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MapleStory Papulatus Prequest Guide

April 2, 2024

Papulatus is one of the oldest bosses in MapleStory and this prequest guide will show you what quests you need to complete in order to battle it.

There are three versions of Papulatus: Easy, Normal and Hard. All three are unlocked by completing the prequests, so you only have to do it once.

Papulatus was revamped in patch V.191 Nova: Brillance Of Illium. It drops one of the rarest Face Accessory items in the game: Papulatus's Mark. This item is often sought after for players in MapleStory looking to upgrade their gear with Star Force.

Papulatus Prequest Guide

Mr. Bouffon

Level Requirement: Level 115

Time Required: 5 minutes

To begin the Prequests, select the Quest [Papulatus] The Light Of Chaos either from the Quest icon on the main UI or by speaking to NPC Mr. Bouffon at the map Ludibrium - Path of Time.

Ghosthunter Bob

Speak to Ghosthunter Bob at Ludibrium - Path of Time to complete the quest.

Accept the quest [Papulatus] Jolting Spirit Detector from Ghosthunter Bob.

To complete this, head to the bottom floor of the Clocktower in Ludibrium (Path Of Time <4>). You also need to accept the quest [Star Force] Equipment Star Power from the light bulb icon on the main UI.

Speak to Ghosthunter Bob to complete the quest.


Next speak to Flo at Ludibrium - Path of Time and accept the quest [Papulatus] Dispersed Star Fragments.

Soul Teddy

You need to collect 20 Dispersed Star Fragments, which drop from Soul Teddy in Path Of Time <1>.

Speak to Flo to complete the quest.

Next speak to Flo and accept the quest [Papulatus] The Main Culprit.

Speak to Mr. Bouffon to complete the quest.

Speak to Mr. Bouffon and accept the quest [Papulatus] Troublemaker Papulatus.

You can now face Papulatus! Speak to Flo to obtain a Piece Of Cracked Dimension (you'll need this to summon Papulatus).


You also need to get a Ludibrium Medal, which drops from the mob Thanatos at Forgotten Passage.


Speak to Mr. Bouffon once you've defeated Papulatus (any difficulty) for your reward:

  • Ludibrium Cape

Which is still as useless as it was back in old days!


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