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MapleStory Elite Boss and Elite Monster Guide

July 1, 2022

Elite monsters and Elite Bosses appear in maps you hunt in MapleStory and if you defeat them you'll be rewarded with a bonus round of rare items. This guide will show you all the different types of Elite Bosses and Mobs you can come across, as well as rewards you can earn whilst playing.

Elite Bosses were introduced in patch v.150 Rising Heroes: Elite and has since gone through a few upgrades and changes.

Elite Monsters Mechanics

When training in most MapleStory maps, there is a rare chance to spawn an Elite Monster whilst defeating other normal monsters. This Elite Monster is usually in the form of a regular mob, only it's size is doubled and it's HP is increased dramatically.

Elite Monster Dry Copper Drake

After 20 Elite Monsters have been defeated in the map, an Elite Boss is guaranteed to spawn, alongside two more Elite Monsters. The map will go dark, and all other mobs will be cleared until the Elite Boss is defeated.

It doesn't matter if you've killed all 20 Elite Monsters or only 1, once the map's Elite Monster Counter hits 20, the Elite Boss will spawn.

Once an Elite Boss has been defeated, the Elite Monster Counter is reset to 0 and a new Elite Boss will spawn after another 20 Elite Monsters have been defeated.

There are several different types of Elite Bosses, all with their own skillset. Defeating an Elite Boss will invoke the Bonus Round, which allows you to get extra drops and items. The Elite Boss will also drop rare items upon defeat.

Elite Monster Message

Upon defeating an Elite Monster, a message will appear on your screen. This can be used to get an estimate of how many Elite Monsters have been defeated in a map. Remember, that for every 20 Elite Monsters defeated, the next Elite to spawn will be a boss.

  • The dark energy is still here. It's make the place quite grim - Less than 10 have been defeated
  • You feel something in the dark energy ... - At least 15 Elite monsters have been defeated

When you see the You feel something in the dark energy, you know that within the next 5 Elite Monsters a boss will spawn.

Elite Monsters will often drop:

  • Medal Of Honor (Earn Honor XP)
  • Spell Traces
  • Mesos Bag
  • Potions
  • All Cures

They also have a rare chance to drop:

  • Cubic Blade
  • Chaos Cubic Blade
  • Unrelenting Flame
  • Forever Unrelenting Flame
  • Golden Hammer 50%
  • Silver Potential Stamp
  • Clean Slate 5%
  • Protection Scroll
  • Occult Cubes
  • Master Craftsman Cubes


Poisonous Wild Kargo

When an Elite Monster, or Elite Boss spawns, it can also have a prefix attached to it that will determine it's special effect move. Below is a list of all prefixes:

  • Dry
  • Poisonous
  • Healer
  • Speedy
  • Beefy
  • Commanding
  • Petrifying
  • Magic Resistant Commander
  • Evasive
  • Strong
  • Sticky
  • Shadowy
  • Befuddling
  • Chaotic
  • Dark
  • Undead
  • Seal Master
  • Gassy
  • Evasive
  • Unstoppable
  • Fragile
  • Overwhelming
  • Potion Hater
  • Knock Out

Removed/Changed: Reflective, Powerful, Charismatic, Supple, Solid, Invincible, and Accursed

Elite Champions

Elite Champion

During update V.214 Rise: Promise Of The Guardian, Elite Champions were added to the Elite Monsters System. Now, on every 5th, 10th and 15th Elite Monster spawn, one of the Elite Champions will spawn instead. These champions have unique effects and require a different strategy to take them down:

  • Black Crescendo Slime - Defeat three powerful forms of a giant slime, with each form having more HP than the last.
  • Shadow Butterfly - Shadow Butterflies will constantly spawn around the map and follow you
  • Dark Wolf - Upon defeating 5 Dark Wolf Orbs, Dark wolf can slowly teleport around the map after each attack.
  • Illusion Flower - Killer bees and an Illusion Flower will spawn on the map; defeat them all.
  • Timber Shade -
  • Dark Gemini Gargoyle - Defeat the Gargoyle and it will spawn several minions for you to defeat.

Elite Boss Mechanics

Once 20 Elite Monsters have been defeated, an Elite Boss will spawn the next time an Elite Monster is supposed to spawn. During this Elite Boss phase, the map will go dark and all other mobs will be removed from the map.

Update: As of version V.214, Elite Bosses only spawn on maps with mobs level greater than 140+.

An announcement is sent to everyone within the local area to say an Elite Boss has spawned. You can also check the World Map to see if there is an Elite Boss Icon to show an Elite Boss has spawned.

The first 30 seconds after an Elite Boss has spawned, it is immune to damage.

Elite Boss Types

  • Black Knight
  • Mad Mage
  • Rampant Cyborg
  • Vicious Hunter
  • Bad Brawler

When you defeat an Elite Boss, up to 2 Treasure Chests will drop that you can open in your Inventory for rewards. It will also activate the bonus round, where you can try to get more rewards. A max total of 6 players can be rewarded with Treasure Chests, based on damage dealt.

Treasure Chests expire after 10 minutes, so make sure to open them!

UPDATE: As of version 233, the Bonus Round has been removed. Instead an EXP Orb will drop instead.

The bonus round can be one of three rounds.

  • Defeat Mimick Monsters with regular attacks to drop items
  • Falling Items will drop from the sky and you obtain them when you touch them
  • Flying Mimic - a mob will fly around the map and disperse items, if you touch them you are rewarded

Elite Boss Drops

Rare Treasure Chest

When you defeat an Elite Boss, it will drop one or two Treasure Chests depending on how much damage you dealt to the boss. The user who deals the most damage gets 2 Treasure Chests.

Epic Potential Scroll Epic Potential Scroll 50%

Master Craftsman Cube Master Craftsman Cube

Meisters Cube Meister Craftsman Cube
Protection Scroll Protection Scroll
Chaos Scroll Chaos Scroll 60%
Chaos Scroll Chaos Scroll Of Goodness 30%
Clean Slate Clean Slate
Gold Potential Stamp Gold Potential Stamp


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