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MapleStory Black Mage Guide

June 20, 2024

The Black Mage is an end-game boss in MapleStory and offers players the chance to earn the best weapons in the game: Genesis Weapons.

The Black Mage has been mentioned in MapleStory lore since the beginning, but finally became available in Patch V.202 for players to take down. It requires a party of 1-6, with minimum level of 255.

The Black Mage has been defeated! Enjoy the victory of the Maple Alliance, and see what’s next for Maple World. Pick up celebration gifts, and visit the Peaceful Maple Tree. Tenebris will be permanently available and everyone will have the chance to face bosses such as Verus Hilla and the Black Mage. Earn powerful Genesis weapons and advance even further as the level cap raises to Lv. 275! Help out on the farm with new mini-game events and celebrate Lunar New Year. All this and more in Black Mage: New Beginnings!

Players who defeat the Black Mage can obtain their Genesis Weapon. It requires clearing Black Mage 8 times, with Black Mage only able to be cleared once per month, meaning you'll only be able to get your Genesis Weapon after 8 months.

The first Black Mage clear in GMS happened in the Bera world on August 18th 2019.

Who is the Black Mage in MapleStory?

Black Mage Boss MapleStory

The Black Mage has been the enemy of Maple World since the beginning, and is often the villain that threatens the world with destruction.

The Black Mage was once known as the White Mage. He ventured into the Forest Of Peace in search of infinite knowledge, only to succumb to ultimate darkness, transforming him into the Black Mage.

The Black Mage was then sealed by the Heroes Of MapleStory; if you've ever played the Hero Classes, you can find more about the Black Mage's past there:

Hundreds of years later, the Black Mage has broken from his seal and has once again risen to destroy Maple World.

Players who complete the Arcane River Story Line, including the Tenebris area, will be able to face the Black Mage at the end.

Black Mage Boss Fight

Requirements: Level 255

To be able to fight the Black Mage, you will need to have completed the Arcane River Story Quest. The final area is Limina, which happens in the Tenebris area.

You will also need the item Fragment of Destiny, which can be crafted from items dropped by defeating Hard Versus Hilla (Shadow of Annihilation x1) and the Tenebris Daily Quests (Spark of Determination x50). The item is consumed upon starting the battle.

A minimum of 1320 Arcane Force is required in order to deal normal damage.

There are four phases to the Black Mage fight and you have a total of 12 lives per party member. When all party member's lives are exhausted, the fight is over.

Throughout the fight, you'll be inflicted by two different curses that last up to 6 seconds. White Curse and Black Curse. If you get hit by both curses at the same time, you'll lose a life and be skill locked.

Phase One

Aeonian Rise Tanadium Rise

HP: 65 Trillion ~

There are two bosses in this part of the fight. Aeonian Rise and Tanadian Ruin.

The Aeonian Rise will inflict the White Curse and the Tanadian Ruin will inflict the Black Curse.

During the fight, you'll want to dodge any attacks that inflict the White Curse as much as possible. They are:

  • Meteors - They drop from the sky periodically across the screen from left-to-right; can be dodged by teleporting through the gaps.
  • Aeonian Rise - Any attack from the Aeonian Rise boss will inflict the White Curse

The Black Curse is inflicted by:

  • Chains - Three chains will hit you repeatedly, dealing 15% damage and inflicting the Black Curse.
  • Tanadian Ruin - Any attack from the Tanadian Ruin boss will inflict the Black Curse.

The strategy for this part of the fight is to bind both bosses when they're on top of each other, allowing the party to burst damage them down.

Every 60 seconds Red Lightning will strike down, hitting for 99% damage.

The map will also start to shrink as Walls start to appear on either side of the map; standing in them deals 100% damage.

Phase Two

Black Mage Boss MapleStory

HP: 135 Trillion ~

In Phase Two, the following attacks inflict the White Curse:

  • Meteors - Same as before
  • Diagonal Meteors - They fall across the screen from right to left; once they hit the floor they then travel across the floor.
  • Floor Spikes - The floor will have spikes periodically shoot up- there is always at least one safe space to dodge them and you can use the corners of the map to dodge them completely.

The Black Curse is inflicted by:

  • Chains - Same as before
  • Black Orb - These float around the map; hitting it inflicts a the curse and damage

Whilst dodging the curse attacks, the Black Mage will also inflict Darkness (making the map black).

He also performs a full-map attack where lightning streaks out; there are safe spots depending on what type of lightning he casts. Look at the Black Mage animation to determine, which spot is safe:

  • Left Orb Animation - Safe spot on the far-left wall
  • Right Orb Animation - Safe spot on the far-right wall
  • Both - Middle is the safe spot

Phase Three

Phase 3

HP: 150 Trillion ~

In Phase Three, the following attacks inflict the White curse:

  • Meteors - Same as before
  • Diagonal Meteors - Same as before
  • Platform Creation - Platforms are created and destroyed in this phase; getting caught in the animations will inflict the curse.
  • Knockback - The Black Mage will hit a knockback attack that inflicts the curse

The Black curse is inflicted by:

  • Lasers - lasers will shoot across the map.
  • Angel - The Angel summon will shoot out attacks hitting you with the black curse.

