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MapleStory V-Matrix Guide - 5th Job, Nodestones

August 30, 2023

MapleStory V-Matrix becomes available once you complete your 5th Job Advancement and it allows you to obtain brand new 5th job skills and increase the damage of existing skills through the use of Nodestones.

When players reach Level 200 in MapleStory, they'll be able to undergo the 5th Job Advancement. Upon completion of it, players will unlock the Arcane River area and the V-Matrix System.

MapleStory 5th Job Advancement Quest

Call Of The Erdas

The quest is called [Job Advancement] (Lv. 200) 5th Job: Call of the Erdas.

You can find the quest pop-up in your Lightbuilb icon as soon as you hit Level 200!

You'll be teleported to Temple Of Time where you'll interact with Memory Keeper. Here you'll learn about the power of the Erda.

5th Job Godess

You'll be tasked with meeting with three of the Goddesses:

  • The Goddess Of Maple World in Henesys (Athena's House)
  • The Goodess Of Tynerum in Dark World Tree (Main Camp)
  • The Goddess Of Grandis in Pantheon (Great Temple Interior)


The Goddess Of Maple World can be found in Henesys at Athena's house (where bowman make their job advancement). Enter inside and you'll enter the Erda Flow where you'll eventually come to The Goddess Of Maple World.

She will give you a Arcane Stone of Maple World. You can double click this to accumulate EXP when fighting monsters (it's basically gives you some free EXP upon activating it once full. You can get a couple of levels out of them!)


The Goddess Of Grandis in Pantheon requires you to beat Magnus. Luckily, you can fight the Easy Mode of Magnus; just speak to the goddess to teleport you to the map.

Once defeated, you'll get another Arcane Stone.

Dark World Tree

The Goddess Of Tynerum is located in Dark World Tree (entrance map). You'll have to complete three monster-park like stages of pretty easy mobs to get this Arcane Stone.

Upon getting all three stones, you can now advance to 5th Job and have unlocked the V-Matrix System!

MapleStory V-Matrix

V-Matrix System

The V-Matrix system is available once you complete the 5th Job Advancement Quest. Upon unlocking the system, you'll be given all of your core 5th job skills and allow to add them to your V-Matrix Grid straight away.

The V-Matrix System is made up of node slots; you can customize your node grid however you like, but usually there are optimal ways for doing so for each class.

There are three different types of nodes:

  • Skill Nodes
  • Boost Nodes
  • Special Nodes

All nodes start out at Level 1 and you can upgrade them using nodestones. Nodestones drop from mobs in the 5th Job Area called Arcane River. Each node has a max level of 25, but some skills have a mastery level of 50, so you will require two level 25 nodes.

Skill Nodes are brand new 5th job skills. Usually, each class has around four core skills, but more are added over time in new updates. You'll also get access to new class-wide skills such as Decent Holy Symbol and Decent Sharp Eyes.

Boost Nodes will boost your other skills from job advancements 1-4. This allows you to significantly upgrade the damage output on many of your main attacking skills.

Special Nodes are Temporary Buff Effects.

Once you add a node to your V-Matrix Grid, the skill will then appear under your 5th Job Skill Tab, allowing you to assign it to a button. Boost Nodes are automatically applied to your other skills as soon as you assign them to your grid.

Your V-Matrix has a limited number of node slots you can assign skills to. Upon reaching Level 200, you'll get 5 V-Matrix slots. You get a new slot every 5 levels up to max level (currently Level 300). You can also pay Mesos to unlock a node slot early on.

Enhance Nodes

You also get Matrix Points; Matrix Points can be used to level up a slot on your V-Matrix Grid to a max level of 5. Any node you put into these enhanced slots will gain those levels automatically. You can remove nodes in and out of slots without losing your Matrix Points too.

You get 1 Matrix Point per Level Up from Level 200 onwards.

Nodecrafting and Nodestones


Nodestones are the main resource for the V-Matrix System. Each Nodestone, upon being used in your Inventory, will generate a random node. It could be a Skill Node or a Boost Node.

Nodestones drop from any mob in Arcane River. You can also expect to see them given out during Events and as rewards for completing quests.

You get 5 Free Nodestones for completing the 5th Job Advancement.

A lot of the time, the nodes you get from opening Nodestones are useless and unwanted. That's where Nodecrafting comes in.



Once you've opened a Nodestone and gotten a node you do not want, you can Disassemble it into Node Shards. Just right click any of your unused nodes in the V-Matrix System to see your options.

You get a specific amount of Node Shards depending on the node type:

  • Skill Node: 30 Node Shards
  • Boost Node: 10 Node Shards

You can then craft a specific Node using the Nodecrafting Menu inside the V-Matrix System.

Clicking the Nodecrafting button will bring up a list of all the available skills for all classes.

Crafting a specific node costs the following:

  • Skill Node: 140 Node Shards
  • Boost Node: 70 Node Shards
  • Special Node: 250 Node Shards

If you craft a skill from your 1st-4th Job Advancement, you'll be crafting a Boost Node. The Boost Node will contain the skill you crafted, alongside two other random skills. Many players aim to craft the perfect trio of skills to boost their skills optimily.




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