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Dinkum - Complete Walkthrough and Game Guide

August 16, 2022

Dinkum is a create your own island game where you can farm plants, hunt animals, explore dangerous mines and build up your own town. The game allows you to play it however you like; if you prefer to fish all day or hunt vicious animals, that's up to you! Dinkum is a popular farming simulator also, with players able to create their own crop fields to harvest the latest plants.

Dinkum Overview

Dinkum is currently available on Steam and is developed by a one-man team named: James Bendon. The game has planned releases for other consoles too, but there have currently been no announcements as to when they will be next available.

In Dinkum, you come from South City, where life is miserable and depressing. One day, you get the opportunity to help out on your friend's island, in which you jump at the opportunity to abandon the depressing life of the South.

Your new Island is sprawling with new adventures and possibilities; you start with simple equipment and items, but as you hunt, farm, mine and fish, you begin to take over the island and create your own personal paradise.

This game is an amazing time-sink, and the game is still in early-access, with more features and content being planned soon.

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Dinkum Walkthrough

This walkthrough will get you started in the world of Dinkum. We play through the game's main scenario tasks, but you're free to play the game however you like.

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