arts: Flurry (+1), Insanity III (+1), Chakram Expert (+1)
  • Hex: Chakram Split (+1), Hex: Chakram Fury (+1), Ascend (+1)
  • Redemption (+1), Void Blitz (+1), Arts: Flurry (MAX)
  • Insanity III (MAX)
  • Chakram Expert (MAX)
  • Redemption (MAX)
  • Ascend (MAX)
  • Hex: Chakram Split (MAX)
  • Hex: Chakram Fury (MAX)
  • Desert Veil (MAX)
  • Void Blitz (MAX)
  • Hero Of The Flora (MAX)
  • Floran Hero's Will (MAX)
  • Desert Veil (MAX)

Your new main attacking skill will be Arts: Flurry and it hits a powerful punch! At early 4th job you might find you can just spam this skill to deal enough damage to 1-shot enemies.

As you progress, you get two new Hex skills but both have a long cooldown, so you should alternate between the two. Insanity III improves Void Rush even further, with more damage and enemies hit.

Void Blitz will generate more Chakri summons when used so combining this with a Hex skill can help wipe out maps.

Desert Veil is an i-frame but you won't need that until you start bossing in 5th job.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Arts: Flurry Arts: Flurry Instantly disappear and deal a powerful slash to the enemy in front several times. Main Attack Skill
Hex: Chakram Split Hex: Chakram Split Throw multiple large chakrams that attack enemies in front several times. When the thrown chakram reaches the max distance, it attacks by spinning for a short period then returns to the character's location while attacking enemies on its path. However, the returning chakram disappears after moving a certain distance. Unaffected by attack reflection. Passive Buff
Hex: Chakram Fury Hex: Chakram Fury Spreads a domain of suffering that tears the surrounding enemy into pieces. You remain aloft when in use. Passive Buff
Void Blitz Void Blitz Amplify the power of the afterimage to pour out several afterimages in front. Each afterimage is considered a separate attack and the effect of Summon Chakri applies to each one. While active, temporarily enter the Dark Sight state. Not affected by cooldown reset. With Action Customization enabled, you can activate Void Blitz by using Void Rush without the arrow keys. Right-click to toggle Action Customization ON/OFF. HP Shield Skill
Desert Veil Desert Veil Hide your presence under the veil of the sands and become temporarily invincible. While active, skills other than Spark and Void Rush cannot be used. The skill can be canceled by using it again. Not affected by cooldown reset. Passive Buff
Hero Of The Flora Hero of the Flora Calls upon the power of the Flora. Does not stack with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President's Orders, Anima Warrior, or Rhinne's Protection. Passive Buff
Floran Hero's Will Floran Hero's Will Hone your resolve to ignore certain abnormal status effects. Immune to most abnormal status effects for 3 sec after use. Certain abnormal status effects and combat orders will still get through. Transform Skill
Insanity III Insanity III Your movement is completed by uniting with your afterimage. Void Rush is not affected by attack reflection and cooldown reset. Overwrites the effect of Insanity II. Required Skill: Insanity II Lv. 10. Passive Buff
Chakram Expert Chakram Expert Increases Chakram Mastery, Attack Power, and Critical Damage. Buff
Ascend Ascend Enhance combat ability by training with the will to reach new heights. Does not apply to Resonate: Ultimatum. Level 20 required to learn Resonate: Ultimatum. Buff
Redemption Redemption Be reborn as vengeance incarnate. Passive Buff

Khali Hyper Skill Build

Hyper skills are available at level 140. You get Hyper Skill Points as you level towards 200, but not enough to max all the skills, so choose wisely. These skills mostly help increase the damage of your current skills.

  • Arts - Reinforce
  • Arts - Extra Strike
  • Hex - Reinforce
  • Hex - Boss Rush
  • Resonate
  • Death Blossom
  • Divine Wrath
  • Oblivion

Khali Fifth Job Skill Build

Upon reaching level 200, you will now have access to the V Matrix, which acts as your new fifth job skills. Each class gets their own skills to use, along with boosting nodes to increase the damage of existing skills. To obtain new skills, you open up items called Nodestones, which drop from every mob in Arcane River. You have limited number of slots in your V Matrix, so you want to obtain perfect nodes for maximize your character's damage.

Khali's Nodes should include:

  • Hex: Pandemonium
  • Void Burst
  • Arts: Astra
  • Resonate: Ultimatum
  • Trio: Hex: Chakram Sweep, Resonate, Arts: Flurry
  • Trio: Oblivion, Void Blitz, Void Rush

All 5th Job classes should try to also obtain these:

  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Erda Nova
  • Rope Lift
  • Weapon Aura

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Hex: Pandemonium Hex: Pandemonium Spreads the realm of chaos. Unaffected by attack reflection. Cooldown Attack Skill
Void Burst Void Burst Descends as the Wind of Vengeance and annihilates all enemies that are grazed, even afterimages. Temporarily gain invincibility. Using the skill again will pursue one target within range to deal consecutive attacks several times. When either the consecutive attack or the duration ends, a powerful finishing attack will be dealt. The consecutive attacks and finishing attack of Void Burst manifest Chakri. Consecutive attacks target the boss with the highest HP first. If there is no target, it will trigger with the caster as the target. Cooldown Attack Skill
Arts: Astra Arts: Astra Summons an ancient chakram. Activates automatically when Arts skills hit. Unaffected by attack reflection. Passive Attack Skill
Resonate Ultimatum Resonate: Ultimatum Maximizes the inherent magic power to awaken Summon Chakri and Resonate. Targets the boss with the highest HP first. Unaffected by attack reflection. Buff Skill


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