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MapleStory Class Tier List

June 27, 2024

Our MapleStory Class Tier List ranks all of the MapleStory's classes in terms of best bossing, best mobbing and generally just the best class to play.

There are currently over 40 different MapleStory Classes to play, all with their own unique skills and job advancements, story lines and quests. New players to MapleStory may feel overwhelmed at what class to play first, so we've created this MapleStory Tier List to rank all the classes based on what is the most fun class to play.

When people consider what the best classes for MapleStory are, they think about:

  • Damage - does the class have good damage output without needing to spend millions on gear and upgrades
  • Mobbing - Does the class have good mobbing skills; can they effectively clear maps easily with good mobility
  • Bossing - Does the class have good bossing skills; skills like i-frames and burst skills that can make bossing a lot easier
  • Aesthetic - Not the most important, but aesthetic of skill animations and character style can be important
  • Mechanics - Is the class easy to play? Some MapleStory classes require chaining skills and mashing buttons, whilst others just require you to press one button.

Ranking the top MapleStory Classes is no easy task; we've provided 5 tiers for each class based on several factors.

  • Tier S - Generally the best classes in MapleStory to play. Easy mechanics, great mobbing and super powerful without having to fund them much.
  • Tier A - This set of classes tend to still be great at mobbing and bossing, but they might have some skills that require annoying mechanics to get them there.
  • Tier B - The official mid-tier classes. Not the worst classes to play, but not the best either. Still easy to train in MapleStory.
  • Tier C - These classes are clunky to play, probably require a lot of suffering in the early levels and generally could do with a rework
  • Tier D - Bad classes. If you want outdated mechanics, low-damage and skills not made for modern MapleStory, sign up to play these classes.

Class Tier

Don't forget! MapleStory is constantly updating classes by either increasing the damage of skills, nerfing the abilities of skills or adding brand new ones. The Destiny Update in MapleStory saw huge changes to many classes so whilst a class maybe Tier S right now, it may drop down a few places in the future!

You should choose a class you have fun playing!

You can play many different classes too as you get the benefits of Link Skills and Legion Bonuses that stay with your characters forever.

MapleStory Class Tier List

Tier S

Our S Tier List contains classes that excel at Bossing and Mobbing and require very little skill to play.

Among this list are the Dawn Warrior, which has some of the best bossing skills in the game and is often recommended for Hyper Burning for new players. Dawn Warriors also provide valuable party buffs, which are very important once you start end-game bossing around Level 270+ (which requires a party).

Demon Slayer is a no-nonsense mobbing class that doesn't require Critical Rate stat, has a teleport skill that moves you to mobs automatically and gives extra 20% EXP/Drop Rate.

Tier A

Tier A is where we get into the realms of this class is really close to being S Tier, but it could also probably drop down to B Tier in certain situations.

For bossing, classes like Hero, Wind Archer and Buccaneer are all top tier, providing crazy damage, i-frames for dodging 1-hit attacks and being easy to manage.

Newer classes like Adele, Lynn and Illium all provide great damage output, but require a bit more setup than other classes.

All of these classes have decent mobbing, with the stand out being Night Lord, Ice/Lightning and Path Finder.

Tier B

Some of these classes could easily be put into Tier B, so it's important to remember that with revamps/remakes of classes, a class can easily be moved up or down a tier.

That being said, the new Angelic Buster Remaster puts it firmly as a great bossing class now; it has decent mobbing in 5th job, with FMA skills to clear maps.

Blaster, Ark, Hayato, Lara all have mechanics that give great damage output, but require you to manage them well. Once you play the class for a while, you'll get the hang of them and be able to benefit from their increased output.

Kanna used to be an S-Tier class; but has received nerf after nerf, dropping it all the way down to B Tier.

Wild Hunter, Aran, Mihile, Shade and Cannon Master all are relatively good. Dark Knight is very underrated bossing class, with plenty of survival skills for solo bossing.

Phantom is still phantom- neither great nor terrible.

Tier C

These classes either have bad mobbing or require a lot of funding to make them work. If you love them, however, you can make any class in MapleStory a fun class to play. They just take practise to work out their issues.

Kinesis was released all the way back in 2015 and hasn't really had too much of a rework since.

Kaiser is another class that is in need to a rework and damage buff.

Tier D(eleted)

Your Favorite MapleStory Class?

What is the best MapleStory Class?

Which class do you think deserves to be in the top tier of MapleStory? Which class do you think is the worst? Leave your comments below!


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