Dinkum - Milburn - Banking

Dinkum - Milburn - Banking

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Milburn is the NPC who comes to your Island in Dinkum to run your very own personal Bank! Unlike other NPCs, Milburn doesn't visit your Island randomly; instead Fletch will provide you a quest to recruit him.

Create A Dinkum Bank

To create your own Bank in Dinkum, you need to be given the task from Fletch. He will give you a new Bank Land Deed to allow you to build a new bank.

Bank Deed

It will put your Island in 100,000 Dinks Debt and the following materials are required:

  • 15x Hard Wood Plank
  • 10x Bag Of Cement
  • 10x Stone
  • 4x Quartz
  • 4x Copper Bar
  • 24x Nail

Dinkum Buy Permit Points

One of the cool features of having your own bank is converting your Dinks into Permit Points.

If you're short on PP for Dinkum Licences, you can purchase 1 Permit Points for 500 Dinks.

It will cost you 1,000,000 Dinks for 2,000 Permit Points.

Dinkum Bank Interest

When you deposit Dinks into your Bank, you'll gain a small amount of interest over time. Interest is added to your account at the start of each day; you earn around 0.071% per day.

You can earn 3,000 Permit Points by depositing 1,000,000 Dinks into your account. In fact, there are several tiers to this Milestone that you should try to unlock for plenty of Permit Points.

Milburn Daily Tasks

You can complete one Task for Milburn each day to increase your friendship level. Daily Tasks increase a heart by 25%.

Below is a list of tasks Milburn can ask you and the rewards you can get.

You must complete the task the same day you're given it.

Task Reward Notes
Buy items from you
  • Dinks
Catch a Fly for him
  • Business Pants

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