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MapleStory Ark Skill Build Guide

June 12, 2024

Ark is part of the Flora group of classes in MapleStory that can switch to Specter State mode to defeat mobs and bosses. Ark plays by gaining Spectra using normal attacks and then transform those skills into much more powerful versions once Specter State is activated. Ark is a Pirate that uses the Knuckle weapon and Abyssal Path as sub weapon.

Ark Overview

Ark was released in patch v196 in GMS July 2018 and is part of the Flora classes, which also includes Illium and Adele. Ark is all about building up Spectra and managing the character so that Ark can be in Specter State for as long as possible. Many of Ark skills will change to be incredibly powerful during Specter State and become underwhelming in normal state (Flora state).

Ark is a fun class to play and is rather simple to manage. Despite it having a unique mechanic, it's actually incredibly easy to understand. Mobbing in Specter State is extremely overpowered and fun- the problem is it doesn't last for very long, so you will be switching from feeling like a super overpowered to then feeling like your skills could all do with a buff. Damage wise they are a sound class to play, especially with it being one of the more modern classes to play.

Bossing is all about managing your Specter State to make sure you give optimal DPS to your party, whilst simultaneously getting your Flora state buffs up. In Flora State you can use your charge attacks and use Spell Bullets to cast specific buffs that will increase Ark's damage. You get different charge attacks in your Job Advancements, and can get them all cast at the same time with proper management. In 5th job they get access to Abyssal Recall, which is a 10-second iframe!

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  • Weapon: Knuckle
  • Job: Pirate
  • Class: Flora
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory: Illium, Adele, Ark
  • Legion Block: +STR (10/20/40/80/100)
  • Link Skill: Solus (+13% Damage in combat state)
  • Primary Stat: Str
  • Inner Ability: Passive Skills: +1

Ark First Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in first job. Follow this build:

  • Ominous Nightmare (+1), Basic Charge Drive (+1), Spell Bullets (+1)
  • Mystic Leap (MAX)
  • Basic Charge Drive (MAX)
  • Ominous Nightmare (MAX)
  • Spell Bullets (MAX)
  • Mystic Arts Mastery (MAX)

In first job, Ark has no control over the Specter State. It will randomly happen when you use Ominous Nightmare. You should max Mystic Leap early on for map mobility. Basic Charge Drive is your spammable skill (no cooldown) and you should use Spell Bullets to activate the buff it gives you when they fill up in your Spectra diamond charge UI. In Specter State you can spam Ominous Nightmare until your Spectra runs out.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Ominous Nightmare Ominous Nightmare Inflict extreme lacerations on enemies using your specter hand. Shifts to Ominous Dream in Specter State. Main Attack Skill
Spell Bullets Spell Bullets Shoots all charged spells at once, like bullets. You can only charge non-Basic spells once each.Charged spells are unaffected by attack reflection.In Auto Mode, rather than being charged, the shots manifest as Spell Bullets. Auto Mode on/off: Right-click Toggle Skill
Mystic Leap Mystic Leap Leap once more while already in the air. Press the up key at the same to move upward.In Specter State, this skill is upgraded to Instinctual Leap. Double Jump Skill
Mystic Arts Mastery Mystic Arts Mastery Channels the flow of your magic to strengthen you. Passive Buff
Basic Charge Drive Basic Charge Drive Uses magically-enhanced strength to attack your enemies. Charges Basic Cast when the attack hits.Can link to any skill. The skills linked with Basic Charge Drive can be moved with directional keys. Can only be used in Flora State. Charge Skill

Ark Second Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in second job. Follow this build:

  • Scarlet Charge Drive (+1), Knuckle Mastery (+2)
  • Knuckle Mastery (5)
  • Knuckle Booster (6)
  • Knuckle Mastery (MAX)
  • Physical Training (MAX)
  • Scarlet Charge Drive (MAX)
  • Impending Death (MAX)
  • Unstoppable Impulse (MAX)
  • Knuckle Booster (MAX)
  • Initiate Fusion (MAX)

In second job you get control over when you can switch to Specter State with the Master Corruption skill. Use this to toggle between the two states; if your Spectra Diamond empties, you will not gain any Spectra for 20 seconds, so it's always best to keep an eye on it to prevent longer cooldown between states. Scarlet Charge Drive can be used to rush enemies- but like your other charge skills, it provides a buff when you use it with Spell Bullets. Each time you use Scarlet Charge Drive you gain a diamond in your Diamond UI; this corresponds to the number of "bullets" you shoot out when you use Spell Bullets (from 1st job). You should be trying to get all your buffs into your Diamond UI at once before activating Spell Bullets.