There are two new meteor attacks to watch out for: Red Meteor will inflict key-reverse condition and the Blue Meteor will inflict stuns.

The Black Mage can also pull and push you away. The Push will knockback you inflicting the White curse, you can dodge it by ducking.

In order to deal full damage in this phase, you must be inside the Black Mage's shield bubble. This will shrink as you deal more damage (similar to Magnus).

The Black Mage will also create platforms in the map that spawn from left to right in the middle of the map, allowing you to dodge attacks on the floor. If you get hit by the creation or destruction animations of these platforms, you'll be hit with the White Curse.

Again, there are full-map attacks. The floor FMA can be dodge by landing on the Black Mage platforms he creates; the top FMA can be dodge by hiding under the platforms on the far left or far right of the map. Getting hit by a FMA is instant death.

Phase Four

Phase 4

HP: 100 Trillion ~

In Phase Four, all attacks are turned into black or white.

You get a special skill allowing you to ignore either black or white skill damage; most players opt for the black ignore skill as you can use Potions under this condition.

There are three main attacks:

  • Bullet Spam - Black Mage will constantly fire out bullets in circular patterns. Each hit deals 10% damage, and there are ALOT of bullets.
  • Explosions - There will be explosions random around the map that deal 50% damage.
  • Full-map attack - you need to stand on the spot that corresponds to your opted skill color; this will allow you to ignore all damage.

Black Mage Rewards


Defeating the Black Mage comes with some significant rewards, making it one of the final goals for MapleStory players to achieve.

Once you defeat the Black Mage, you'll be able to obtain the Sealed Genesis Weapon Box from a quest, which contains a proxy Genesis Weapon that you will have to liberate by fulfilling several other quests that involve defeating MapleStory's strongest bosses.

You can defeat the Black Mage once per month. It's Boss Crystal is as follow:

Black Mage Regular Crystal Reboot Crystal
Normal 500,000,000 Mesos 2,500,000,000 Mesos
Extreme 2,000,000,000 Mesos 10,000,000,000 Mesos

He will also drop the following items:

  • Black Mage Remnant
  • Arcane Umbra Weapon Box
  • Arcane Umbra Armor Box
  • Genesis Badge
  • Black Rebirth Flame
  • Eternal Rebirth Flame
  • Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 60%
  • Bonus Mystical Cube
  • White Jade Boss Ring Box (Exceptional)
  • Faint Sol Erda Energy
  • Sol Erda Energy
  • Primal Essence
  • Hard Cube
  • Solid Cube
  • Nightmare Fragment (Extreme)

Genesis Weapon

Sealed Genesis Weapon Box

The Genesis Weapon is the most powerful weapon in MapleStory. All MapleStory Classes can equip it, and it gives two special skills once it has been fully liberated.

It takes a total of 8 months to create the Genesis Weapon, including defeating the Black Mage 8 times.

You can begin the Genesis Weapon quest at Level 255; accept the quest: [Genesis Weapon] Trailing the Traces of the Black Mage.

Once you defeat the Black Mage, complete the quest [Genesis Weapon] What the Black Mage Left Behind and receive the Sealed Genesis Weapon Box. Upon opening it, you can then begin the other quests to liberate the weapon:

  • Defeat Hard Von Leon - (Conditions: Solo, can only have Sealed Genesis Weapon and Secondary equipped)
  • Defeat Arkarium - (Conditions: Solo, can only have Sealed Genesis Weapon and Secondary equipped) - Requires: Black Mage Remnant
  • Defeat Hard Magnus - (Conditions: Solo, can only have Sealed Genesis Weapon and Secondary equipped) - Requires: Black Mage Remnant
  • Defeat Hard Lotus - (Conditions: -20% Final Damage) - Requires: Black Mage Remnant
  • Defeat Hard Damien - (Conditions: -5 lives) - Requires: Black Mage Remnant
  • Defeat Hard Will - (Conditions: +10% Increased Damage) - Requires: Black Mage Remnant
  • Defeat Hard Lucid - (Conditions: 50 Power Elixirs limit) - Requires: Black Mage Remnant
  • Defeat Hard Versus Hilla - (Conditions: Boss starts with 75% Health) - Requires: Black Mage Remnant

The Black Mage Remnant comes with defeating the Black Mage.

Genesis Bow Genesis Gun Genesis Sword Genesis Guard Genesis Spear

Once you complete all the quests, you can liberate your Genesis Weapon. It will come with 22 Starforce, Unique Potential Ability, Epic Bonus Potential Ability and a random Flame.

You also unlock two skills:

  • Aeonian Rise - Invincible for 10 seconds, 180 second cooldown.
  • Tanadium Ruin - +10% Final Damage

The Genesis Weapon also acts as a Lucky Item; this means it will count towards the set effect of other items equipped.


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Everyone who clears Black Mage can get the Sealed Genesis Weapon Box. They just have to make sure they accept the quest before going into the fight.

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