Impending Death is a toggle skill that activates only in Specter State- it will act like Spell Bullets and fire death orbs towards mobs near you when you attack enemies. Knuckle Booster should be maxed early on to get that better attack speed boost.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Scarlet Charge Drive Scarlet Charge Drive Harnesses fire magic and charges forward, leaving a trail of fire. Charges Scarlet Cast when the attack hits.Shifts to Grievous Wound in Specter State. Charge Skill
Unstoppable Impulse Unstoppable Impulse Transforms your body into a blade, so you can leap and slash at enemies simultaneously. Can jump upward or downward by pressing directional key at the same time.Shifts to Tenacious Instinct in Specter State. Shares cooldown with Tenacious Instinct. Secondary Attack Skill
Physical Training Physical Training Improve your Strength by working out. Passive Buff
Knuckle Mastery Knuckle Mastery Increases Knuckle Mastery and Attack Power. Passive Buff
Knuckle Booster Knuckle Booster Uses MP to temporarily increase the attack speed of your knuckle by 2 levels Speed Attack Skill
Initiate Fusion Initiate Fusion Physical ability is enhanced as the Specter's power fuses with your own. Passive Buff
Impending Death Impending Death Unleashes Abyssal Aura when attacking with skills in Specter State. Unaffected by attack reflection. Can be toggled On/Off Toggle Skill

Ark Third Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in third job. Follow this build:

  • Vivid Nightmare (+1), Gust Charge Drive (+1), Advanced Fusion (+1)
  • Vivid Nightmare (MAX)
  • Advanced Fusion (MAX)
  • Gust Charge Drive (MAX)
  • Mystic Arts Training (MAX)
  • Innate Arts Training (MAX)
  • Creeping Terror (MAX)
  • Vengeful Hate (MAX)

In third job your main attacking skill gets upgraded to Vivid Nightmare. You get a new charge skill called Gust Charge Drive that requires you to be in the air to use (it's buff gives +1 attack speed, so it's best to keep this one up). Your other skills get damage upgrades and you also get a hold down skill called Creeping Terror and Vengeful Hate increases the chance to deal extra damage on targets hit by your Impending Death skill from second job.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Vivid Nightmare Vivid Nightmare Enhances Ominous Nightmare. Main Attack Skill
Vengeful Hate Vengeful Hate Summon an Abyssal Aura in the form of a devastating blade.Before using this skill, if you leave an Abyssal Mark where Impending Death hits, the blade will attack everything between the mark and the point where you use the skill.Can only be used in Specter State. Unaffected by attack reflection, and unaffected by cooldown reset.Turn on Auto Mode to automatically use Vengeful Hate whenever it is not on cooldown. Auto Mode on/off: Right-click Toggle Skill
Mystic Arts Training Mystic Arts Training Enhances Mystic Arts. Passive Buff
Innate Arts Training Innate Arts Training Learn the means of controlling the Specter's power. Passive Buff
Gust Charge Drive Gust Charge Drive Harnesses gust magic and strikes down from mid-air. Charges Gust Cast when the attack hits.Shifts to Insatiable Hunger in Specter State. Charge Skill
Creeping Terror Creeping Terror Physical ability is enhanced as the Specter's power fuses with your own. Secondary Attack Skill
Advanced Fusion Advanced Fusion Physical ability is further enhanced as the Specter's power melds with your own. Passive Buff

Ark Fourth Job Skill Build

You can max all of your skills in fourth job. Follow this build:

  • Endless Nightmare (+1), Knuckle Expert (+1), Advanced Mystic Arts (+1)
  • Endless Nightmare (MAX)
  • Knuckle Expert (MAX)
  • Battle Frenzy (MAX)
  • Advanced Mystic Arts (MAX)
  • Complete Fusion (MAX)
  • Advanced Innate Arts (MAX)
  • Hero of the Flora (MAX)
  • Blissful Restraint (MAX)
  • Abyssal Charge Drive (MAX)
  • Floran Hero's Will (MAX)

Ark is one class that doesn't have hundreds of skills to manage, and as you can see, fourth job there are not many skills you need to worry about. Your main attacking skill gets its final upgrade to Endless Nightmare. You get lots of passive buffs for your other skills with Advanced Mystic Arts and Advanced Innate Arts adding more damage. Battle Frenzy gives you a big 20% final damage boost , Blissful Restraint is a 10 second bind and Abyssal Charge Drive is useful for bossing as it gives a % boss damage buff when you use it with Spell Bullets.

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Endless Nightmare Endless Nightmare Enhances Vivid Nightmare. Main Attack Skill
Knuckle Expert Knuckle Expert Increases Knuckle Mastery, Attack Power, and Critical Damage. Passive Buff
Hero Of The Flora Hero Of The Flora Calls upon the power of the Flora. Does not stack with Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President's Orders, Anima Warrior, or Rhinne's Protection. Buff
Floran Heros Will Floran Hero's Will Hones your resolve to ignore certain abnormal status effects. Immune to Abnormal Status for 3 sec after use. Buff
Complete Fusion Complete Fusion You achieved complete fusion with the Specter's power. Passive Buff
Blissful Restraint Blissful Restraint Charges forward and creates an Abyssal Prison that binds and holds the enemy. The damage inflicted on the imprisoned enemy is applied when Blissful Restraint ends. Activates Specter State upon using the skill. Cannot be used while Spectra Fatigue is in effect. Not affected by cooldown reset.The enemy with the highest Max HP within range will be attacked first. Unaffected by attack reflection. Does not trigger Impending Death.Affected enemies cannot be bound again by Blissful Restraint or other skills for 90 sec. Secondary Attack Skill
Battle Frenzy Battle Frenzy Attacking without resting allows you to go beyond your normal limits and increase your physical ability.Also increases Final Damage. Passive Buff
Advanced Mystic Arts Advanced Mystic Arts Fortify your Mystic Arts with some training. Passive Buff
Advanced Innate Arts Advanced Innate Arts Wield a portion of the Specter's power. Passive Buff
Abyssal Charge Drive Abyssal Charge Drive Unleashes Abyssal magic during an attack. Charges Abyssal Cast when the attack hits.Shifts to Unbridled Chaos in Specter State. Charge Skill

Ark Hyper Skill Build

Hyper skills are available at level 140. You get Hyper Skill Points as you level towards 200, but not enough to max all the skills, so choose wisely. These skills mostly help increase the damage of your current skills.

  • Reinforced Battle Arts
  • Guardbreak Arts
  • Boss Rush Arts
  • Enhanced Spectra Healing
  • Enhanced Spectra State
  • Endless Agony
  • Divine Wrath
  • Charge Spell Amplifier

Ark Fifth Job Skill Build

Upon reaching level 200, you will now have access to the V Matrix, which acts as your new fifth job skills. Each class gets their own skills to use, along with boosting nodes to increase the damage of existing skills. To obtain new skills, you open up items called Nodestones, which drop from every mob in Arcane River. You have limited number of slots in your V Matrix, so you want to obtain perfect nodes for maximize your character's damage.

Ark's Nodes should include:

  • Abyssal Recall
  • Infinity Spell
  • Devious Nightmare
  • Endlessly Starving Beast
  • Trio: Basic Charge Drive, Ominous Nightmare, Impending Death
  • Trio: Creeping Terror, Gust Charge Drive, Unstoppable Impulse
  • Trio: Scarlet Charge Drive, Abyssal Charge Drive, [FREE]

All 5th Job classes should try to also obtain these:

  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Erda Nova
  • Rope Lift
  • Weapon Aura
  • True Arachnid Reflection

Skill Description & Overview

Icon Skill Description Type
Abyssal Recall Abyssal Recall You recall the moment your consciousness accessed the Abyssal source of power. Using this skill shifts you into Specter State, and prevents consuming Spectra for skills. However, this can't be used if your Spectra has already been depleted. You can deal damage to enemies with Attack Ignore or Attack Reflection, but Impending Death will not activate. Iframe Skill
Infinity Spell Infinity Spell Exchange your HP for unlimited magical power. Charge Skill
Devious Nightmare Devious Nightmare A specter's energy that slips out during battle and attacks enemies. It is strengthened by the omnious dreams that leak out during Specter State. Cooldown Attack Skill
Endlessly Starving Beast Endlessly Starving Beast Summon a ravenous beast from the Abyssal depths and command it to devour everything in its path. From the moment the depths open, there's a certain delay until the beast arrives, but successful use of Specter's Force skills can hasten its arrival. The Endlessly Starving Beast is unaffected by attack ignore and attack reflection. Summon Skill


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